13 Fun Things to Do in Griffith New South Wales, Australia

Things to Do in Griffith New South Wales
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Griffith is surrounded by orange groves, rice fields, and wineries in the rich plains of NSW’s Riverina region. This city was planned with an odd network of elliptical streets and radial avenues. Italian immigrants during the 20th century left a lasting impression on Griffith’s culture and identity, bringing knowledge of winemaking, a wider variety of fruits and vegetables, and an evident love of food and drink.

You can spend days exploring the Riverina’s cellar doors while treating yourself to cannoli, gelato, and authentic salami from establishments operating since the 1950s. Consider visiting Griffith Pioneer Park Museum, Lake Wyangan, Hermits Cave, and Calabria Family Wines Riverina if you are considering a trip there.

Continue reading to learn more about these attractions that will help you get to know the community. Additionally, you might understand what things to do in Griffith New South Wales. The finest routes for navigating the city will also be revealed to you.

Griffith Pioneer Park Museum

You may learn about Griffith’s history at this first-rate museum complex and how the enormous Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area helped create the “food bowl” of the Riverina. The park features a sizable collection of relics that span more than a century of local history and several heritage structures that have been relocated to this location.

The Italian Museum and Cultural Centre explains Griffith’s connections to Italy using eyewitness tales from immigrants and home goods, clothing, utensils, and more.

Riverina Wine Region

The Griffith-area Riverina wine region produces about 25% of all the wine made in Australia. Semillon, Shiraz, and Chardonnay grow in this region on flat plains in loamy, red-brown soil. With sweltering summers and mild winters, vineyards enjoy year-round sunshine. Griffith’s Italian background is prominent, with names like De Bortoli and Calabria Family Wines.

Many vineyards are close to Griffith, and Yarran, Berton, and McWilliam’s Hanwood Estate deserve special note. These are just two of them. Given the quantity, it might be simpler to trust Griffith Tours or Bella Vita Tours to create a unique schedule for your wine experience.

Hermit’s Cave

An unexpected rock formation on Griffith’s northeastern outskirts is an outlying hill of the McPherson Ranges. Valerio Ricetti, a reclusive Italian immigrant, made this site his home between 1929 and 1952 by constructing shelters, water cisterns, drystone walls, gardens, and trails over a kilometre of the escarpment.

Hermit’s Cave is nearly without comparison in all of Australia, and in 2007 the location was added to the New South Wales State Heritage Register. To see Ricetti’s artwork, read the informational signs, and take in the expansive vistas of the Riverina’s rich plains and the peaks of Cocoparra National Park, trek up the challenging incline.

Lake Wyangan

This manufactured recreation haven for the Griffith region was created in the 1950s on the grounds of abandoned gypsum mines and an existing natural swamp. Lake Wyangan is a beautiful body of water with broad fields for picnics and recreation on its banks.

Barbeques, covered picnic spots, a free campsite with electricity, restrooms, hot water, and a free-to-use boat ramp and pier are available beside the water. Children may enjoy the playground to the fullest and will love exploring the chicken, deer, and goat identities.

Cocoparra National Park

Australia’s central region is home to Cocoparra National Park. It is a refuge for everyone who enjoys wildlife, birdwatching, and bushwalking. The park is dynamic and ever-evolving. Numerous types of wildflowers, rainbow bee-eaters, and peregrine falcons can be seen in the area. Additionally, the park is a crucial home for the critically endangered black-necked swan.

The park is in the eastern Australian state of New South Wales’ Riverina area. It lies 457 kilometres southwest of Sydney and has an area of 8,357 hectares. About 25 kilometres north of the park is the town of Griffith. The National Parks were established in November 1969, the same month the park was gazetted. Since then, outdoor leisure lovers have made it a favourite vacation spot.

City Park

Griffith’s City Park may be the solution if you are searching for a fantastic area to rest and unwind after a hard day. The park contains barbeque pits, workout equipment, and a water park. Griffith is a terrific place to go with your dog if you want to spend the day together. There are lovely gardens to visit as well. Remember to stop by the dog park as well. You are free to bring your canine friend with you.

You can learn more about the history of this city by going to Griffith’s City Park. Impressive structures line its main boulevard, including CWA Park and the regional art gallery. The town’s courthouse is a lovely brick structure constructed in 1928. The park also contains the war memorial, created in the traditional Burley Gryphon manner. In close proximity, there is a beautiful garden with a bronze statue at the Griffith City Council building.

Families with children will adore Griffith City Park. This park features extra swings, a splash pad, and the tallest climbing frame in the southern hemisphere. A paved walking track and a toddler playground with a fence are also present. Additionally, the park has free picnic tables, barbeques, and water refill stations. The city is also home to a lovely food forest owned by the locals and filled with delicious fruits and vegetables like tomatoes and melons.

Griffith Regional Art Gallery

One of the best regional galleries in New South Wales is located in Griffith, and it is housed in a lovely Art Deco structure from the 1930s. Two significant collections are included in its inventory: The first is the collection of fashion designers Ross Weymouth and John Clarringbold, including 12 Australian Gown of the Year Award-winning pieces.

The gallery also houses Australia’s National Contemporary Jewellery Collection, which adds new items every other year as a result of the award ceremony for this collection, which is held here every two years. Up to ten exhibitions featuring choices from the group, notable travelling productions, and local artist showcases are included in the schedule each year.

