17 Fun Things to Do in Bathurst, Australia

Things to Do in Bathurst
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In the Australian state of New South Wales, Central Tablelands sits the city of Bathurst. The Bathurst Regional Council is headquartered in Bathurst, which is located around 200 kilometres west-northwest of Sydney.

Thirty-seven thousand one hundred ninety-one people were living in Bathurst, Australia’s oldest inland settlement, as of June 2019. Before starting the journey around Bathurst, one should know about things to do in Bathurst.

Best Things to Do in Bathurst, Australia

1. Bathurst Regional Art Gallery

The Bathurst Regional Art Gallery hosts planned exhibits in addition to a wide range of travelling exhibitions, and its permanent collection includes more than 1500 pieces by 400 Australian artists.

At the Bathurst Regional Art Gallery, enjoy some country talent. Established in 1955, the Bathurst Regional Art Gallery collection is presently managed by the Regional Council, which welcomes 30,000 visitors annually. 

A total of 25 exhibitions are presented annually by BRAG, including touring exhibitions, exhibitions that have been specially planned, exhibitions for the community, projects by local artists, exhibitions drawn from the permanent collection, and the work of Hill End artists who participated in the gallery’s artist residency program. The Bathurst Regional Art Gallery is located at 70-78 Keppel Street in Bathurst.

2. Church Bar

Church Bar is a cozy, darkly lit wood-fired pizza pub ideal for a relaxed, happy lunch. It is in a historic Anglican church schoolhouse on a cobbled laneway. The seasonal cuisine at Church Bar features the best of the area’s products, so be prepared for the unexpected.

Additionally, they provide a delicious daily special menu and happy hours that will keep you entertained for days. Church Bar’s address is 1 Ribbon Gang Ln in Bathurst. 

3. The George Hotel

The interior of this kid-friendly gastropub is quite contemporary. It also features classy food, a drinks selection, and excellent service. You may find all the charms of a traditional local pub in a stylish, architecturally built environment that includes a front bar with plenty of natural light, casual pub dining, a cozy lounge with a fireplace, private function spaces, and guest accommodations. The George Hotel is located at 201 George Street in Bathurst. 

4. Webb & Co. Beverage Emporium

The Webb & Co beverage emporium, tucked away at the back of the Webb Chambers heritage building, is a terrific location to enjoy a pre-dinner cocktail, artisan beer, or local wine. The modest size of this neighbourhood hangout belies its grandiosity. Consider traditional mixed drinks, regionally produced wines, and artisan beer, all in a historic environment. 3/175/179 George St., Bathurst, is the address.

5. Legall patisserie And cafe

This well-known café, owned and operated by Frenchman Philippe Le Gall, is famous for its fruit tartlets, macarons, éclairs, and freshly baked bread. Although putting a piece of Paris there may seem unusual. The locals are not complaining; lines frequently extend out the door. You had better enter quickly. It is located at 56 Keppel Street in Bathurst.

6. Courtyard Décor

Whether you’re looking for anything for your house or are just browsing, Courtyard Décor provides a lovely selection of high-quality items in the French Provincial style. The personnel is always welcoming, and a creative team of designers, producers, and creators is available to assist you in making an informed selection. It is located at 50 Keppel Street in Bathurst.

7. Motor Racing Museum

The National Motor Racing Museum features over 50 automobiles, bikes, pictures, and artifacts related to racing. This location honours the heritage, luminaries, and accomplishments of Australian motorsports.

While the local Mount Panorama and Bathurst 1000 are the focus of the displays, many other aspects of Australian motor racing history are also covered, including speedway, solar, drag, open-wheeler, sports cars, etc. rallies, and much more. It is located at 400 Panorama Avenue in Bathurst.

8. Lochinvar Luxury Cottages

Five minutes from the centre of town, the Lochinvar Luxury Cottages provide cozy accommodations, a generous supply of breakfast supplies, spotless grounds, and wonderful views of the Macquarie Valley. The Cottages include top-notch amenities and traditional architecture. It’s the ideal, secluded country getaway.448 Conrod Straight, Mount Panorama, is the address.

9. Mayfield Garden

While going to or from Bathurst, stop at Mayfield Garden. One of the world’s largest privately owned cool-climate gardens, this stunning 64-hectare site was designed in the style of an English country home.

The 16 hectares of Mayfield Garden are lovely all year round and are accessible 363 days a year. The numerous pathways are intended to be explored; there are many nooks and crannies to find, as well as the wheelchair-accessible Camellia Walk. 530 Mayfield Road is the address in Oberon.

10. Abercrombie House

It can be challenging to arrange a vacation to Bathurst without mentioning Abercrombie House. This location, erected in 1878 and now open to the public for tours and special events, is a national heritage gem.

Experience the exhibitions, displays, collections, lawns, gardens, outbuildings, and property walks while taking a guided tour of the 50-room Scottish-baronial mansion’s 18-hectare property. It is located at 311 Ophir Road in Bathurst.

11. Southern Hemisphere 

A great self-guided tour at Abercrombie Caves is Archway Cave. You can tour the enormous chambers inside the cave and see the biggest arch in the Southern Hemisphere. Even though there are many lovely formations, the enormous cavern’s majesty is the main attraction.

The rusty swing bridge, which gives breathtaking vistas in every direction, was our favourite part of the trip. Beautiful work was put into the walkway, and there is enough lighting inside the cave to see everything without being flashy or taking away from the atmosphere of being in a dim and eerie cave.

