13 Fun Things to Do in Apollo Bay, Australia

Things to Do in Apollo Bay
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Apollo Bay, a beachside community hiding away in the Otways’ foothills, is among the Great Ocean Road’s most picturesque rest places along the region’s breathtaking coastline. Apollo Bay is the ideal starting point for exploring the sand and surf of the coastline and the Otway Ranges, and it’s only 2.5 hours from Melbourne.

Pick and select from this list of the top sights and Things To Do In Apollo Bay and around Apollo Bay to decide where to go and what to see a little easier.

Spot The Shipwreck From The Mariner’s Lookout

On the borders of Apollo Bay, a breathtaking overlook called The Mariners Lookout offers spectacular views of the town, harbour, and coastline. The best panoramic views, including the opportunity to see the historic SS Casino, are just a 10-minute walk from the parking lot.

Depending on the tide, it might be possible to see the damage that sank in Apollo Bay’s shallow waters in 1932. As a bonus, Mariners Lookout is a well-liked hang glider launch site; watching them take off is among the most memorable things to do in Apollo Bay.

Bimbi Park Tour

If you’re staying along the coastline, Bimbi Park is a fantastic day journey from Apollo Bay, but it’s also a great spot to stay since it’s a well-known vacation destination known for “sleeping under the Koalas.” There are camping areas and pods so you can stay there at night. There are also several types of cabins, including the newest off-grid solar-powered places.

Bimbi Park
Credit Source: bimbipark.com.au

Bimbi Park offers E-Bike tours transporting you to notable national park observation areas, just 30 minutes from Apollo Bay in the Otway Ranges.

Since they are essentially the same as regular bikes but don’t require as much effort to climb hills, e-bikes are perfect for people of all fitness levels. You can pull tiny toddlers behind on one of the miniature carts.

The Great Ocean Road 

Admiring the Twelve Apostles, which serve as symbols of the Great Ocean Road, is among the most well-known activities in Apollo Bay.

australia great ocean road beach ocean

Apollo Bay is the ideal base to explore the Australian memorial before the tour buses because it is only a one-hour, 25-minute journey away. Every trip to Apollo Bay would be complete with seeing the 12 Apostles in person, even if only eight were left owing to erosion.

Head five minutes further along the Great Ocean Road to the ancient Loch Ard Gorge after taking in the breathtaking daybreak views.

Loch Ard Gorge is called for the Loch Ard shipwreck, which is equally stunning but frequently eclipsed by the scale of the Twelve Apostles. It provides an incredible geography lesson and the most breathtaking backdrop for family pictures, having been carved by the water over millions of years.

Otway Fly The World’s Highest Treetop Walk

The world’s highest Treetop Walk, perched 25 metres above the jungle, is only a short drive from Apollo Bay. On the Treetop Walk, strollers and prams are complimentary for children under three years old.

Otway Fly Tree Top Walk

However, the enjoyment at Otway Fly continues. For those who are up for it, there is also a heart-pounding Zip Line Tour that offers the most extraordinary views of the growing flora and fauna, in addition to the 600-meter-long treetop walkways.

Cape Otway Lightstation

The Cape Otway Lightstation, the oldest lighthouse on Australian soil and one of the Great Ocean Road’s iconic sites is only a short drive from Apollo Bay.

Cape Otway AU Cape Otway Lighthouse

The Cape Otway Lighthouse, constructed in 1848, is 90 meters over Bass Straight waters. Walkabout and take in the scenery, or climb to the summit if you feel up to it.

Maits Rest Rainforest

Apollo Bay is 20 minutes away by car, and Maits Rest is approximately 800 meters away, making it the perfect destination for children and adults.

Mait S Rest Rainforest Walk 59131690
Great Otway National Park, Victoria

As you stroll along the winding boardwalk between magnificent fern gardens and centuries-old trees, Maits Rest is appropriate for people of all ages and abilities.

The path provides impressive forest views while safeguarding the area’s delicate ecosystem. As kangaroos, koalas, swamp wallabies, possums, and other animals are widespread in the area, if you’re lucky, you might see any of them along the way.

The Foreshore Reserve

Coodanup Foreshore Reserve October 2020 08

Many different cafes and restaurants exist in the Foreshore Reserve in Apollo Bay. If it’s a good day, pack a picnic or buy some fish and chips, then go to the foreshore reserve, which has picnic tables and a lot of greenery. After lunch, unwind as the kids play on the flying fox-equipped adventure playground, then proceed to the beach for an afternoon dip.

Mounts Bay

Although Apollo Bay’s main beach is beautiful, due to its position, it can get very crowded during the summer. Head to Mounts Bay, which is nearby and as beautiful and an excellent place for a family picnic if you want to avoid the crowds.

