Sydney to Jervis Bay Road Trip: Find Out The Best Way

Sydney to Jervis Bay Road Trip
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Your soul will be filled with delight and your mind with memories when you will have a Sydney to Jervis Bay road trip. In this journey, you can visit New South Wales’ South Coast, which features wild surfing beaches, gushing waterfalls, amazing marine life, and the sugar-white sands of Jervis Bay.

You can feel the wind in your hair as you stroll along spectacular coastline paths, cool down in the clear water on a deserted beach, and take in the fresh air of the woods. From Sydney to Jervis Bay, here’s how to have an energetic trip along the South Coast.

Distance And Route From Sydney To Jervis Bay Road Trip

There are 3 routes to reach Sydney To Jervis Bay Road Trip. However, all the routes have different time schedules and places to visit. Here is the list below of all the routes to visit from Sydney To Jervis Bay Road Trip.

Via M13 Hours, 8 Minutes
Via Hume Motorway/Remembrance Driveway/M31 and M13 Hours, 29 Minutes
Via Hume Motorway/Remembrance Driveway/M31 and B733 Hours, 33 Minutes

Sydney to Jervis Bay Road Trip Map

To reach Sydney to Jervis Bay, we will take the fastest route, Via M1, which will take 3 hours and 8 minutes. Therefore, you can visit many places below to enjoy your road trip from Sydney to Jervis Bay.

Sydney To Brighton-Le-Sands Beach

image 74
Travel DistanceDuration
15.4 K.M.15 Minutes

Brighton Le Sands, or Brighton or Brighton Beach, is a suburb of Sydney in New South Wales. It was once known as Brighton-le-Sands. Brighton Le Sands is situated on the western bank of Botany Bay, 13 kilometres south of Sydney’s central business district. Part of the St. George region, Brighton Le Sands is located within the Bayside Council’s local government jurisdiction. 

The beach’s off-white sand has earned it the additional name of Brighton Beach. Low-density homes, medium-density apartments, high-rise apartments, shopping, cafes, and restaurants are all present in Brighton Le Sands. The Grand Parade crosses the seafront at the commercial district’s Bay Street intersection. Along these roads are where the greater density developments are found.

Brighton-Le-Sands Beach To Sydney Tramway Museum

image 75
Travel DistanceDuration
17.8 K.M.29 Minutes

Australia’s oldest and biggest tramway museum is the Sydney Tramway Museum, run by the South Pacific Electric Railway. It is situated in Loftus in Sydney’s southern suburbs.

In August 1956, work on the museum’s original location near the Royal National Park began. By NSW Deputy Premier Pat Hills, it was formally inaugurated in March 1965. The museum runs 2.5 miles of track. One line parallels Rawson Avenue for 1.5 kilometres (0.93 mi) as it heads north toward Sutherland, just like some of Sydney’s trams did. 

The second travels 2.5 kilometres (1.6 miles) to the south and uses the 1886-built Royal National Park branch railway line, which CityRail shut down in June 1991.

To create a well-liked method of access to the world’s second-oldest national park, the museum converted the line to tramway standards in 1993 and connected it to the existing Sutherland line. On Wednesdays, Sundays, public holidays (other than Christmas Day), and a few weekdays during school breaks, the museum is open and runs trams.

Sydney Tramway Museum To Bulli Lookout

image 76
Travel DistanceDuration
34.4 KM.26 Minutes

In Bulli, mining for coal, sometimes known as black diamonds, started in the 1860s. The 1887-built, heritage-listed Bulli Railway Station, which houses the Bulli Black Diamond Museum Heritage Center, tells the tales of coal miners, mining catastrophes, and underground courage. Visit the opulent three-story Bulli Heritage Hotel, which has been satisfying villagers’ thirst since 1889, for a filling meal or a refreshing beverage. 

The Wollongong Visitor Information Centre, Altitude 1148 restaurant, and a gelato shop are all housed in the Southern Gateway Centre, perched atop the Illawarra Escarpment above Bulli. The Bulli Lookout, which is nearby, offers breathtaking views over Illawarra and the South Coast.

