Sydney to Orange Road Trip: Discover The Roads Of Australia

Sydney to Orange Road Trip
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Driving from Sydney to Orange takes about 4 hours and 10 minutes, and the distance is 274 kilometres. The transition from the central city to rural New South Wales occurs from Sydney to Orange. There is a compelling case for turning the drive into a road trip because there are some beautiful sites to stop along the way.

The Sydney Opera House, situated right on the sea and has a distinctive sail-like appearance, is the most iconic building in Sydney, the state capital of New South Wales. With the arched Harbour Bridge and renowned Royal Botanic Garden adjacent, the large Darling Harbour and the minor Circular Quay port are centres of life along the water.

Travel Distance274 km
Travel Time by car4 Hours 10 minutes

Sydney To Kingpin North Strathfield

Here are the travel distances and times you must travel from Sydney To Kingpin North Strathfield. 

Travel Distance14.3 km
Travel Time by car29 minutes

What you can accomplish with a bowling ball and an old biscuit tin is astonishing. The Homebush Bakehouse Quarter in Sydney’s North Strathfield has undergone a tremendous royal makeover; it is now a Kingpin and likely the most relaxed hangout you’ll discover.

Enjoy a night out with drinks at the Sports Bar or the VW Combi Bistro-Cafe after work or after a day of activities. And that’s before you even get to the array of other activities like laser tag, playtime arcade and virtual reality games, karaoke, table tennis, and pool.

You may have a bowling party in Room 300, a private event location with its bowling lanes. It’s the ideal location for your birthday celebrations, events, and functions. You and your guests will have the time of your lives with the 60-person capacity, three private bowling lanes, and a private karaoke area at your disposal.

Kingpin North Strathfield To Daawat Indian Restaurant

Here are the travel distances and times you must travel from Kingpin North Strathfield to Daawat Indian Restaurant.  

Travel Distance50.8 km
Travel Time by car46 minutes

In Australia, there is a chain of Indian eateries called Daawat. They have locations in Richmond, Victoria; Maleny, Queensland; and Beechboro, Western Australia.

The eateries offer a wide selection of Indian food, such as tandoori, biryani, and curry. Vegetarian cuisine is available as well. Both residents and visitors frequent the Daawat Indian Restaurant. They have a solid reputation for offering genuine Indian cuisine in a laid-back and welcoming setting. Dinner and lunch are both served at the eateries. Additionally, they provide delivery and takeout services.

Daawat Indian Restaurant To Sydney Rock

Here are the travel distances and times you must travel from Daawat Indian Restaurant to Sydney Rock. 

Travel Distance23.4 km
Travel Time by car22 minutes

The Rocks is where modern Sydney first developed. Convicts established homes and businesses here in 1788, shortly after European immigrants began to arrive. Learn about the region’s fascinating colonial past and current status as a booming entertainment district next to the magnificent Sydney Harbour.

The Rocks is a neighbourhood, tourism district, and historical section of Sydney’s city centre in New South Wales. It is immediately northwest of Sydney’s CBD on the southern side of Sydney Harbour.

The western side of Sydney Cove, east of the approaches to the Sydney Harbour Bridge, is covered by the official limits of the suburb known as “The Rocks.” It reaches Jamison Street in the south, Circular Quay and George Street in the east, the southern area on the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and the Western Distributor overpass in the west. It also reaches the south base of the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the north.

Sydney Rock To Mitchell Ridge Lookout

Here are the travel distances and times you must travel from Sydney Rock to Mitchell Ridge Lookout. 

Travel Distance33.2 km
Travel Time by car32 minutes

The historic Mitchells Ridge Lookout is named for Sir Thomas Livingston Mitchell, who oversaw convict labour to construct the Pass in 1832. An obelisk near the overlook commemorates the inauguration of Victoria Pass in 1832. One of Australia’s most essential and earliest engineering feats still in use is The Pass. The sandstone rampant across the Pass, which was hewn and constructed by prisoners, is seen from the western end of the overlook.

Mitchells Ridge Lookout is a well-liked destination for visitors, photographers, and hikers. Wildlife such as kangaroos, wallabies, and birds can also be seen there. The overlook is roughly 10 kilometres from Katoomba off the Great Western Highway. The walk to the summit is approximately 50 metres, and a tiny parking lot is at the overlook.

Mitchell Ridge Lookout To Golden Poplars

Here are the travel distances and times you must travel from Mitchell Ridge Lookout to Golden Poplars. 

Travel Distance45.9 km
Travel Time by car36 minutes

Australia also grows golden poplars. They are a well-liked ornamental tree employed for lumber and pulpwood production. Golden poplars tolerate a variety of soil types and require relatively little maintenance. They are also mainly resistant to pests and diseases. 

The Golden Poplars are one of Meadow Flat’s main attractions for tourists. The trees are in a grove, turning into dazzling golden yellow in the fall.

Many Golden Poplars may be found in Melbourne’s Royal Botanic Gardens, a well-liked tourist destination. The trees, which are close to the Birdwood Avenue entrance, are adorable in the fall.

Lookout To Golden Poplars To The Beekeeper’s Inn

Here are the travel distances and times you must travel from Golden Poplars to The Beekeeper’s Inn. 

Travel Distance56.9 km
Travel Time by car47 minutes

The Beekeeper’s Inn includes a restaurant, brewery, and shop in Vittoria, New South Wales, Australia. It is a well-liked destination for locals and tourists and is well-known for its excellent meals, variety of honey and honey products, and live bee display.

