Tangalooma Day Trip Guide: Explore Natural Wonders

Tangalooma Day Trip
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The Tangalooma is the best option if you’re looking for the ultimate family outing. Besides, Tangalooma Island Resort is a unique day trip destination from Brisbane. Whether you’re searching for an activity stuffed tour or something unwinding, Tangalooma brings something to the table for everybody.

Brisbane is only 75 minutes away by ferry from Moreton Island. However, Tangalooma’s white beaches and tropical palms will make you feel like you’ve travelled the world. The entire family had a great time experiencing the various activities on display, and we can’t wait to head back across the Bay!

What To Expect On A Day Cruise To The Tangalooma

You can anticipate island life at its ideal! Delightful sea shores, stunning perspectives, astounding untamed life, delectable food, and fun island exercises the entire family can partake in together. Return transfers, resort access, a lunch voucher, Eco Ranger experiences, free resort activities, and a beverage voucher are included in all Day Cruises. 

There is likewise admittance to the beautiful, brilliant sand sea shores that line the shores of the Hotel, so the entire family can hang out on the oceanfront, make sandcastles and swim in the clear waters.

Choose the Wrecks Snorkel Tour, Marine Discovery Cruise, or Whale Watching Cruise to see the island’s aquatic side. You can snorkel between the Tangalooma Shipwrecks and see the famous wrecks from below, spotting all kinds of marine life in this coral haven.

Try their Marine Discovery Cruise if you prefer to stay dry. Going to the wrecks, you can look for dolphins, dugongs, green sea turtles, sea cucumbers, rays, and more. Expert Eco Rangers provide comprehensive commentary to explain the local marine life’s habitats and habits.

When To Go On A Tangalooma Island

The whole family can go to Tangalooma Island Resort at any time of the year; the entire family can choose to visit Tangalooma Island Resort. Of course, you must visit between June and October to include Whale watching in your day trip. Tangalooma’s all-year tropical warmth implies that you can see every year and partake in the perfect oceanside day.

How Much Is A Tangalooma Island Resort Day Cruise?

The expense of a day cruise relies upon the bundle picked. There are five Day Cruise packages available at Tangalooma Island Resort, including

Day CruisePer AdultPer Child
Beach Day Cruise$95$55
Day cruises like “Marine Discovery,” “4WD Desert Safari,” “Whale Watching,” “ATV Quad Bike Day Cruise,” and “Snorkel the Wrecks.”$145 (dependent on the activity chosen)$105
Sunset Cocktails Package$195$145
Wild Dolphin Feeding Package$215(dependent on activity chosen)$165
Sea to Sky Package$386$331

Why You Go For A Day Or Why Not To Stay

There are plenty of day groups available to fill your day with fun activities or visit the island, so it’s easy to visit Tangalooma for the day; however, with such a tremendous amount on offer, you’ll be excused for needing to remain longer! 

For those with additional opportunities to appreciate everything on offer, there are eight styles of convenience to suit all preferences and spending plans, from lodgings to completely outfitted extravagance condos and peak homes. Self-contained resort suites and beachfront villas, just metres from the white sand beaches and ideal for families, are family favourites.

Explore Things To Do At Tangalooma Island Resort

The Holt Street Wharf in Pinkenba, where high-speed launches frequently depart, is a short drive from the CBD or airport of Brisbane. Transport moves from the air terminal to the Gold Coast and Brisbane CBD lodgings are likewise an expense. 

You could take the vehicle barge to bring you all-wheel drive, sort out to secure your boat or take a beautiful helicopter trip across the cove. Tangalooma Island Resort is a characteristic wonderland only sitting tight for you to investigate!

Dolphin Feeding Day Cruise

The “Premium Dolphin Feeding Day Cruise” kicks things off for the whole Tangalooma experience. You can spend the day exploring Moreton Island on a land or water tour before joining the local Eco Rangers at dusk to feed a wild dolphin that goes by hand to the shore every night. This experience is, without a doubt, the feature of any visit to Tangalooma. Additionally, keep a smile on your face because their photographers are there to capture your perfect day out!

Whale-Watching Cruise

Beginning around 1987, Tangalooma Island Resort has offered Brisbane’s nearest Whale Watching day voyage and the chance to appreciate island life for the afternoon and night, assuming you stay longer.

From June to the end of October, whale-watching cruises from Tangalooma depart from both Brisbane and Tangalooma. See these grand humpback whales right at home as a component of a spectacular day visit. You can add a whale-watching tour on the Classic Day Cruise, Dolphin Viewing Day Cruise, or Premium Dolphin Feeding Day Cruise.

Return launch transfers, a complimentary beverage onboard the launch transfer service, access to resort amenities and facilities, your choice of Eco Ranger experiences, and a selection of free resort activities, such as the daily Pelican and Seabird talk and the Kookaburra feed, are included on all Tangalooma day cruises that include Whale watching.

Beach Day Cruise

Get away from the hurrying around the city, keep away from the traffic of going up or down the coast and partake in the casual tropical island way of life for the day on Tangalooma’s OceanSide Day Journey.

With lunch incorporated, your progress into voyage mode will be more than an oddball event. In addition, guests can access the Resort’s amenities, including pool tables, swimming pools, various free land-based activities, restaurants, bars, and more. So near Brisbane, yet you’ll feel universes away.

Sunset Cocktail Day Cruise with Wild Dolphin Viewing

Enjoy the rare sight of a Brisbane sunset over the water while sipping a cocktail. Upon arrival, your day begins with a signature tour (quad biking, desert safari, snorkelling, marine discovery cruise, or Whale watching), lunch, a voucher for a cocktail, and access to the wheelhouse deck*. You can also watch the wild dolphins come in each night! This is stuffed into a short road trip from Brisbane – we ensure there is no road trip like this!

