10 Fun Things to Do in Lorne Australia

Things to do in Lorne
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Welcome everyone! Today’s topic is about amazing Things to do in Lorne! It is a beautiful coastal town along Victoria, Australia’s scenic Great Ocean Road. And a place that invites you with its coastal beauty and many things to do. Whether you’re a nature lover, an adventure seeker, or Just someone seeking a tranquil escape, Lorne has something special for you.

You can explore its stunning beaches, take leisurely walks in picturesque surroundings, enjoy thrilling water sports, and savor delicious dining experiences. This blog guides you to discovering Lorne’s best attractions and hidden gems. Prepare for unforgettable adventures and create lasting memories in this stunning seaside paradise.

Is Lorne Victoria Worth Visiting?

Lorne in Victoria is worth a visit! It’s a popular spot on the Great Ocean Road, known for its surfing scene. During the summer, it’s a favored getaway for Melbourne city dwellers, offering activities like pier fishing, swimming, surfing, and camping.

10 Unforgettable Things To Do In Lorne Australia

These attractions provide visitors many experiences, from serene scenic walks to thrilling water sports and rewarding fishing adventures. Additionally, Lorne provides a delightful array of dining options, including waterfront cafes and the renowned Wyanga Park Winery, where you can savor local specialties.

Lorne, situated amidst the captivating coastal landscapes of Victoria, is an ideal destination for a day trip or weekend escape from nearby locales. Here are the top 10 things to do in Lorne, Victoria, Australia:

Erskine Falls

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Erskine Falls, nestled in the Great Otway National Park, Victoria, Australia, offers a wealth of activities for visitors. Firstly, take in the awe-inspiring 30-meter waterfall from the elevated viewing point, providing a captivating vista. Adventurers can embark on a hiking journey, navigating a sometimes steep trail leading to the falls’ base, where the lush Erskine River tree-fern gully awaits.

Nature enthusiasts will relish exploring the pristine virgin forests that envelop the area, offering fresh air. For photographers, Erskine Falls presents an ideal subject with its natural beauty and picturesque landscapes.

Additionally, the nearby Cora Lynn Cascades Walk provides a short and rewarding excursion, granting breathtaking views of the cascades. Whether you’re a nature lover, an avid photographer, or simply seeking tranquility in stunning surroundings, Erskine Falls beckons as an essential destination on the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia.

Teddy’s Lookout

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Nestled in Lorne, Victoria, Australia, Teddy’s Lookout offers captivating views of the Great Ocean Road and the serene beaches below. A newly constructed walkway provides easy access and scenic beauty. Picnic tables and benches invite leisurely outdoor dining and an informative signboard shares insights into the local flora and fauna.

This spot is a must-visit, whether for a day trip or a quick stop along the Great Ocean Road, combining stunning vistas, a gentle walk, and picnic possibilities for a memorable experience. If you fancy a leg stretch, the area also has short walking tracks for more lookouts.

Go Surfing At Lorne Beach

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Lorne Beach is a popular destination along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia. Here, you can bask in the golden sands and crystal-clear waters, dip into wild swimming holes like Erskine and Kalimna Falls, and marvel at Australia’s finest glow worm colony in Melba Gully. Nature enthusiasts can chase waterfalls like Sheoak and Erskine Falls or spot kangaroos at Anglesea Golf Club and Kennett River. 

Savor coffee with a view at the Swing Bridge Cafe, witness stunning sunsets at Teddy’s Lookout, and explore marine wonders at the Griffiths Sea Shell Museum. Drive the Great Ocean Road for breathtaking views or catch a wave at Lorne Beach, where surf schools offer lessons. It’s a coastal paradise brimming with activities for all.

Lorne Visitor Information Centre

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The Lorne Visitor Information Centre is the perfect starting point for exploring the charming town of Lorne in Victoria, Australia. Here, visitors can access professional and friendly advice on attractions, things to experience, and dining options. The center provides free maps and informative visitor guides, making it easy for travelers to navigate the area. 

Conveniently located on the left side of the Great Ocean Road, just after passing the Memorial Arch, finding it is a breeze, and ample parking is available. You’ll discover the town’s bustling shopping strip across the road. Lorne boasts an array of top-notch attractions, including Erskine Falls, Teddy’s Lookout, Lorne Beach, the Great Ocean Road Memorial Archway, and Nyerimilang Heritage Park. 

Additionally, the town offers a delightful selection of local cafes and restaurants, including waterfront options and the Wyanga Park Winery, serving up a variety of dining experiences and regional specialties. Lorne provides the ideal escape for those looking to immerse themselves in Victoria’s coastal beauty. It is an excellent choice for a day trip or a weekend getaway from nearby destinations.

Great Ocean Road Memorial Archway

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The Great Ocean Road Memorial Archway, situated in Lorne, Victoria, Australia, stands as a renowned attraction. It is the world’s longest war memorial and is a favored destination for travelers exploring the Great Ocean Road. This arch, accompanied by a statue, is a lasting tribute to the soldiers who constructed the Great Ocean Road during World War I.