Continue your journey north to the overlook at the summit of Sublime Point for even more mesmerizing vistas. You can purchase regional organic produce and handcrafted artisan goods at the Sunday Foragers Market, which is held on the second Sunday of each month.

Bulli Lookout To Symbio Wildlife Park

image 77
Travel DistanceDuration
14.9 KM.11 Minutes

The family-run zoo Symbio Wildlife Park is situated in the Helensburgh neighbourhood on the southern outskirts of Sydney. Our hotel is conveniently located at the top of the Illawarra escarpment, close to Stanwell Park Beach, the famed Royal National Park, Sea Cliff Bridge, and Bald Hill Lookout, where you can enjoy breathtaking 180-degree views of the Pacific Ocean. Symbio is home to all your favourite Australian creatures and a wide variety of beautiful exotic animals, such as cheetahs, ring-tailed lemurs, red pandas, meerkats, tiny monkeys, and many others. 

Symbio is nestled on 16 lovely acres of well-kept gardens. Visitors to Symbio can get up close and personal with all the popular Australian animals, such as cuddle up to a koala for that once-in-a-lifetime iconic Aussie selfie, roll around on the grass as you feed, pet, and interact with our large mob of kangaroos. If that’s still not enough and you want to get even closer, you can go one step further and have one of our exclusive behind-the-scenes experiences with Australian or exotic animals. 

Red pandas, ring-tailed lemurs, meerkats, monkeys, or an Aussie or Exotic Zoom experience, combining numerous experiences for the ultimate animal adventure, are some of the animals that can be included in these behind-the-scenes encounters. The Symbio Farmyard precinct is the place to visit if you enjoy farmyard animals. You may feed and pet goats and sheep there, meet the cutest guinea pigs and see hens and ducks. 

You will be amazed by the several interactive daily presentations, have the chance to take pictures with alligators, snakes, and koalas, and get up close and personal with a range of animals through live roving.

There are covered shelters, picnic spots, a sizable playground, a splash park to cool off in the hot summer months, and a shop selling hot cuisine, snacks, drinks, ice creams, and necessities like sunscreen among the park’s amenities. Except for Christmas Day, Symbio is open from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. daily.

Symbio Wildlife Park To Wollongong Botanic Garden

image 78
Travel DistanceDuration
30.6 KM.21 Minutes

At the base of Mount Keira in New South Wales, Australia, the Wollongong Botanic Garden is situated in the Wollongong neighbourhood of Keiraville. The Illawarra’s regional botanical gardens were founded in 1964. It debuted that September.

The Wollongong Conservatorium of Music and the old Gleniffer Brae mansion, which is utilized for events, are both close to the garden. The garden oversees various annexe areas, including the Mount Keira Summit Park, the Korrongulla Wetlands, and the Puckeys Estate Reserve in Fairy Meadow. 

A rose garden, herb garden, woodland garden, azalea bank, succulent plants, and multiple rainforest zones Illawarra rainforest, subtropical rainforest, dry rainforest, and exotic rainforest are among the many themed regions in the garden.

The garden is bordered by a creek that empties into a tiny lake. The BHP fountain at the northern gate that faces the university is another. Due to its unique shape, it has been included in the local art tour. A boardwalk leads to a rotunda in the middle of the lake, a popular destination. Seagulls frequently visit, and ducks and geese are living there.

Wollongong Botanic Garden To Bombo Beach

image 79
Travel DistanceDuration
39.2 KM.25 Minutes

A 1200-meter strip of beach known as Bombo Beach connects Kiama Downs with the city centre. Strong rips in the Bombo area, which is mostly a surfing area, can pose a risk to swimmers. Nevertheless, these rips and sandbars contribute to the reliable surf that makes this beach famous.

At the beach’s northern end, on Bombo Beach Headland, your canine companions can run around and practice their talents at the dog agility park. Dogs can enjoy the sand and surf in the middle of Bombo Beach off-leash between sunrise and sunset. 

