17 Fun Things to Do in Broken Hill, Australia

Things to Do in Broken Hill
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Broken Hill provides various activities, from museums and galleries to heritage tours and outback desert hikes. The massive Line of Load Memorial is a perfect site to begin a tour of Broken Hill’s attractions, given that Broken Hill has a lengthy and fascinating history that was built on the pillars of a significant mining discovery.

Australia’s earliest heritage-listed town and oldest mining town are in western New South Wales Broken Hill. There are also many things to do in Broken Hill, including visiting the national parks, including the Barrier Ranges and Menindee Lakes, discovering the town’s mining history through its museums, and perusing the numerous art galleries that honour the outback.

Line Of Lode Miners Memorial

The Line of Lode Miners Memorial can be viewed virtually anywhere in Silver City because the city was founded on the labour of the miners who exploited the massive silver, zinc and lead ore discovered in Broken Hill.

800px Line of Lode Miners Memorial Broken Hill 2017

Over 800 people died throughout the mine’s history, and this remarkable memorial respects them. On a wall in the tunnel-like memorial, each is listed by name and the reason for their passing. As you read about all the awful ways the employees died, it is a painful experience to stroll around the ark-shaped monument.

The Big Bench

The Big Bench Seat Broken Hill 231
Credit Source: thelanddownunder.com.au

If you enjoy crossing off’ Big’ items, the Big Bench is in the Line of Load. Previously, you could climb up and sit there, but it is now chained off, probably to deter people from doing so. This sculpture is one of many in the area of Broken Hill; another well-known one is The Canoe on Argent Street.

Junction Mine

broken hill old junction mine 6
Credit Source: deanoworldtravels.wordpress.com

The Junction Mine site is another illustration of the extensive mining history in the Broken Hill area. It has a little atmosphere if you can get here on your own. The water tanks, ore bins, concentration mill, and massive headframe all contribute to the surreal landscape. The site has no entrance fee marked as close to Menindee Road’s beginning. The historic buildings and architecture are excellent locations for sunset photography.

Albert Kersten Mineral And Mining Museum

This location is lovely. The vibrant and brilliant minerals and crystals displayed here will astound you even if you have never thought of yourself as much of a rockhound. The GeoCentre takes you through Broken Hill’s mining history by showing you examples of what they were extracting from the ground. 

Albert Kestern Mining Minerals
Credit Source: facebook.com

Still, it also has interactive exhibits, videos, and endless rows of sparkling crystals. The names of Broken Hill’s streets are displayed in the film. It includes Cobalt, Beryl, Kaolin, Gypsum, Garnet, Zinc, Tin, and Silver Streets. The spectacular 8.5 kg silver lump also creates the amazing Silver Tree.

Broken Hill Heritage Walk Tour

Heritage walk tour
Credit Source: brokenhillnow.com.au

To get oriented, start with a tour of the remote town. Some of Broken Hill’s most significant structures, including the red-brick Post Office and the Palace Hotel, are included in the two-hour volunteer-led Broken Hill Heritage Walk Tour, which costs donations. The tour times are 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.

The Palace Hotel

Speaking of the Palace Hotel, did you know that it was formerly a strictly ‘no grog’ temperance coffeehouse before becoming a now-famous hangout? The History of Priscilla Queen of the Dessert, a classic Australian movie, features the Palace and makes it more well-known in modern times.

800px Palace Hotel Broken Hill 2017 02

If you can’t make the Broken Hill Heritage Walk Tour, it’s still worth stopping by the pub to admire its lovely kitsch Australian landscape murals. Come here for dinner or enjoy the air conditioning as the midday heat rises.

Mad Max 2 Museum

muzeum mad max 2 australia

Another must-see for movie buffs is the Mad Max 2 Museum, which is located in Silverton, a small town about 20 minutes from Broken Hill. Even those who haven’t seen the massively popular film series will be amazed by this privately held location, which features an extensive collection of Mad Max 2 costumes, memorabilia, and even vehicles used during filming.

Whites Mineral Art And Mining Museum

whites Mineral art Mining Museum
Credit Source: brokenhill.nsw.gov.au

This incredible location, a labour of love for its creator Kevin Bushy White, was a hybrid of a mining museum and an art gallery featuring Kevin’s creations and his wife Betty’s dolls. Former miner Kevin worked tirelessly to establish a location where visitors could learn directly about life as a miner in Broken Hill. Regrettably, Kevin died at the end of 2021, and his mining and art museum is now shut. It would be wise to see whether someone will continue his legacy.

Sulphide Street Railway & Historical Museum

You enter and take an intriguing step back when you stoop to purchase your affordable entry ticket via the little window at an original train station ticket kiosk. Numerous rooms filled with relics from the early 1900s are located in the original 1905 station. There is the required Tess Alfonsi mineral collection. 

800px Sulphide Street railway station Broken Hill 2017 02

Still, the Ron Carter Transport Pavilion’s fire trucks, a scale model of the Royal State Coach, old medical instruments, and sideshows from John Bros Joyland are outstanding. The half-dozen trains and carriages you can walk through are the main attraction. Everything is available, from a 1951 W Class locomotive to the final Silver City Comet between Adelaide and Broken Hill. Train enthusiasts of all ages will find exploring the different carriages a lot of fun.

John Simons Flora Sanctuary

john Simons Flora faunna Sanctuary
Credit Source: brokenhill.nsw.gov.au

The park’s picnic and BBQ area is where you enter the 1-kilometre walk. The Barrier Ranges may be seen clearly from the easy walk, which has a few undulations and is covered in various semi-arid plant species. Even though you walked through this area early in the morning, you could not observe any animals, but there were plenty of birds and wildflowers in the spring. 