Cobb & Co. originally constructed the Beekeeper’s Inn 1859 as a horse change station. Later, it was transformed into a hotel, and that is what remained up until the 1970s. In 1998 the building was acquired by the current owners, who turned it into a cafe and brewery.

Between Bathurst and Orange, on the Hume Highway, is where you’ll find The Beekeeper’s Inn. Travellers frequently stop here because getting some fresh air and dining is easy. The brewery offers a variety of beers, wines, and ciders, while the cafe provides a variety of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options.

Stop at The Beekeeper’s Inn when en route from Bathurst to Orange. A live bee show, beautiful meals, and a wide variety of honey products are all featured at this delightful institution.

The Beekeeper’s Inn To Cook Park

Here are the travel distances and times you must travel from The Beekeeper’s Inn to Cook Park. 

Travel Distance33.9 km
Travel Time by car29 minutes

Like Robertson Park in Orange, Cook Park was created long before it was officially declared. A local member of parliament received a popular petition to build the park.

A 4-hectare urban park with a heritage designation is called Cook Park, and it can be found at 24-26 Summer Street in Orange, New South Wales, Australia. Alfred Patterson created and constructed it between 1873 and 1950. Another name for it is Orange Botanic Garden. On August 24, 2018, it was placed in the New South Wales State Heritage Register. The junction of Summer Street and Clinton Street is the park’s main entrance.

Before his three Pacific Ocean trips, he drew thorough maps of Newfoundland. During these travels, he made the first recorded European encounter with the eastern coasts of Australia and the first recorded tour of New Zealand.

Cook Park To Highland Heritage Cellar Door

Here are the travel distances and times you must travel from Cook Park to Highland Heritage Cellar Door. 

Travel Distance7.2 km
Travel Time by car11 minutes

On the Sydney side of Orange, at the entrance to the Orange NSW Vineyards – Mitchell Highway, Highland Heritage will warmly greet you. At one of the city’s oldest vineyards, our educated and welcoming staff at the Cellar Door offers our Orange, New South Wales wine tastings.

At Highland Heritage, you are invited to partake in the bounty. D’Aquino Bros Pty Ltd’s founder, Carmelo D’Aquino, began creating six barrels of wine in a tin shed in 1946, becoming the first family to make wine in the Orange neighbourhood.

Rex D’Aquino, now the company’s third-generation D’Aquino and a graduate of Roseworthy College, has continued to grow the company’s operations, which now include contract bottling, wholesale, and retail sales, in addition to his continuous involvement in winemaking.

Heritage Cellar Door To Orange

Here are the travel distances and times from Highland Heritage Cellar Door to the final destination Orange. 

Travel Distance8.1 km
Travel Time by car12 minutes

The Australian state of New South Wales contains the city of Orange in the Central Tablelands. At an elevation of 862 metres, it is located 254 kilometres west of Sydney, the state capital. At the time of the 2021 Census, Orange’s urban population was 41,920, making it a sizable regional hub.

The poets Banjo Paterson and Kenneth Slessor were both born in Orange, though Paterson only spent a brief amount of time there as a baby. Also from Orange is publisher and ardent admirer of Australian literature Walter W. Stone. The Gnoo Blas Motor Racing Circuit hosted the first Australian Touring Car Championship, now known as the V8 Supercar Championship Series 1960.

Orange is a significant rural hub with much more to offer than a jam-packed weekend getaway. It is a lovely location to call home, with a flourishing community directly contributing to its expanding prosperity. Outsiders know and love Orange for being one of Australia’s best wine districts.


Q: Where Should You Stop On Your Way From Orange To Sydney?

A: Katoomba, Mosman, Port Stephens, Blacktown, and North Sydney are the most populated cities in the region between Sydney and Orange. The most populated city along the route is Katoomba. Sydney is one hour away, and Orange is two hours away.

Q: What Location Is Three Hours Travel From Sydney, Australia?

A: There are numerous options if you’re looking for a road trip destination less than three hours from Sydney, including Shoal Bay, Nelson Bay, Tea Gardens, Bathurst, Newcastle, and many others. You may see everything from breathtaking coastlines to lush mountains and forests within a few hours’ drive.

Q: Why Is Orange Nsw So Well-Liked?

A: The city is renowned for its top-notch regional cuisine, stunning vineyards, and upscale eateries. It is famous for its icy winters and attractive fall colours as well. It is recognised as the nation’s snowiest city and receives snow regularly.

Q: Can You Take A Car To Australia?

A: Australia, the largest island in the world, has no bridges or ferries that allow vehicles to travel there. However, regular commercial flights operate worldwide, so that you may fly to Australia from anywhere.

Q: Is It More Affordable To Fly Or Drive From Sydney To Melbourne?

A: Flying is both a faster and less expensive option if all you need to do is get from Melbourne to Sydney. Compared to nine hours of driving, the flight will only take an hour, and even with transportation to and from the airport, it will likely take two hours.

In The End

Sydney To Orange Road Trip is a once-in-a-lifetime experience with various landscapes, quaint villages, and unique adventures. The trip offers a chance to escape the city’s bustle and enjoy Australia’s countryside’s natural beauty.

The road excursion reveals the area’s natural wonders through scenic farmland, undulating hills, and vineyards. Each stop along the trip offers a chance to take in the distinctive beauty and serenity of the surroundings, from the majestic Blue Mountains to the serene wineries of the Orange wine area.

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