When you’re there, you should stroll around the headland to get to the rocky shoreline on the other side, bordered by an abandoned quarry’s remains. The Boneyard, a striking terrain famed for its hexagonal basalt columns and home to the well-known Cathedral Rock, is a fantastic location for photographers. A train station is close to Bombo Beach, making it simple to travel there from Sydney to Wollongong by public transportation.

Bombo Beach To Warrain Beach

image 80
Travel DistanceDuration
68.9 KM.51 Minutes

Warrain Beach comprises the outlet of Lake Wollumboola, a well-known surf location, and stretches for 3.7 kilometres from Culburra Beach hamlet to Currarong. It is patrolled during the busiest holiday seasons and is the home of the Culburra Beach Surf Lifesaving Club. Penguin Head, which has excellent fishing areas, is located near the northernmost part of the beach. You can enjoy a lot of things there. However, it will be an amazing time you will spend visiting the place.

Warrain Beach To Bull Hole Lookout

image 81
Travel DistanceDuration
3 KM.5 Minutes

Beautiful views of Warrain Beach, Beecroft Head, Currarong, Culburra, Mount Coolangatta, and Crookhaven Bight can be had from Bull Hole Lookout in Jervis Bay National Park. For beautiful views of Warrain Beach, Beecroft Head, Currarong, Culburra, Mount Coolangatta, and Crookhaven Bight, visit Bull Hole Lookout in Jervis Bay National Park. 

Outstanding views of the beach and the adjacent dunes, covered in swamp oak, banksias, and wattles, may be had from the raised viewing platform. Surfers and local fishermen use the beach, and the overlook is an excellent place to observe dolphins playing in the water year-round or whales migrating, especially in the spring and late winter.

Bull Hole Lookout To Jervis Bay

image 82
Travel DistanceDuration
3 KM.5 Minutes

A 102 square kilometre (39 square mi) area is Jervis Bay. Oceanic bay and community in Australia’s New South Wales on the South Coast. The towns like Greenpatch, Hyams Beach, and Bowen Island are located in the Jervis Bay Territory on the southern side of the bay. Callala Beach, Callala Bay, Huskisson, and Vincentia are located on the New South Wales side of the bay, respectively, from north to south. 

Moreover, Because whale migration, both north and south, may be seen as the creatures pass the bay’s mouth and regularly enter the sheltered waters to rest, Jervis Bay is also well-known for whale watching. Humpback whales travel along Australia’s east coast from June to November. The most common whales are seen at Jervis Bay.

Since they were heavily hunted in the 19th and 20th centuries, southern right whales have demonstrated sluggish but steady growth in recent years. False killer whales, orcas, minke whales, and, on one occasion, a blue whale were among the other species seen.


How Long Is The Road Trip From Sydney To Jervis Bay?

Ans: Road trip from Sydney to Jervis Bay, New South Wales. This one is for seaside enthusiasts. The most opulent beauty NSW has to offer will spoil you on the drive from Sydney to Jervis Bay. Even though you could complete the drive in under three hours, we advise taking your time and allowing the journey to take the entire day.

Is there a train from Sydney to Jervis Bay?

Ans: Sydney and Canberra are about a 3-hour trip from Jervis Bay. You can also get there by bus from Sydney or Canberra and train from Sydney.

What Is The Best Time To Visit Jervis Bay?

Ans: The greatest time to visit Jervis Bay is from October to April when the weather is good, and there is little possibility of rain, making it the ideal time to take advantage of the area’s white sand beaches. For those interested in whale watching, the best months to travel to Jervis Bay are April through July and August through November.

Final Words

From Sydney to Jervis Bay road trip, you can visit many attractive and mesmerizing places. Though it is a short trip, the scenic view of places between them can take longer during the journey. So what are you waiting for? Enjoy the Sydney to Jervis Bay road trip to enjoy the beauty of Australia.

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