14 Fun Things to Do in Jervis Bay, Australia

Things to Do in Jervis Bay
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Surprisingly, only a few people outside New South Wales know the beautiful Jervis Bay region. Only a 2.5-hour drive from Sydney, this modest tiny coastline is brimming with woodland, rivers, campgrounds, villages, white sand beaches, and other beautiful things. 

The best things to do in Jervis Bay are likely Hyams Beach, which is reputed to have some of the whitest sand worldwide. But aside from lazing on Hyams Beach’s smooth, brilliant white sand, Jervis Bay offers many other amazing things.

Jervis Bay Attractions

Both tourists and locals can find lots of amusement at Jervis Bay, from hiking trails and forest walks to quaint tiny beach villages and restaurants to some of the most beautiful beaches you’ve ever seen. Despite the stunning scenery, the area never feels overly touristic or crowded (unless you visit during a break in the schools, of course). In Jervis Bay, it’s too simple to locate your little stretch of white sand beach or go for a small swimming hole.

Jervis bayy
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Additionally, in light of the recent bushfires that wreaked such havoc in this region of Australia, your decision to travel there will directly support the neighbourhood and aid in the recovery of many lives, businesses, and livelihoods lost. So Jervis Bay is ideal for a lovely weekend trip in Australia. 

Complete The White Sands Walk And See The Best Jervis Bay Beaches

The White Sands Walk is a must-see on any list of the top Jervis Bay sights. This coastal trek is the jackpot if you’ve been yearning to see all the most gorgeous beaches in the Jervis Bay region. The walking path winds in and out of the woodland as it travels down the coast. Several breathtaking beaches, like Greenfield Beach and Chinamans Beach, will be passed through. 

greenfield beach jervis bay White Stand Walk
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Velvety white sand and crystal-clear blue water may be seen on every beach along the White Sands Walk. Due to the bay’s enclosure, the waves always stay manageable, making the beaches ideal for relaxing, swimming, and having fun with kids.  Outside the White Sands Walk, Jervis Bay has several other breathtaking beaches, such as Murrays Beach, Caves Beach, Nelsons Beach, and Honeymoon Bay Beach. The White Sands Walk, however, is the thing to do if you want to visit the most excellent Jervis Bay beaches all in one place.

Relax on Hyams Beach

The world’s whitest sand beach, Hyams Beach, is the final destination along the White Sands Walk. Since there aren’t many activities at Hyams Beach other than swimming and taking pictures, the fact that you can discover white sand is pretty much the only draw.

194771 Hyams Beach
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Hyams Beach, though, is rather stunning. Despite being quite touristy, it is as beautiful as everyone claims. Hyams Beach can be noticed if you are in Jervis Bay. You may easily avoid the crowds and snag a tiny piece of paradise because the white sand extends for 2.8 km.

Grab A Delicious Beer At Jervis Bay Brewing Co

After exploring Huskisson, Hyams Beach, and the rest of the bay, if you find yourself thirsty, visit Jervis Bay Brewing Co., the newest and best bar in the area. The South Coast’s best beers are made here by a couple of dedicated locals, and their beer garden is a great location to spend a sunny afternoon. The atmosphere and music are electric, and neighbourhood food trucks are frequently stationed in the garden to dish up the delectable fare to heighten the ambience.

Jervis Bay Brewing Co
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If you needed another reason to visit, the staff at Jervis Bay Brewing Co collaborated with other breweries in the region to produce a limited-edition pale ale, with proceeds going to bushfire reliefs, at the start of 2020. The entire team has a strong sense of community, and in the short time they’ve been operating, they’ve quickly established themselves as the most excellent spot in town for a drink for locals and visitors. Seriously, come on down and take part in something unique!

Jervis Bay Maritime Museum

A modest but well-stocked museum, the Jervis Bay Maritime Museum houses a variety of nautical antiques as well as navigational and surveying tools. The iconic Lady Denman, a 1911-built ferry that is currently the only remaining wooden Sydney Harbour ferry, is the centre of attention at the museum.

The grounds, fish feeding pond, and ancient boathouse behind the main structure are all worth exploring outside. The museum is outside the town centre on Woollamia Road in Huskisson and benefits from a waterfront position on Currambene Creek.

Jervis Bay Mangrove Boardwalk

The Jervis Bay Mangrove Boardwalk is just behind the maritime museum’s grounds. To locate the walk’s beginning, look for the signs. A family-friendly, wheelchair-accessible trek through and above the mangrove region lies between the museum and Currambene Creek on this 1.4 km long boardwalk.

Boardwalk mangrove
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The muddy area below the wooden walkway is alive with creatures of all sizes and forms. Observing the tiny crabs you will see crawling about is very adorable. Along the path, numerous informational boards provide intriguing details on the surroundings and the local species.

Huskisson Village

The most populated town in the Jervis Bay region is Huskisson, which offers various cafes, restaurants, bars, beaches, stores, and other services. The village is situated where Currambene Creek meets the ocean in the centre of the bay’s coastline. Most river cruises, dolphin viewing, and whale watching leave from Huskisson.

Shops on Owen Street Huskisso
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Don’t forget to stroll along the route that circumnavigates Voyager Park from the ferry to the Huskisson Sea Pool. Huskisson can also be the ideal location to resupply food and gear if you go camping. Alternatively, travel south to Vincentia for more stores and restaurants.