Griffith Regional Theatre

Check out the upcoming performances at the Griffith Regional Theatre if you enjoy attending concerts. All types of musicians do shows at the venue. Amy Shark is but one illustration. Darlinghurst, Human Nature, and The Rubens are some more musicians who have performed there. Use an internet music discovery tool like Songkick to look up who plays when and where in Griffith if you need clarification on the event you want to attend.

The town is located in New South Wales Riverina region. It is an early example of a planned community, with streets and avenues arranged in a circular pattern. The city’s culture was influenced by Italian immigration, which also brought a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Spring Fest

Griffith hosts two weeks of street celebrations every October, with food, wine, and open gardens to welcome spring. The event’s defining element is the spectacle of over 70 sculptures along Banna Avenue made of local oranges by hundreds of volunteers. These sculptures, built of 100,000 oranges, were modelled after the renowned lemon sculptures of Menton, France.

They assume various bizarre and fascinating shapes, such as a carriage a la Cinderella, a giant guitar, and a grand piano. The centrepiece of Spring Fest, which also hosts a garden festival with open garden tours, a multicultural festival, and an exciting launch party, are the sculptures, which can be viewed without charge.

Codemo Smallgoods

This company, another Griffith landmark, has been in the smallgoods (salami, ham, and sausages) industry since the 1950s. The delicious selection of cured meats Codemo offers is made on-site in small batches. Various prosciutto, bacon, cooked ham, and sausages are available.

And when it comes to salami, you have a variety of northern and southern Italian specialities to pick from, such as cacciatore, black olive, and flavours ranging from highly spicy to mild. Naturally, you should try any of these cold cuts before purchasing.

Centenary Sculptures in IOOF Park

The International Order of Odd Fellows has another green space directly west of City Park. Seven granite sculptures were created in 2016 to commemorate the city’s centennial. Leading stone sculptors hired from all around the world worked tirelessly for 17 days straight to carve these works out of three-ton slabs.

Liu Yang (China), Renate Verbrugge (New Zealand), Chris Peterson (Netherlands), Miguel Isla (Spain), TOBEL (Germany), Francesco Panceri (Italy), and Hew Chee Fong (Australia) are among the nations that are represented in the park. The theme of “The meaning of water in Griffith, and the city’s cultural diversity” is interpreted by each sculpture.

Altina Wildlife Park

This zoo is a short drive along Kidman Way and is famous for its distinctive tours that take visitors past inclosures for critically endangered Australian and alien species. These 2.5-hour tours are conducted in the presence of an engaging and knowledgeable guide while being pushed by Clydesdales or motorised carts.

You’ll see various animals on your adventure, including American bison, lemurs, white rhinoceroses, spotted hyenas, and African lions. The outings are planned to coincide with feeding periods so that participants may get a close-up look at behaviour unique to the wild.

Griffith Easter Party

This multi-day festival that spans the entire Easter weekend is another important milestone on Griffith’s calendar of occasions. The celebration, which originates in the local wine industry, typically occurs around the time of each year’s vintage.

There will be wine tasting, food vendors, cooking demos, jet boat races, and many other family-friendly events from Thursday through Monday. Children can participate in Easter-themed story times and egg hunts, and adults can enjoy live music until the wee hours of the night at neighbourhood clubs and pubs.


Is It Worthwhile To Travel To Griffith, New South Wales?

Discover world-class wines, delectable fare, and intriguing heritage in Griffith, located in the lovely Riverina. There are many cellar doors to explore, vendors selling tasty local fare, top-notch restaurants and cafes, and events honouring a vibrant food and wine culture.

For What Is Griffith Most Well-Known?

The huge Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area, one of Australia’s most prolific agricultural regions, has Griffith as its regional service centre. Griffith is recognised as Australia’s “Wine and Food Country” and is blessed with a thriving agricultural sector thanks to irrigation.

A Town Or A City, Griffith?

With rural-residential and residential portions in various townships and villages, Griffith City is primarily a rural location. In addition to the minor towns of Beelbangera, Bilbul, Hanwood, Lake Wyangan, Nericon, Tharbogang, Widgelli, Yenda, and Yoogali, the majority of the population resides in Griffith, which is the area’s primary urban centre.

What’s It Like To Live In Griffith?

Families can live in Griffith, a warm, welcoming, reasonably priced community. Choosing the ideal housing estate for your move should be simple, thanks to abundant greenery, family parks, and tree-lined streets.

What Kind Of Culture Is There In Griffith, New South Wales?

Sizeable Tongan, Samoan, Afghan, Indian, and Aboriginal populations have complemented the city’s primary Italian culture. Griffith was created early in the 20th century due to the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area (MIA) project.

Final Words

Griffith, New South Wales, offers numerous tourist attractions and activities. There is something for everyone, from taking in the vibrant local wine industry and indulging in wine-tasting excursions to immersing oneself in the area’s rich cultural legacy at the Italian Museum.

Foodies can enjoy the varied culinary options while nature lovers can savour the gorgeous Cocoparra National Park. The friendly neighbourhood and exciting annual events add to Griffith’s allure. Griffith, New South Wales, guarantees a fantastic trip for all visitors, regardless of whether they’re looking for adventure, relaxation, or a cultural experience.

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