10 Fun Things to Do in Batemans Bay, Australia

Things to Do in Batemans Bay
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The picturesque beachfront community of Batemans Bay is full of things to see while maintaining a carefree, beachy atmosphere. You can do as little or as much as you wish here, whether it be lazing about on the beach all day reading a book or being active by participating in some high-intensity water sports.

The following are some top-rated activities you can do in Batemans Bay.

Best Things to Do in Batemans Bay, Australia

1. Clyde River National Park

A remote water sports playground close to Batemans Bay, Clyde River National Park, is just waiting to be discovered. There are many picturesque spots to explore, including nine kilometres of river frontage, high wooded hills, tree-lined foreshores with mangroves, and uncommon stretches of salt marsh.

The Holmes lookout offers a panoramic view of the Bay and is a must-see spot. Go on a picnic and enjoy the breathtaking sights as you prepare for the adventure. Drive through the forest, try your luck at fishing in the river, or find a quiet area to relax with an excellent book while taking in the scenery. Launch your canoe or kayak by renting one or both, and explore the Clyde River.

2. Cycling Trail

Cycling at Batemans Bay is a fantastic, enjoyable activity for the whole family because the cycleway is flat and goes by the lovely sea. Five kilometres east of Batemans Bay, at Corrigans Beach in Batehaven, the proposed starting location has fantastic amenities, including picnic tables, grills, a liberty swing, and a play area for kids.

A tonne of parking is available, so you can have a picnic lunch and a plunge in the serene coastal waters when you return. If you’re feeling too puffy, cross the street for lunch at a café or restaurant.

Just continue on the bike path until it enters Batemans Bay, cross the bridge to the north, and turn left into Wharf Road. Up to the conclusion of Myamba Parade, keep travelling down the road. At that point, get off and stroll along the Cullendulla Boardwalk. The wetlands, a crucial component of the Batemans Bay ecology, are explored on this beautiful hike. About 18 km of scenery and fun await you on the way back.

3. Snorkelling Trail

Maloneys Beach, 12 miles north of Batemans Bay, is the starting point of the Batemans Bay Snorkeling Trail. Maloneys is a terrific place for snorkelling. It makes a great family adventure because it has a grassy reserve, restrooms, a boat launch, electric grills, and a covered picnic area.

The next stop is Sunshine Cove Beach, located five miles south of Batemans Bay. This beach’s bright colours offer fantastic snorkelling opportunities. There is a lot to view, including seaweed beds and rocky reefs. You may also see lobsters, gropers, abalone, and indigenous species like red morwong, luderick, and bream when snorkelling.

Last but not least, you can also travel eight kilometres south to the historic Guerilla Bay. Explore some of the oldest, most magnificent rocks on Eurobodalla’s coastline as you snorkel through the stunning blue seas.

4. Oyster Tasting And Kayak Tour

Join the award-winning kayak tour company and fourth-generation oyster growers for a look at Australia’s oyster coast.

Some of the most prosperous oyster producers on the southern coast of New South Wales call the spectacular Clyde River Estuary system home. Paddle and savour the romance of the best oysters from the cleanest Australian seas.

Learn from Jade, Greg, and Enola from the Oyster Shed on Wray Street about local farming practices, the science behind aquaculture, oyster types, and life as an oyster farmer. Enjoy the finest oysters you can find, plucked from the river that morning.

After the taste and discussion, kayak through active oyster farms, through packing sheds, and between live racks overflowing with produce, all of which are conveniently located near your starting point at the Batemans Bay bridge and are a part of the Batemans Marine Park and Clyde River National Park.

5. Surfing Around Batemans Bay

Surf Beach Batemans Bay, about ten minutes drive south of Batemans Bay’s main commercial centre, is a favourite for locals and tourists. Numerous grassy spaces with views of the seaside offer relaxing locations for everyone. In the summer, there is a beach patrol. Local eateries, playground equipment for children, a change room, and shower facilities are all nearby.

6. Batemans Bay Heritage Museum

Are you seeking a museum tour that presents unusual objects and relevant audio-visual exhibits to narrate the history of a seaside community? After visiting the Heritage Museum at Batemans Bay, in the Eurobodalla Shire Council, you will be pleasantly delighted.

The museum was erected in 1905 and is located on a sizable site next to a wilderness area and the Water Gardens. The Courthouse, the old Nelligen one-room schoolhouse, the Police Station, and a dwelling are the structures that make up the complex.

The local history of the Batemans Bay region is investigated by the Batemans Bay Heritage Museum, including the early years of European colonization when timber cutting and milling emerged as the region’s first significant industry.

