12 Fun Things to Do in Bundaberg, Australia

Things to Do in Bundaberg
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The largest turtle colony on the coast of eastern Australia is located there, making it the “town of turtles.” Fortunately, Bundaberg has many wonderful things to do, which may surprise you initially, so it’s easy to like the place anyway.

Despite its size, the city has a reputation for being more of a stopover than a destination, especially for travellers travelling from Brisbane to Cairns by car. However, as the Great Barrier Reef’s southernmost point, this location offers excellent opportunities to view marine life from the water.

Bundaberg Rum Solera was named Australia’s best rum at the Tasting Australia Spirit Awards. A complex process creates Bundaberg Rum Solera, a premium spirit with a well-balanced flavour. Besides, they export to over 61 nations and are most well-known for their ginger beer and other carbonated beverages. They are based in Bundaberg, Queensland.


Since the 1870s, Bundaberg has grown into a hub for large sugar plantations. It has sugar factories, treatment facilities, and rum refineries. Dairy processing, sawmilling, shipbuilding, and the production of farm machinery are different sectors. Exports include timber, golden syrup (treacle), and sugar.

Name’s Origin 

Bundaberg is an odd combination of an ancient European term and the local Aboriginal language. The local Aboriginal group went by the name Bunda, and “burg” comes from an old Saxon word that means “town.” As a result, the “town of the Bunda tribe.”

The Aboriginal word “bunda” and the Germanic or Anglo-Saxon word “berg/burg” were combined to create the name “Bundaberg.” John Charlton Thompson, the surveyor who laid out Bundaberg in the 1860s, gave the town its name. Thompson’s use of an indigenous name received praise.

Is Bundaberg Worth A Visit?

In a nutshell, there are numerous reasons to visit Bundaberg. First and foremost, the beaches are among the best in Australia and along the Queensland coast. Additionally, Bundaberg offers a plethora of beaches to choose from. Second, the climate in Bundaberg is always warm and tropical throughout the year.

Best Things to Do in Bundaberg: A Guide To Sun, Sand, And Stuff

Discover Bundaberg Australia’s favourite spirit with their award-winning Visitor Experience. If you want to see and do everything Bundaberg offers—preferably for free.

Everyone knows Bundaberg’s roots in ginger beer and rum, but there are also cool parks and attractions that won’t blow your mind, and you can easily spend two to three days sightseeing there.

Additionally, Bundaberg offers world-class day trips, making it an excellent base for travellers.

1. Explore The Islands Of The Southern Great Barrier Reef

Bundaberg is a great place to base yourself and travels to the islands because it is the entry point to the Southern Great Barrier Reef. Additionally, it is one of the closest points from which mainlanders can reach it. 

2. Lady Elliott 

Lady Elliot Island has phenomenal marine life and sparkling white seashores of crushed coral. Stroll around the island, take in the rich environmental elements, or plunge or swim off the ocean. Over 1,200 species of marine life call Lady Elliot Island home, and the island is well-known for its large populations of giant manta rays and turtles. Through its use of renewable energy, efforts to eradicate invasive species, and other notable initiatives, it is also well-known for its commitment to sustainability.

3. Lady Musgrave Islands

Let’s experience the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef on a day trip to Lady Musgrave Island. The Lady Musgrave Experience offers many activities, including swimming with turtles, snorkelling, and watching whales in turquoise waters.

Join the popular Lady Musgrave Experience for a day cruise, which leaves from Bundaberg Port Marina and takes two hours to reach a coral cay on the Great Barrier Reef. You’ll be able to swim with the local turtles and snorkel in crystal-clear waters above a vibrant coral reef. You can also take the glass-bottom boat tour, go scuba diving, and have lunch and morning tea on board.

4. Island Ecology Tour

Participate in an island ecology tour with marine biologists or circumnavigate one of the actual coral cays of the Great Barrier Reef. If you book a few extra days, you can stay in eco-friendly units, tents, or cabins to dive into this magical part of the world and spend more time on the reef.