Mounts Bay road Perth looking east near brewery

Although Mounts Bay is a lovely beach for strolling, it is unpatrolled, so be cautious when bringing children near the water. At Point Bunbury, there is parking accessible behind the dunes.

Marengo Reef Marine Sanctuary

From Mounts Bay, take the beach for 20 minutes to Marengo Reef Marine Sanctuary for a worthwhile stroll. The refuge is among the Great Ocean Road’s best-kept secrets and one of the top things to do in Apollo Bay.

Marengo Reef Marine Sanctuary Hero 1920x1124 1
Credit Source: parks.vic.gov.au

Marengo Reef Marine Sanctuary is just as stunning at low tide due to the rocky beach’s abundance of rock pools, which are well-liked by families eager to see the crabs, crustaceans, and other marine life that call Marengo Reef home.

The Great Ocean Road Lolly Shop

A visit to Apollo Bay’s Sweet View, a family-run sweets shop, will surely be a hit for youngsters and adults. They sell classic English candies, gourmet chocolate, Australian lollipops, slushies, hot chocolate, and locally roasted coffee. With over 15 flavours, their milkshake selection is perfect for kids.

front of shop come find
Credit Source: tripadvisor.com.au

They offer vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, and nut-free treats to accommodate all dietary needs. Remember to take a family photo with Kenny the Kangaroo, the newest member of the Sweet View team. The stunning artwork, carved using a chainsaw, stands 1.6 meters tall.

Melba Gully

One of the most incredible things to do in Apollo Bay is to visit Melba Gully, but to experience it properly, save it for the evening. Drive 50 minutes west to Melba Gully as the sun is setting.

Incredible scenery in the Melba Gully
Credit Source: 4wdingaustralia.com

Take the short stroll through an easy gravel route from the picnic ground parking lot, and you’ll be rewarded with hundreds of glittering glow worms that provide the most spectacular experience through the forest. Even while bringing a flashlight to light the route is a good idea, avoid shining it directly at the glow worms because doing so will reduce their brightness.

Lake Elizabeth Platypus Patrol

lake elizabeth canoes
Credit Source: australiatravelquestions.com

You can enjoy tranquil lake views over a mirror-still body of water surrounded by thick, enormous ferns by visiting nearby Lake Elizabeth. A bonus is the potential to see platypuses. Getting up early is crucial for this expedition because the platypus is a very elusive animal that is best seen around dawn. A canoe cruise departing from Apollo Bay is one of the riskiest methods to travel to Lake Elizabeth.

Explore Neighbourhood Museums

Credit Source: sydney.com

The exhibits of sea life, coral, and shells at the Base Strait Shell Museum provide an excellent overview. Try The Old Cable Station Museum on the northern side of Apollo Bay if you’re more interested in local history. The Old Cable Station Museum provides exhibits of regional artifacts housed in the former cable station that connected Tasmania and the rest of Australia in the past.


Q: Apollo Bay: Is It Worth It?

A: Locals and visitors to Melbourne rarely pass up the chance to visit the beaches and coastal landmarks along the breathtaking Surf Coast. Apollo Bay is the best place to stay if you’re organising a journey and wondering where to go along the Great Ocean Road.

Q: Why Is Apollo Bay Well-Known?

A: Apollo Bay is well known for its devotion to seafood because it is a historic fishing community. A festival in February is entirely dedicated to this type of food. The Apollo Bay Winter Festival, one of Victoria’s main occasions, is a must-attend every April for music lovers.

Q: Is It Safe To Swim In Apollo Bay?

A: Apollo Bay’s 3 km long beach faces east. It offers protected seas patrolled during peak times for walking, swimming, surfing, fishing, boating, sandcastle-building, and beach cricket.

Q: Why Is It Called Apollo Bay?

A: Whalers and sealers were already familiar with this region by the early 1800s. Captain Loutitt named the Bay in 1845 after taking refuge here in his ship “Apollo” en route from Melbourne to Port Fairy. Timber harvesters started cutting down the trees in 1849.

Q: When Can You See Whales In Apollo Bay?

A: Apollo Bay is renowned for its breathtaking natural wonders and superb whale-watching opportunities. The best time to see Southern Right whales is during their annual migration, which takes place between May and September. The whales have magnificent v-shaped tail fins and can grow up to 18 meters long.


In conclusion, Apollo Bay is a great tourist destination because it has many things to do and see. There are some Things To Do In Apollo Bay for everyone, whether you’re a nature lover, an adventurer, or want a relaxing beach getaway.

The town offers a one-of-a-kind combination of natural beauty and coastal charm if you wish to see the stunning waterfalls in Great Otway National Park or eat freshly caught seafood at one of the area’s restaurants.

In addition, visitors can take part in outdoor activities like kayaking, fishing, and surfing while relaxing on crystal-clear beaches. Visitors to Apollo Bay will be captivated and delighted by the lively atmosphere, picturesque setting, and picturesque surroundings.

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