Sydney to Port Stephens Road Trip: Make Memories On Roads

Sydney to Port Stephens Road Trip
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Sydney To Port Stephens Road Trip is a journey that promises a perfect blend of coastal charm, natural beauty, and exciting activities.

Starting from the bustling city of Sydney, you’ll traverse through scenic landscapes, charming towns, and picturesque coastal vistas as you go to the stunning Port Stephens region.

This road trip offers a unique opportunity to escape the city’s hustle and bustle and lose yourself in the peaceful coastal paradise Port Stephens offers. 

The top activities in Sydney include seeing historical landmarks and museums, shopping in bustling markets, and visiting cutting-edge shopping malls.

The yacht-filled harbour, world-class beaches, and landmark Opera House with its towering sail structure are just a few of the attractions of this city.

Sydney has developed into Australia’s most diverse and commercial city, with a vibrant cuisine, arts, and entertainment scene. You may take advantage of the stunning Harbour Bridge, which can be climbed during the day or seen from a rooftop bar at night, as well as coastline treks.

Travel Distance238 km
Travel Time by car3 Hours and 29 Minutes

Sydney To Broughton Street Lookout

Here are the travel distances and times you must travel from Sydney To Broughton Street Lookout.

Travel Distance5.1 km
Travel Time by car12 minutes

The Broughton Street Lookout is a popular vantage point in New South Wales, Australia. Situated at the top of a hill, this lookout offers breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding area, making it a favourite spot for locals and tourists to admire the region’s natural beauty.

The Broughton Street Lookout’s primary attraction is its stunning view. From this vantage point, visitors can enjoy sweeping vistas of the coastline, the Pacific Ocean, and the town of Port Macquarie. The lookout is particularly popular at the time of sunrise and sunset when the colours of the sky add an extra layer of magic to the scenery.

Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, a photography lover, or someone seeking a peaceful spot to take in the beauty of the New South Wales coast, the Broughton Street Lookout in Port Macquarie offers an idyllic setting to do so.

It’s a place where visitors can disconnect from their everyday routines and immerse themselves in the serenity of the coastal landscape.

Broughton Street Lookout To Lane Cove Rd

Here are the travel distances and times you must travel from Broughton Street Lookout To Lane Cove Rd. 

Travel Distance14.0 km
Travel Time by car26 minutes

Beginning at the De Burghs Bridge, Lane Cove Road travels south-west as a six-lane dual-carriageway road, crossing the M2 Hills Motorway at Macquarie Park and connecting with Ryde Road before crossing Epping Road at a grade-separated intersection in North Ryde.

Lane Cove Road ends at the corner of Devlin Street and Blaxland Road in Top Ryde. From there, Devlin Street is followed southward.

The primary route connecting Sydney’s central and southern suburbs to the North Ryde/Macquarie Park commercial and industrial region is Lane Cove Road, which carries a lot of traffic and gets highly backed up during morning and afternoon/evening peak hours.

According to a different idea, Lieutenant Michael Lane, an experienced cartographer who collaborated with Captain James Cook in Canadian waters, inspired the name.

Another is that the Parramatta River was only an inlet or cove extending north from the Lane Cove River, and the entrance of the Lane Cove River seemed nothing more than a small laneway.

Lane Cove Rd To McDonald’s North Ryde

Here are the travel distances and times you must travel from Lane Cove Rd. to McDonald’s North Ryde. 

Travel Distance2.9 km
Travel Time by car12 minutes

McDonald’s North Ryde is a popular fast-food restaurant in North Ryde, a suburb of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. As part of the globally recognized McDonald’s chain, this branch offers the signature menu items and services the brand is known for worldwide.

McDonald’s is known for being family-friendly, and the North Ryde location is no exception. It offers a welcoming atmosphere for families with children, making it a popular spot to enjoy a meal together.

McDonald’s North Ryde is more than just a fast-food restaurant; it’s part of the global McDonald’s brand that has become a familiar and convenient option for a quick and satisfying meal. It serves as a place where people can come together to enjoy the familiar tastes they know and love.

McDonald’s North Ryde To North Sydney

Here are the travel distances and times you must travel from McDonald’s North Ryde to North Sydney. 

Travel Distance13.1 km
Travel Time by car24 minutes

Across the marina from the CBD is a business district called North Sydney. Office employees frequent the modern restaurants gathered around Miller Street during the workweek. Locals shop at the twice-monthly Northside Fruit Market on the weekends for upscale foods and organic fruit.

The art deco North Sydney Olympic Pool and the Ferris wheel and rollercoaster rides at Luna Park all have the Sydney Harbour Bridge as their iconic backdrop. 

North Sydney is located in the Cammeraygal people’s historical homeland. One of Australia’s leading commercial hubs, the North Sydney central business district serves the local populace and the greater Sydney area. It is an important part of the community.

The Independent Theatre, the Don Bank Museum, the Stanton Library, and illustrious institutions such as Monte Sant’ Angelo Mercy College, Sydney Church of England Grammar School, and Wenona are among the notable structures in the neighbourhood.

North Sydney To Curtilage Park

Here are the travel distances and times you must travel from North Sydney To Curtilage Park. 

Travel Distance17.9 km
Travel Time by car34 minutes

A small park called Curtilage Park may be found in Wahroonga, New South Wales, Australia. Mahratta and Yaamba, two state-designated historic buildings, are located next to them. A $300,000 enhancement to the park was made in 2014.

A new playground, benches, a bubbler, formal gardens, and open grassland spaces were all upgraded. Since there are no parking facilities on-site, walking is the best way to visit the park, which is gated off the Pacific Highway.

The word “curtilage” refers to the area of land surrounding a house or other property, where the name “Curtilage Park” derives from.