5. Meet Heroes(Turtle) In A Mon Repo 

When you first came to Bundaberg in Mon Repo, you saw the turtles lay eggs there. After arriving at the information centre, you were fortunate to see a Loggerhead, so you went out with the guide to see her build a nest in the sandy dunes above the high tide mark to lay her eggs.

It is awe-inspiring to witness these massive creatures hurling themselves up the beach from November to January, searching for a secure location to build a nest and lay their eggs. The hatchlings then emerge from their sandy nests six to eight weeks later, typically in January or March, and sprint down the beach toward the ocean.

It’s only open during the season and can be found at 141 Mon Repos Rd, Mon Repos Rd, Mon Repos, QLD 4670; therefore, you should check the official website for the times and dates.

6. Explore Bargara

Bargara is level with the northern tip of Fraser Island, the mainland beaches have some protection and are great places for families to swim. You won’t bring your surfboard, but a boogie board can still have fun with enough waves.

Bargara is now served by two supermarkets, a bakery, and a bottle store, giving it the vibe of a beachy village with great little cafes, bars, and shops. It is effortless to set up here and self-cater for longer. Most of the accommodations are also well-suited to that design if that is your choice.

Not a little ways from downtown Bundaberg, you are on the exquisite sandy seashores of Bargara. Especially for visitors who are in town for leisure purposes, this is the most popular area to stay.

7. Blend Your Rum

Since 1888, Bundaberg Rum has existed; since they have been making a run for more than 30 years, It is no surprise that they are experts at it. Join a blend-your-own-rum tour to learn from the best or a behind-the-scenes tour to see where the magic happens.

You can sip Thirsty Turtle, Rusty Roo, or the Drunk Fish beer at Bargara Brewery. This craft brewery, which six friends started, needs to take itself more seriously but knows something about beer. In a cool space where industry meets innovation, order a tasting paddle and pair it with local salted macadamias or piping hot pizza.

Kalki Moon Distilling Company is another brand beginning to establish itself in the city of rum. Take the free tour to learn about the gin, vodka, and other available liquors, and look for the anticipated rum to arrive soon. Pick up some leftover soap made from gin botanicals in the gift shop for a fabulous keepsake.

8. Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery

You can get your fill of culture at the Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery, where local and national artists are featured in year-round exhibitions, workshops, talks, and educational programs.

Bundaberg reads like a book about heritage and history, full of fascinating tales to discover. However, the School of Arts building, which is pink, is by far the most distinctive feature. On the City Heritage Walk, you can stroll through the CBD, passing 12 important buildings showing more of Bundaberg’s architectural charm.

Fairymead House, now home to the Sugar History Museum, was once the residence of the Young family, who owned Fairymead Sugar Mill and Plantation. It can be found in the Bundaberg Botanic Gardens.

Follow the account of Stick to Gem and figure out how Bundaberg was initially the best town because of the sugar stick handles that encompassed it. Monday through Friday, the Museum is open from 10:30 a.m. to noon.

9. The Botanic Gardens

On 27 hectares of land, the Bundaberg Botanic Gardens house 10,000 varieties of trees and shrubs. The Gardens’ centrepiece is a magnificent lake that attracts a lot of birds. Other attractions include a nature-themed playground, a wedding chapel, and shaded picnic areas.

The Japanese and Chinese gardens, the Australian rainforest, the prehistoric garden, the friendship grove, the fern garden, the bamboo, the sclerophyll woodland, the bromeliad garden, the rare fruit tree orchard, the woodworkers guild, the Hinkler garden, the palm grove are all accessible to visitors via a network of boardwalks and pathways.

10. The Bundaberg Barrel

Although Bundaberg’s ginger beer is well-known, Bundaberg Brew offers a comprehensive selection of local soft drinks. There are numerous old favourites and new creations to choose from.

