Sydney to Narooma Road Trip: A Trip To The New South Wales

Sydney to Narooma Road Trip
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One of the best drives you can make from Sydney is to the NSW South Coast. This Sydney to Narooma plan can be completed in a long weekend, or you can take a more leisurely two-week route that slowly meanders along the coast before returning via the island route.

You could take this road journey in a shorter.  It is entirely up to you where to stop and go. Nevertheless, depending on how much time you have for your drive along the NSW South Coast, here are some alternative possibilities for rest stops and things to see and do.

Travel Distance355 km
Travel Time by car4 Hours 54 minutes

Sydney To Narooma Road Trip needs 4 hours, 54 minutes, a 355km long drive. 

Sydney To Brighton-Le-Sands Beach

Here are the travel distances and times you must travel from Sydney To Brighton-Le-Sands Beach.

Travel Distance15.4 km
Travel Time by car17 minutes

Brighton Le Sands is a suburb of Sydney in the Australian state of New South Wales. Brighton Le Sands is situated on the west side of Botany Bay, 13 km south of Sydney’s central business district. Brighton Le Sands is a part of the St. George area governed locally by the Bayside Council.

On Botany Bay, Lady Robinsons Beach and Cook Park line Brighton Le Sands’ eastern border. The beach also goes by the moniker of Brighton Beach due to its off-white sand. There are low-density homes, medium-density apartments, and high-rise apartments, along with shops, cafes, and restaurants, in Brighton Le Sands. Along these roads are where the more incredible density developments are found.

The Grand Parade and Bay Street are lined with cafes and eateries that serve a variety of cuisines, including Australian, Greek, French, Italian, Thai, and Japanese. There are also many places to get food, especially seafood, poultry, pastries, and gelato. The supermarket, banks, post offices, clothing, jewellery, hair salons, doctors, and fishing supplies are just a few of the stores and services available.

Brighton-Le-Sands Beach To Carss Bush Park

Here are the travel distances and times you must travel from Brighton-Le-Sands Beach to Carss Bush Park.

Travel Distance6.2 km
Travel Time by car10 minutes

A fantastic area to spend a day with the family is Carss Park, which is named Carss Bush Park in official documents. The Carss Park Cafe and Grill, a fantastic cafe/restaurant right next to the playground with lovely views over the water, a beach and enclosed swimming area on the Georges River, plenty of space for picnics and play, as well as some short bush walks suitable for all family members, give Carss Park the family-friendly vibe.

Always parked car park near the Kogarah Swimming Pool on Carwar Avenue. A parking lot is inside the park, and Bunyala Street provides another entrance. In both instances, getting to the cafe, playground, and beach requires a short trek into the garden; strollers have no issues getting there. 

The playground is divided into two areas. The older, enclosed toddler play area and the modern, all-abilities playground. Little ones love the enclosed space, and it’s excellent that there is one since the water is only a toddler’s sprint away.

Carss Bush Park To Paul’s Famous Hamburgers

Here are the travel distances and times you must travel from Carss Bush Park to Paul’s Famous Hamburgers.

Travel Distance2.3 km
Travel Time by car3 minutes

Paul’s is a staple of south Sydney, with a queue extending to the surrounding harbours. You won’t find aged wagyu or truffle fries on the menu, but you will get a delicious Australian burger for a fixed price of $7. One of Elle Macpherson’s best childhood memories was going to Paul’s, and she’s not the only one.

Owners Nick and Sandra Sinesiou have only added a few to the menu since taking over the company 16 years ago, including a chicken burger and a few less offending extras like beetroot and onion.

When you order your paper package of hamburgers and chips here, buy a jug of Paul’s homemade pineapple juice, which is sweet and sticky and contains pineapple pieces.

Paul’s Famous Hamburgers To Karloo Walking Track

Here are the travel distances and times from Paul’s Famous Hamburgers to the Karloo walking track. 

Travel Distance15.1 km
Travel Time by car17 minutes

Try the Karloo walking route for a fast nature fix, just a short drive or train trip from Sydney. The picturesque Uloola Falls in the northwest corner of Royal National Park are reachable through a moderate walk from Heathcote train station.

This moderately challenging walk through the heathland and the picturesque Karloo Pool is a popular swimming and picnic spot. You can take a break first and cool yourself in the water. You should look for the “whaleback” rock outcrops, so named because they resemble whales surfacing for air. The fascinating granite outcrops at Uloola Turrets are also worth seeing.

Enjoy a leisurely meal next to the lovely waterfall at Uloola Falls. Uloola Falls campground is nearby; however, if you wish to stay for the weekend, you must make online reservations. Take the Uloola walking track to Waterfall Station or return the way you came.

Karloo Walking Track To Southern Gateway Centre

Here are the travel distances and times from Karloo walking track to Southern Gateway Centre. 

Travel Distance30 km
Travel Time by car21 minutes

Bulli Tops, New South Wales, Australia, has a tourist attraction called the Southern Gateway Centre. It is located 45 minutes south of Sydney along the Princes Highway. The complex has a beautiful view of the Illawarra coastline and is home to many small enterprises, including the Gelato Emporium, Altitude 1148 restaurant, and the Visitor Information Complex for Wollongong.