Enjoy the picturesque sunset over Moreton Bay at the end of the day while sipping a delicious evening cocktail (included) from the best seat in the house.

Classic Day Cruise

Get the family and bounce on an Exemplary Day Voyage, and the movement decision is yours!

Swim the undeniably popular Tangalooma Wrecks, ride the ATV Quad bicycles on Australia’s best committed quad tracks, spot the extraordinary marine life on the Marine Revelation visit, take a Desert Safari visit and speed down the hills on a sand sledge, Speed along on an ATV Quad Bicycle or visit among June and October to encounter Tangalooma’s well-known Whale Watching Journey!

Loaded with all the road trip basics, a Tangalooma Day Journey is an extraordinary method for encountering this island heaven with your decision to visit and as long as eight hours absorbing the climate in nature’s jungle gym.

4WD Desert Safari Day Cruise

4WD Desert Safari Day Cruise

Do you need to move quickly? Take an excursion to the Tangalooma Desert as a feature of this exhilarating and knocking all-wheel drive transport visit.

Voyage over from Brisbane to Tangalooma and take an excursion to the Tangalooma Desert as a feature of this completely exhilarating and knocking all-wheel drive transport visit, where it is a portion of the enjoyable to arrive! Bus passengers at Tangalooma Island Resort will have exclusive drive-on access to the desert, allowing them to get a unique look at Moreton Island’s centre. They will also be able to participate in the thrilling sport of Moreton Island sand tobogganing, where they can reach speeds of up to 40 kilometres per hour!

Marine Discovery Day Cruise

Marine Discovery Day Cruise
Credit Source: Tangatours

You can look for dolphins, dugongs, turtles, and more as you cruise past the wrecks! Take a cruise along the protected marine park in the Moreton Bay Region to go further than you can reach on foot. You can see the marine life below the surface as you cruise along the Bay in the Glass Bottom Boat. 

You’ll learn everything there is to know about the island and its surroundings from the expert guides. This day cruise is suitable for families with children of all ages. You can extend your Day Cruise by adding wild dolphin feeding or viewing to your itinerary.

Snorkel The Wrecks Day Cruise

Take a day trip to one of Australia’s best snorkelling spots among shipwrecks.

Snorkel The Wrecks Day Cruise
Credit Source: GetYourGuide

The most recent day trip offered by Tangalooma Island Resort includes a guided snorkel tour of Moreton Island’s enchanting Tangalooma Shipwrecks. The clear waters encompassing the disaster areas are loaded up with more than 200 types of fish and 130 types of coral, as well as three distinct types of marine ocean turtles, dolphins and even Wobbegong sharks and stingrays. This direct visit starts at the Tangalooma oceanfront, with a short boat ride to the disaster areas, with all snorkel gear given.

ATV Quad Bike Day Cruise

Take this thrilling and bumpy ATV Quad Bike Tour through Tangalooma. At Tangalooma, you can enjoy the thrill of riding an ATV quad bicycle along the coast and through the bushland. Regardless of your experience level, the expert guides will assist you with fundamental bush track training to handle Australia’s best dedicated ATV quad bike tracks.

Sea To Sky Helicopter Day Cruise

This Brisbane Day Cruise is full of adventure and allows you to “Buzz the Wrecks” on a scenic helicopter joy flight for 12 minutes.

Sea To Sky Helicopter Day Cruise
Credit Source: Experience Oz

This package also includes access to the wheelhouse deck, lunch, a cocktail voucher, and an additional signature tour (quad biking, desert safari, snorkelling, marine discovery cruise, or Whale watching). You can also watch the wild dolphins come in at sunset! This is stuffed into a short road trip from Brisbane – we ensure there is no road trip like this!

At Tangalooma Island Resort, there is no better way to end the day than watching the beautiful sunset over Moreton Bay. Now, you can watch the sunset from the best spot in the house while sipping a delicious evening cocktail!


How Long Is The Boat Ride To Tangalooma?

Traveller ship administrations withdraw from Holt Road Wharf in Pinkenba, Brisbane and show up at the Tangalooma Breakwater on Moreton Island. Voyaging time is only 75 minutes every way, with four boat administrations working daily toward every path (Brisbane to Tangalooma).

How Many Ships Were Sunk At Tangalooma?

Over 100 species of fish, including dolphins, wobbegongs, and dugongs, can be found in and around the wrecks thanks to the growth of coral. Five of the 15 vessels were sunk in 1963, five in the seventies; what’s more, and a further five in the 1980s. The wrecks have been given names: UKI.

What Happened At Tangalooma?

The history of the Tangalooma Wrecks dates back to the 1960s when boat owners requested safe anchorage on the island due to the difficulty of docking small boats. Their solicitation for a man-made harbour was conceded as the Tangalooma Wrecks. Fifteen vessels were intentionally sunk over the following twenty years.


In conclusion, the Tangalooma day trip is an unforgettable experience because it combines breathtaking natural beauty with exciting activities. Tangalooma’s unmatched charm captivates visitors with its stunning sunsets, vibrant marine life, stunning turquoise waters, and white sandy beaches.

There is something for everyone to enjoy, including hand-feeding dolphins, snorkelling in crystal-clear waters, and simply relaxing on the beach. The idyllic setting of the island brings about a sense of tranquillity and rejuvenation. A day trip to Tangalooma is an authentic escape from bustling city life, leaving visitors with treasured memories and a desire to return.

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