You can take the tour or stop by to see what you like. You won’t be able to miss it as you drive through town because it is in this vast half-barrel.

On tour, you’ll see interactive displays, learn how the local beverage brand is made and packaged, and try all of them because more than one or two is needed. Additionally, a six-pack is included for future use.

11. Woodgate Beach

Woodgate Beach, located not far from the southeast, is a simple destination for a day trip. The ocean side is 16 kilometres long and encased by previous pineapple ranches, hills, and the melaleuca marsh and cabbage palms of the Burrum Coast Public Park.

The surf at Woodgate Beach is merely a ripple because of the Southern Great Barrier Reef and Fraser Island, which resembles a finger.

Here, nature is in charge: You might spot a turtle building a nest in the sand, dolphins playing in the surf, and kangaroos wandering onto the beaches. You might even glimpse a humpback whale breaching between April and November.

In the Burrum Coast National Park, approximately 300 species of birds have been observed, and a unique bird hide walking trail has been constructed to assist you in spotting them.

12. Eat In A Dutch Windmill

The decor of The Windmill Cafe is as elaborate as the food. Its quirky exterior, housed in an old Dutch windmill, makes it even more fun to eat their local produce. Make sure to wash down your meal with some of their delectable gelatos.

Short Note For Busy Peoples

The Great Barrier Reef begins in Bundaberg, a historic sugar cane town. It is near some of Australia’s most extraordinary islands and just north of Brisbane. Watch baby turtles hatch at Mon Repos, sip rum at the Bundaberg Distillery, and explore 140 kilometres (87 miles) of sparkling white beaches on the mainland.

We keep thinking about the busy world, along busy people take a look from blown down. Few things to do In Bundaberg mark it down, explore it up.

Local Drinks

  • Bundaberg Rum
  • Bundaberg Brewed Drinks
  • Kalki Moon
  • Bargara Brewery
  • Ohana Winery

Around Town

  • Heritage buildings
  • Hinkler Hall of Aviation
  • Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery
  • Mon Repos Turtle Centre
  • Bundaberg Botanic Gardens
  • Baldwin Swamp Environment Park


  • Bargara Beach
  • Kelly’s Beach
  • Elliot Heads Beach
  • Moore Park Beach.

Great Barrier Reef

  • Lady Musgrave Island
  • Lady Elliot Island
  • Diving

Unique Experiences

  • Splitters Farm
  • Tinaberries
  • HMAS Tobruk


Q1: What Do People Do At Bundaberg For Fun?

There are 15 beaches in Bundaberg, with one for every beach adventure and preference. Local favourites for families with patrolled swimming areas include Kelly’s Beach and Bargara. The Basin can be found at the end of Kelly’s: an artificial rock pool ideal for a personal swim or snorkel.

Q2: Does Bundaberg Get Cold In Winter?

Summers are long, warm, humid, wet, and occasionally cloudy in Bundaberg; winters are brief, cool, and mostly clear. The temperature rarely drops below 51°F or rises above 91°F throughout the year but typically ranges between 58°F and 86°F.

Q3: What Is The Best-Kept Secret In Bundaberg?

Head to the Basin Rock Pool at the end of Kelly’s Beach in Bargara, one of Bundaberg’s best-kept secrets. This manufactured rock pool is a great place to snorkel and see marine life in an ocean-filled swimming pool partially protected during the outgoing tide.


There are lots of Things To Do In Bundaberg. Stay in Bargara near the beach if you visit the area. Beautiful To Do In Bundaberg options suit most travel preferences and budgets. The Bundaberg coastline is characterized by gentle waves, sandy beaches, and distinctive black volcanic rock.

You can also explore walking trails while you dip in the water. The Turtle Trail runs from Bargara to Mon Repos and is the most well-known one. Explore the whole Bundaberg with our proper guidelines. There are so many things to do to turn your mood on.

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