Please take a tour of the buildings to learn how the Bay has changed through time regarding its Aboriginal heritage, medicine, education, crime and punishment, industry, military history, and household arrangements. Each room in the buildings offers a separate but connected story of the Bay’s growth. After viewing every exhibit inside and out, take a break by strolling around the Water Gardens.

Driving to the Batemans Bay Heritage Museum from Sydney takes around three and a half hours. They advise that you give your visit at least an hour.

7. Walking Trail

Start your journey in the raw, stunning nature of Murramarang National Park, north of Batemans Bay. Follow the two kilometres of Wasp Head hike as it passes through golden beaches and layered sandstone cliffs. North Head Overlook is a fantastic location in the national park to see humpback whales migrating.

You may access Broulee Island Nature Reserve by crossing the permanent sandbar at the southernmost portion of North Broulee Beach. The coastal views, rockpools, native vegetation, and marine life, which include the splendid fairy-wren and white-bellied sea eagle, are all highlights of the hike. During the months of migration, passing whales can also be spotted.

8. Birdland Animal Park

The hands-on adventure at Birdland Animal Park is lovely and personal. Eight acres of sweeping seaside trees and groomed gardens are traversed by forest roads lined with natural Australian animals, birds, and reptiles of over 100 species. Make room for the approaching train as it chugs through the tunnel!

Most animals trot up to be petted and fed by hand. Wombat babies that are part of Birdland’s rear and release program are adorable and like cuddling. Take a photo next to a koala at feeding time. While the stately goanna observes, consider wearing a snake around your neck. A few frequent visitors to the duck walk around the estuary bend include black swans, pelicans, and egrets.

Enjoy a picnic or BBQ as your kids play in the adjoining playground. The fauna at Birdland is expertly handled and wonderfully displayed. Nature at your fingertips! Visit soon and have fun.

9. Batemans Bay Sculpture Walk

A stroll down the beach through stunning sculptures and bay views. The acquisitive award-winning sculptures from the yearly Sculpture for Clyde event were used to build the Batemans Bay Sculpture Walk. There were eight enduring sculptures on the trail in 2020.

The quantity of sculptures grows yearly. Most of the statues were created and developed in Australia. The Mia Murra Walk and Beach Road shared seashore route leads from a location close to 7 Clyde St. in Batemans Bay to Batemans Bay Marina.

10. Mogo Wildlife Park

Located 10 miles south of Batemans Bay lies Mogo Wildlife Park. It was founded in 1989 and has earned a reputation as one of Australia’s most prosperous private zoos with the most varied collection of exotic species.

Gorillas, rhinoceroses, silvery gibbons, Bolivian squirrel monkeys, giraffes, zebra, meerkats, cheetah, cotton-top tamarins, snow leopards, Sumatran tigers, Nepalese red pandas, ring-tailed lemurs, oriental small-clawed otters, siamangs, and white lions are among the fantastic animals in this collection. They may choose from a variety of unforgettable up close and personal encounters.

Mogo Wildlife Park balances its dedication to protecting endangered species with meeting the expectations of today’s visitors by providing world-class facilities for over 250 animals, of whom more than 44 are rare or exotic species.

\The wilderness has been transformed into a floral paradise for animals and guests, fostering a sense of harmony with the surrounding environment and animals.


Q1. Where Is Batemans Bay?

The Australian state of New South Wales contains the town of Batemans Bay along the South Coast. The Eurobodalla Shire Council is in charge of managing Batemans Bay. The settlement is located beside an estuary created where the Clyde River and the southern Pacific Ocean converge.

Q2. What Are The Top Attractions In Batemans Bay?

The top attractive places in Batemans Bay are Clyde River National Park Cycling Trail, Snorkelling Trail, Oyster Tasting And Kayak Tour, Surfing Around Batemans Bay, Batemans Bay Heritage Museum, Walking Trail, Birdland Animal Park, Batemans Bay Sculpture Walk, and the Mogo Wildlife Park.

Q3. What Is The Best One Among All The Attractions?

Among all the attractions in Batemans Bay, the Oyster Tasting And Kayak Tour is the top one because it is a unique experience you can have.

The Closing Note

On a closing note, there are various things to do in Batemans Bay. Firstly it is a coastal area. Therefore you can enjoy many beach activities, such as surfing, fishing, boating, or roaming. Apart from these, you can visit the heritage museum, the wildlife park in Mogo, or the animal park in Birdland.

In short, you will never be bored once you have gone to Batemans Bay. The next time you plan a vacation, you must visit Batemans Bay.

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