Go Whale Watching

You can sign up for a whale-watching excursion if you want to see some whales but feel free to avoid getting into the chilly water to swim with them. From May to November, humpback whales pass by and occasionally enter Jervis Bay on their way from Antarctica to the warmer waters of the north, making it one of the best spots in Australia to watch them.

jervis bay whale watching
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Several whale-watching businesses exist, but Dolphin Watch Cruises is our top pick. They have been working in Jervis Bay for the longest and collaborate closely with the marine park to keep an eye on and safeguard the local fauna.

Check Out the Jervis Bay Maritime Museum

Jervis Bay museum
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Anyone who enjoys learning or is interested in history should visit this museum. The Jervis Bay Marine Museum, which is in Huskisson, offers a variety of exhibits, pictures, and artefacts that depict how the marine industry has changed over time.   You may witness ancient ships and boats along with unique nautical instruments from the past. The Jervis Bay Maritime Museum also features a pleasant garden with a pond, a boardwalk, and a gift shop. 

Go Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Stand-up paddleboarding is a fantastic Jervis Bay pastime for anyone who wishes to spend a peaceful, quiet day on the water. Stand-up paddleboarding is a simple and enjoyable water sport for the whole family. Because the boards are large and robust, you can cruise along the lake without worrying too much about your physical fitness. 

Standup paddle Boarding

Because of the quiet, clear water in Jervis Bay, the circumstances are also ideal for paddle boarding. The region’s best provider of paddleboard rentals is Jervis Bay Stand Up Paddle. They also provide courses and tours for those new to the area or who would like a guide to show them the most significant sites.

Go Kayaking

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Kayaking is yet another thrilling water sport you can experience in Jervis Bay.  Since your centre of gravity is lower when kayaking than paddle boarding, there is little more stability. 

Currambene Creek, where the water is calm and clear, and the stunning vistas, is one of the greatest sites in Jervis Bay to kayak.  Jervis Bay, Stand Up Paddle, also offers kayak rentals, including glass-bottom kayaks that let you see beneath the surface as you paddle.

Visit Booderee National Park

Visit Booderee National Park if you’re seeking what to visit in Jervis Bay. There are many enjoyable activities in this verdant peninsula-shaped area of Jervis Bay.  Go hiking in the forest, see some local kangaroos, see the Cape St. George Lighthouse, or relax on one of the area’s stunning beaches, including Iluka Beach, Caves Beach, or Murrays Beach.  

Boodere national park
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You might also look at the Scottish Rocks or the Hole In The Wall, two outstanding natural rock formations. Booderee National Park charges $13 for a 48-hour pass per car. One of the best Jervis Bay attractions is worth the cost.

Check Out The Booderee Botanic Gardens

Visiting Jervis Bay is more than just lounging at well-liked locations like Hyams Beach, Greenfield Beach, or Murrays Beach. One of the highlights of Booderee National Park is the botanic gardens. Anyone interested in flowers and plants will find this place enjoyable.

booderee botanical gardens
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On the nature trails that wind through the gardens, you can learn about local plants and their significance to the Koori people who originally inhabited the region. You can also get some exercise. One of the best things to do in Jervis Bay is explore the botanic gardens to experience nature without camping or going too far into the woods.

Dolphin Cruise

Jervis Bay Dolfin

According to legend, taking a boat to watch the dolphins is a must-do activity on a quick Jervis water vacation. Even while there is never a 100 per cent guarantee, you are considerably more likely to observe dolphins from a boat than from the shore.

In addition to the chance to see dolphins, a cruise also has educational value because the tour guide will teach you more about Jervis Bay, not to mention the breathtaking ocean vistas you’ll enjoy.


Why Is It Called Jervis Bay?

Lieutenant Bowen of the Atlantic gave Port Jervis in honour of Admiral John Jervis. Before this, Captain Cook had named the bay St. George’s Head in 1770. The region was explored and mapped throughout the following 80 years, and in the 1860s, a lighthouse was constructed at Cape St.

How Long To Stay In Jervis Bay?

The finest of Jervis Bay may be experienced in just 48 hours, but there are enough outdoor activities and attractive restaurants to keep guests occupied for days. Jervis Bay contains diverse natural habitats, including mangroves, rivers, dunes, grasslands, and eucalyptus forests.

Is Jervis Bay Nice In Winter?

Wintertime weather results in shorter days but sunny skies and comfortable temps. Winter is the perfect season to go on a bush walk or explore the Jervis Bay region’s many cycling and walking trails because of the colder weather. Winter also lends itself to more exclusive dining experiences.

What Time Of Year Is Best For A Trip To Jervis Bay?

The most incredible time to visit Jervis Bay is from October to April when the weather is good, and there is little possibility of rain, making it the ideal time to take advantage of the area’s white sand beaches. For those interested in whale watching, the best months to travel to Jervis Bay are April through July and August through November.

Why Does Jervis Bay Glow?

The most prevalent glowing species in Jervis Bay are microscopic Noctiluca bioluminescent algae. A lot of them can fit in a single drop of water.

Final Words

On the South Coast of New South Wales, a settlement and a sizable oceanic bay share the name Jervis Bay. With so many gorgeous beaches and national parks nearby to explore, it has long been one of Sydney residents’ favourite vacation spots. Are you looking for the top things to do in Jervis Bay, NSW, while visiting the South Coast?

You can see this lovely region with its endless magnificent beaches for years. It’s one of the most well-liked weekend escapes from Sydney. With that in mind, we are providing you with this well-liked guide so you can get the most out of your time here.

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