Cultural Walk Trail

Cultural Walk trail
Credit Source: visitnsw.com

Our favourite stroll was this 2.2 km long, wavy route. The walk diverges from the Flora and Fauna walk and passes via tale poles, Aboriginal Yapara, a quartz quarry, and a mine site, among other exciting places. If the steep hike is fine, there is also a fantastic overlook. It’s a pleasant short stroll, and you may see wallaroos and eagles here.

Sundown Trail

Although located in a different location, this trail is a part of the Living Desert State Park. Drive to Tibooburra and look for the Sundown Trail sign after about 10 kilometres. It takes 2 kilometres to get to the car park from the main road on a dirt road.

Sundown Nature Trail
Credit Source : visitnsw.com

It is a challenging but beautiful 2.8-kilometre roundtrip hike that leads you up a rocky valley to the plateau’s summit. Kites and falcons swoop overhead, wallaroos rest in the shade, and the trail that ascends through the gully gleams with polished mica. The entrance to this area of the park is free. However, it is best to avoid it on a hot day.

Broken Hill Art Galleries

Pro Hart may be one of the most well-known painters in Broken Hill, but more than 20 more galleries are spread out over the city and Silverton. The Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery, the Jack Absalom Gallery, and Howard Steer Art are a few to add to your list.

Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery 1 5144803034

The John Dynon Gallery and Cowz Art Gallery are the only Silverton galleries. Double-check the gallery’s opening hours, as they may vary slightly. Some galleries only allow donations for admittance, while others welcome anybody to look inside.

Pro Hart Gallery

One of Australia’s most well-known artists and a native of Broken Hill was Pro Hart. He is famous for his colourful depictions of outback life, his adored collection of Rolls Royce vehicles, and the iconic television commercial in which he makes a dragonfly out of food and wine on a stain-resistant carpet.

Pro Hart Gallery
Credit Source : visitnsw.com

You get a terrific sense of Pro Hart and his work when you enter the two-level gallery and art studio to display the Rolls Royce automobiles. Even better, you can watch one of his three unreleased TV advertisements. There is a gift shop where you may buy prints and original artwork.

Silver City Mint And Art Centre

The Silver City Mint and Art Centre is a further gallery that merits special note. It displays anything from jewellery and artwork to metal sculptures, gifts, and locally produced fudge and chocolates. The gallery’s major attraction, The Big Picture by local artist Peter Anderson, can be viewed without paying a nominal fee in the gallery’s central area. 

Silver city mint art Centre
Credit Source: facebook.com

The Big Picture is a 100 m long by 12 m high landscape painting on canvas. The panoramic vista it displays, which includes many local landmarks from Menindee Lakes to the Mundi Mundi Plains and the Living Desert, is worth a few dollars. It’s a truly breathtaking sight.

The Heroes, Larrikins And Visionaries Walk

Surprisingly little information is available about this brief but fascinating hike. The distance down Argent Street between the Broken Hill Railway Station and Billy Goat Hill is around 1.5 kilometres.

The heroes
Credit Source : travelguide.net.au

Plaques honouring a few dozen of Broken Hill’s most colourful, notable, and influential people may be found along the path. These people range from painters and actors to Broken Hill’s first female blacksmith. Near the trail’s Billy Goat Hill end, Chips Rafferty, an early Australian actor, lived. From the visitor centre’s exterior, follow the placards.

Explore the Night Sky on an Astronomy Tour

Sky Tour
Credit Source: viator.com

Broken Hill is ideal for stargazing because of its clear skies and minimal light pollution. An evening with the Outback Astronomy team is a fantastic opportunity to understand better what you see. The sights you’ll view may vary according to the season so that you can repeat this activity.

The experience includes commentary delivered through a portable mp3 player and uses telescopes, binoculars, and the human eye.  Depending on what’s happening in the heavens, many occurrences take place.


Is It Worth Visiting Broken Hill?

From beautiful ponds and lakes to magnificent flat-topped mountains and sparkling gibber desert plains, Broken Hill provides an incredible variety of unique landscapes to discover and explore. For decades, filmmakers and painters have been drawn to this location to capture its unique qualities due to the brilliant colours and ideal lighting.

What Is Broken Hill Best Known For?

The colonial era at Broken Hill, Australia’s oldest mining town, began in the 1880s. The Line of Lode Miner’s Memorial honours the life and work of the more than 800 miners who perished here, rising high above the surrounding area. This impressive monument offers a commanding vantage point of the city.

How Long Should You Plan To Stay In Broken Hill?

Explore one of the many art galleries before quickly stopping at the intriguing Palace Hotel. Enjoy sunset at the Living Desert and Sculpture Symposium to cap off an inspiring day. Broken Hill deserves at least two days and possibly longer as a destination.

Why Is Broken Hill Priced So Low?

Prices at Broken Hill are so low because the underlying land value is so low; there are no rivers or beaches here to increase the deal, according to Mr Wren. He acknowledged that the bargain home was “no Taj Mahal” and would require about $15,000 to make it suitable for renting.

When Should I Go To Broken Hill?

In October and November, Broken Hill is at its most attractive. Although you may enjoy this arid town year-round, Broken Hill’s weather is generally at its best in the winter. In Broken Hill, temperatures can get as high as 38 degrees Celsius or 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Final Words

Broken Hill is a typical outback town with large country pubs on spacious street corners and azure skies overhead. Its appearance embodies all the qualities that make the city unique, from its history and culture to the friendly reception that residents extend to all guests. 

So, if you are planning a trip and want to discover all the most remarkable things to do in Broken Hill, read the above article. You can gather the necessary information about your trip. Filmmakers and artists have been drawn to this environment to capture its unique nature because of its bright earth tones and ethereal light.

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