Thought the $20 per person admission fee for the self-guided tour was a bit exorbitant. Maintaining the pathways must be a costly business. There is only a 400-meter, very easy trail leading to the cave. Once inside, you can walk about 150 meters in each direction but immediately take the short detour to several little chambers to the swing bridge’s right. 

12. Wallaby Rocks

Wallaby Rocks is a stunning natural swimming area with cliff walls and emerald-green water. Even though it’s only a short distance from the road, it seems like a different planet once you get there. It has a dramatic atmosphere because of the high cliffs, and the clear water is very alluring. Some areas are shallow and close to the river bank, but as you get closer to the cliffs, it gets deep enough for a proper swim.

13. Evans Crown

A short hiking track leads to Evans Crown, a strange and fascinating collection of enormous granite rocks. There are split rocks, boulders that are balanced, and even a few tiny boulder caves. One of those strange settings that truly makes you pause and take notice.

Although it seems like a great place for some scrambling, you are requested not to because the nearby Wiradjuri Aboriginal people regard it as a sacred spot. Despite mostly being an uphill hike, the Evans Crown summit trail is well-maintained and not too difficult. The predefined path terminates after you reach the summit, where you can choose your course.

14. Crystal Display

Museum of Minerals and Fossils in Australia. Some stones are so amazing and bizarre that they hardly pass for real. Even people who might not think they are interested in gemstones will lean in for a closer look because of the stunning colours. You will witness several amazing fossils and an astounding variety of crystals, which, unbelievably, are someone’s private collection. 

15. Regional Art Gallery

The Bathurst Regional Art Gallery’s exhibits are always changing, so they probably won’t be the same when you go, but the calibre is unquestionably consistently very good. A fantastic display of Brett Whitely’s artwork that was expertly put together and made a little more interactive by allowing visitors to download a Spotify mix of his preferred music to paint to. 

They also had a map you could use to travel to the locations nearby that inspired his works. Additionally, Anastasia Parmson created a fantastic 2D area that gave the impression of entering a renowned cafe in South Korea. It’s difficult to imagine such a fantastic gallery is unpaid. 

16. Gold Mining Town

Hill End, a former gold rush town, unearthed the largest sections of gold ever discovered. However, this one is unique compared to others in the region. In the 1960s, the government bought the town and gave it to the National Park Service. When you get there, you’ll see that every marker is a Parks NSW sign, similar to what you’d see on walking trails. It all seems weird. 

Although it is a government-owned village, there are still residents there, and it is a beautiful area to explore. There are many historic structures, trails, and lookouts, but if you just have a short time, the History Hill Museum is the one item you must visit.

Over 10,000 gold rush artifacts and a wealth of insightful commentary are housed in a private museum. If you wanted to see everything, you could spend the entire day here, but even a brief stroll will be a fascinating introduction to the area’s gold mining past. 

17. Indulge At Annies Old Fashioned Ice Cream Parlour

You may have thought it was slightly over the top when you first saw Annie’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream Parlour. It turns out that you can have both, even though the aesthetics are more important than the ice cream. 

You can enjoy your preferred sweet treat at a booth painted in a candy-coloured hue in a setting decorated to look like an old-fashioned ice cream parlour, the kind that always makes me think of America. Try the chocolate honeycomb and banana ice cream there.

Along with foods like pancakes and waffles, an enormous variety of ice cream flavours are available. 


Q: Is Bathurst Worth A Visit?

A: The Bathurst region is full of historical connotations, from the town centre’s heritage architecture to the remnants of the area’s former gold-mining heyday.

Q: What’s Bathurst Famous For?

A: As Australia’s first gold discovery location and the first gold rush, Bathurst is frequently referred to as the Gold Country. The economy is currently driven by manufacturing, tourism, and education. One of the city’s landmarks is the well-known racecourse Mount Panorama.

Q: Is Bathurst A Nice Place To Live?

A: For many reasons, Bathurst is a beautiful provincial city to call home. It offers all the advantages of studying in a rural environment and some extra special features and is located in regional Australia, from breathtaking scenery to thriving cultural attractions.

Q: Does Bathurst Have A Shopping Centre?

A: There is a nearby shopping centre for a particular community. Bathurst City Centre started in 2009 and is a favourite gathering spot for local families and shoppers from Orange, Lithgow, and the Blue Mountains that go to Bathurst.

Q: Are There Kangaroos In Bathurst?

A: Kangaroos are frequently seen in and around the area, notably during the annual Bathurst 1000 race week. Officers later went to the park and discovered a dead kangaroo with “several injuries,” according to Chief Inspector Glenn Cogdell, an officer in charge at Bathurst Police Station.

Final Summarised 

Well, there are many things to do in Bathurst. From the town centre’s heritage architecture to the remnants of gold mining in the surrounding area, the Bathurst region is rich in historical associations.

Bathurst is frequently alluded to as the Gold Country as it was the site of the principal gold disclosure and where the primary dash for unheard-of wealth happened in Australia. Today, the economy is driven by education, tourism, and manufacturing. The city is famous for its racetrack Mount Panorama, known worldwide.

There are many reasons why Bathurst is an idyllic regional city to call home. It offers all the advantages of studying in a regional area and some additional unique advantages, and it is located in regional Australia.

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