The park’s name comes from the fact that the cities of Yaamba and Mahratta surround it. Curtilage Park is a terrific choice if you’re searching for a relaxing and tranquil setting to unwind or a lively area to bring your kids to playtime. 

Curtilage Park To Hexham Bridge

Here are the travel distances and times you must travel from Curtilage Park To Hexham Bridge.

Travel Distance138 km
Travel Time by car1 hour and 22 minutes

The Hexham Bridge over the North Tyne Valley between Hexham and Northumberland, England. It is the primary entrance to the A69 bypass and is located north of Hexham.

The east and west boats were two ferries that crossed the Tyne. An ongoing uprising led to the construction of a bridge, established in 1767 and finished in 1770. It had seven arches and was constructed by Mr Galt.

Less than a year later, it was destroyed in the great Tyne flood of 1771. Eight bridges in the flood suffered the same fate as Hexham. An engineer working on the new Newcastle bridge, Mr Wooler, made a new effort in 1774, 50 yards to the west.

To support the piers, piles were dug, but once they were found, construction was stopped. About a mile and a half (2 km) upstream from the current bridge was the first bridge, known as Hexham Old Bridge.

Hexham Bridge To The Oyster Shack

Here are the travel distances and times you must travel from Hexham Bridge To The Oyster Shack. 

Travel Distance36.8 km
Travel Time by car32 minutes

Tweed Heads, New South Wales Oyster Shack. This eatery has outdoor seating with river views and is situated along the Tweed River. They have their oyster farm and are well known for their fresh oysters. They also offer steaks, salads, and various other seafood dishes.

Both residents and visitors frequent The Oyster Shack. The incredible river view makes it a terrific place to eat fresh seafood. The restaurant is always open.

The Oyster Shack To Lemon Tree Passage Motel

Here are the travel distances and times you must travel from The Oyster Shack to Lemon Tree Passage Motel. 

Travel Distance3.5 km
Travel Time by car4 minutes

In Lemon Tree Passage, New South Wales, Australia, there is a family-run motel called the Lemon Tree Passage Motel. The Lemon Tree Passage Marina is about a 5-minute stroll away. It offers air-conditioned accommodations with kitchenettes. There is free parking for vehicles, trailers, and boats.

There are 11 rooms in the motel, all of which have recently undergone renovations. The rooms are large and pleasant, each with a flat-screen TV, private bathroom, and complimentary Wi-Fi. The kitchenettes provide everything you need to prepare and consume your meals.

If you’re looking for a cosy and reasonably priced place to stay in Lemon Tree Passage, the Lemon Tree Passage Motel is an excellent choice. The marina, the beach, and various eateries and stores are nearby. The facilities are tidy and well-maintained, and the staff is helpful and cordial.

Lemon Tree Passage Motel To Port Stephens

Here are the travel distances and times you must travel from Lemon Tree Passage Motel to Port Stephens

Travel Distance900 m
Travel Time by car2 minutes

Around 134 square kilometres in size, Port Stephens is a major natural harbour in the Australian states of New South Wales and the Mid-North Coast. It is an open, young, tide-dominated drowned-valley estuary.

Port Stephens, located around 160 kilometres (99 miles) northeast of Sydney, is a part of the Port Stephens-Great Lakes Marine Park. Although its northern border is a physical barrier between Port Stephens and MidCoast local government regions, the harbour is entirely located within Port Stephens’ local government area.

Port Stephens is a beach getaway on a brilliant blue bay begging to be explored. Enjoy thrilling water activities, gigantic sand dunes to explore, relaxing on one of 26 gorgeous sandy beaches, seeing the local bottlenose dolphins, and mouthwatering waterfront restaurants.


Q: Is A Trip To Port Stephens Worthwhile?

A: The main attractions of a trip to Port Stephens are the sea and sand, where visitors may indulge in freshly caught seafood, wade in the crystal-clear waters, and sandboard down the breathtaking Stockton Sand Dunes. One of the most amazing natural “stages” on earth, Port Stephens has many activities that should be on your “bucket list.”

Q: When Is The Ideal Season To Travel To Port Stephens?

A: Summer is the finest season to visit Port Stephens because it is ideal for beach hopping and adventurous activities. But you should go between May and November to see humpback whales as they go down the east coast yearly.

Q: What Is Famous About Port Stephens?

A: Port Stephens is a beach getaway on a brilliant blue bay begging to be explored. Enjoy thrilling water activities, gigantic dunes to explore, relaxing on one of 26 gorgeous sandy beaches, seeing the local bottlenose dolphins, and mouthwatering waterfront restaurants.

Q: How Long Should You Stay In Sydney?

A: Depending on how long your journey will be and what else you wish to see, schedule at least four days in Sydney. The longer you stay, the more you’ll see and do in this incredibly well-located and cosmopolitan city. A week is ideal.

Q: Is It Nice To Live In Port Stephens?

A: Port Stephens, roughly two hours drive north of Sydney on Australia’s east coast, is renowned for its astounding natural beauty, distinctive species, and vibrant local culture. These features make our area a fantastic place to live, work, and play and an attractive destination for retirement, tourism, and pleasure.

In The End

Sydney To Port Stephens Road Trip is an amazing journey that takes you from the urban energy of Sydney to the tranquil shores of Port Stephens.

Along the way, you’ll witness breathtaking coastal views, encounter charming towns, and have the chance to engage in a variety of outdoor activities.

With its pristine beaches, diverse marine life, and vibrant local culture, Port Stephens welcomes travellers with open arms.

Whether you’re seeking relaxation, adventure, or a little bit of both, this road trip offers a perfect blend of experiences that will create lasting memories. So, fuel up your car, pack your essentials, and set off on this unforgettable road trip showcasing New South Wales’ best coastal beauty.

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