The Southern Gateway Centre is a well-liked location for parties, celebrations, and weddings. As well as a sizable outdoor space that may be utilised for weddings, receptions, and other events, the venue includes a variety of function rooms that can hold nearly 200 guests.

Southern Gateway Centre To Sinclairs Country Retreat

Here are the travel distances and times from Southern Gateway Centre to Sinclairs Country Retreat. 

Travel Distance139 km
Travel Time by car1 hour 38 minutes

Conjola, New South Wales, Australia, is home to the motel known as Sinclairs Country Retreat. It offers tranquil lodging with views of Lake Conjola and is on 120 acres of native gardens and forest.

Many different accommodations are available at the motel, including ordinary rooms, family rooms, and independent flats. There is free Wi-Fi, television, and air conditioning in every room. The motel also features a barbeque area, a pool, and a common area with a fireplace.

An excellent spot to unwind and take in the natural beauty of the Australian bush is Sinclairs Country Retreat. Numerous well-known sites, such as Lake Conjola, the Illawarra escarpment, and the Shoalhaven River, are close to the motel.

Sinclairs Country Retreat To Funland Ulladulla

Here are the travel distances and times from Sinclairs Country Retreat to Funland Ulladulla. 

Travel Distance21.9 km
Travel Time by car20 minutes

One of the nation’s fastest-growing arcade entertainment attractions is Funland Australia. Several of the top arcade games in the world are available there, along with a variety of speciality attractions like Dodgem Cars, Laser Tag, Simulation Rides, and much more, such as birthday parties and group bookings. A terrific spot to go for a fun day out with family or friends is Funland Ulladulla. Additionally, birthday celebrations and other gatherings are frequently held there.

Arcade, pinball, and video games are just a few options at Funland Ulladulla. A carousel and a roller coaster are among the other rides for kids. Funland Ulladulla offers a snack bar, a gift shop, games, and rides. The gift shop sells trinkets, toys, and games, while the snack bar serves a range of foods and beverages.

Funland Ulladulla To Coila Shores Apiary

Here are the travel distances and times from Funland Ulladulla to Coila Shores Apiary. 

Travel Distance92.9 km
Travel Time by car1 hour 8 minutes

The best honey farm on the south coast. Honey is more than just that. Depending on the tree or plant from which the pet is produced, there are various honey flavours. The proprietor gave a 20-minute presentation during which you were astounded by his work.

One type of honey is available only once every four years. It comes from a particular species of tree that produces its flower every four years. Depending on the varieties, the price of the honey here ranges from $15 to $39. If you enjoy organic honey, you should go there.

Coila Shores Apiary To Narooma

Here are the travel distances and times from Coila Shores Apiary to Narooma. 

Travel Distance38.4 km
Travel Time by car36 minutes

The town of Narooma is located on the extreme southern coast of the Australian state of New South Wales. The village is located along the Princes Highway, which connects North Narooma to Wagonga Inlet. South of here is the heritage town of Central Tilba.

Narooma is a blue rhapsody encircled by water on all sides (ocean, lakes, rivers). It’s a spot where you can swim with seals, kayak across crystal bays, and pick oysters out of the water. In addition, this coastal village is quickly becoming the South Coast’s most upscale gourmet destination despite its longstanding reputation for its mesmerising natural beauty. 


Q: Why Travel To Narooma?

A: Barunguba Montague Island Nature Reserve is barely 9 km off the coast of Narooma, and it’s a place that will surely pique your adventurous spirit. Like nowhere else along our coastline, Barunguba captures the beauty of nature both above and below the water.

Q: Between Sydney And Broken Hill, Where Should One Go?

A: If you’re taking a road trip from Sydney to Broken Hill, we did the research and came up with a list of fantastic places to stop along the way, including Katoomba, Dubbo, Blacktown, Mudgee, and Orange, as well as popular attractions like the Wisemans Inn Hotel, the Featherdale Sydney Wildlife Park, and the perennially well-liked Raging Waters Sydney.

Q: Is Narooma A Worthy Vacation Destination?

A: Besides tranquilly and distant peace, Narooma is a peaceful beach village that provides outdoor sports and experiences. Despite the seeming contradiction, this is what makes a fantastic vacation spot because it welcomes all kinds of visitors. It is also really stunning.

Q: What Cities Are Within A Three-Hour Drive Of Sydney, Australia, By Car?

A: If you’re looking for a road trip destination under three hours from Sydney, there are several choices, including Shoal Bay, Nelson Bay, Tea Gardens, Bathurst, Newcastle, and many others. Within a few hours journey, you might come across stunning coasts, luscious mountains, and woods.

Q: What Is The Reputation Of Broken Hill, Australia?

A: The Line of Lode, one of the greatest ore seams of silver, lead, and zinc in the world, was discovered when Broken Hill was formed in the 1880s. This mining legacy has made Broken Hill one of the city’s most well-known landmarks. It was mined constantly for the past 130 years, earning the remote outpost the moniker “Silver City.”

In The End

The most excellent way to discover all of New South Wales is to take Sydney To Narooma Road Trip. You’ll find breathtaking landscapes, delectable food, and various activities to keep you entertained everywhere you go, from the bustling city of Sydney to the little town of Narooma.

Here we have represented an easy and enjoyable route for your journey to enjoy and gather lovely memories.

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