Beyond the arch, the area offers a host of activities, including the exploration of Gippsland Lakes, visits to Lakes Entrance Beach, and scenic Lonsdale Eco Cruises. Local cafes and restaurants beckon for delights, ranging from waterfront cafes to the inviting Wyanga Park Winery, which boasts diverse dining options and regional specialties.

The Great Ocean Road enjoys global acclaim as one of the planet’s finest scenic drives and is unquestionably one of Australia’s premier road trip experiences.

Zip Around At The Live Wire Park Lorne


Live Wire Park, a mere 5-minute drive from Lorne, ranks among the top family-friendly activities in the area. This adventure haven offers a day filled with excitement as you zip through the treetops in Australia’s first off-the-grid, elevated adventure park.

Bring the whole family for a thrilling experience of climbing, jumping, swinging, and flying amidst the trees. The general admission grants access to 120 meters of accessible treetop-suspended pathways and a five-zone elevated trampolining park.

Not to be missed is ‘Australia’s most extreme zipline,’ the Shockwave Zip Coaster, an adrenaline-pumping joy ride spanning 525 meters. For the boldest adventurers, the Super Circuit beckons with 53 mid-air trails, suspended bridges, tree-scaling activities, and even a Tarzan swing.

Take A Dip In Jebbs Pool

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Nestled just a brief 10-minute drive to the south of Lorne, Jebbs Pool awaits as a hidden gem for wild swimming enthusiasts. A short and shaded walk through the trees leads you to this serene pool nestled in the heart of nature.

What sets Jebbs Pool apart is the cascading waters that naturally form a thrilling waterslide, adding an extra dimension to your swim. The flat rocks surrounding the pool offer an inviting spot for a leisurely picnic amidst picturesque surroundings.

To reach Jebb’s Pool, park at the Cumberland River Holiday Park and follow the well-signposted 1-kilometer track to the northeast. You can retrace your steps or extend your adventure by continuing a more challenging but rewarding hike to Cumberland Falls.

Stroll down the Lorne Pier

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Lorne Pier is an essential stop in Lorne, Victoria, Australia, offering spectacular views of the Australian coastline. It’s a visual feast where marine life and the rugged, wave-sculpted cliffs combine to create a stunning panorama.

Visitors can stroll along the pier, absorbing the vast ocean views, observing fishing boats navigating the harbor, or simply unwinding while soaking in the beauty. For those seeking adventure, fishing and swimming are popular activities here.

Lorne boasts more attractions like Teddy’s Lookout, the Erskine Falls walk, the Lorne Foreshore & Beach, and the Wyanga Park Winery. It’s a coastal haven, perfect for a day trip or a weekend escape from nearby destinations, beckoning with the allure of Victoria’s coastal landscapes.

Go “Round The Twist” At Split Point Lighthouse

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Visiting the iconic Split Point Lighthouse is a must when in Aireys Inlet. It is recognized as the “Round The Twist” lighthouse from the late ’90s TV series and is a beloved local landmark.

Daily tours of the Split Point Lighthouse provide a captivating journey through the maritime history of the renowned “Shipwreck Coast.” Additionally, the surrounding area offers delightful walks, allowing you to explore the beauty of the Great Ocean Road and a charming little beach nestled just below the lighthouse.

Treat Yourself And Dine Out


Delve into Lorne’s rich culinary scene, where a focus on fresh local ingredients shines through in every bite. While here, don’t miss the chance to unwind at one of Lorne’s cozy cafes, where a cup of coffee is more than just a beverage—it’s a moment of relaxation.

Among the top dining destinations, MoVida Lorne stands out with its Spanish tapas, showcasing local seafood with a touch of seaside charm.

And suppose you have a penchant for Greek cuisine. In that case, Ipsos and Salonika are the go-to spots, offering delectable dishes and a cozy and welcoming atmosphere that will transport you to Greece. Lorne’s food culture is a true culinary journey, with each bite a delightful exploration of flavors.


Is 2 Days Enough On Great Ocean Road?

Yes, spending 2 days on the Great Ocean Road is sufficient to explore its main highlights. Our recommended 2-day itinerary covers must-see attractions like the 12 Apostles, Loch Ard Gorge, Bells Beach, and Erskine Falls. However, if you have additional time, there are many more attractions and activities to discover along this breathtaking coastal route.

How Long Do You Spend In Lorne?

Lorne, a mere two-hour drive from Melbourne, is certainly doable as a day trip, but to truly savor everything this charming area offers, we highly recommend dedicating a few days to your visit. Here, we highlight the top experiences you should take advantage of in Lorne and provide insights into the best ways to make the most of them.

What Is Lorne Known For?

Lorne is one of its premier towns at the outset of the Great Ocean Road. Renowned for its vibrant surfing culture, Lorne experiences a surge in population during the summer months, drawing city dwellers from Melbourne for idyllic weekend getaways.

The town’s allure lies in its myriad activities, from tranquil pier fishing to invigorating swimming, world-class surfing, and camping adventure options, making it a beloved coastal haven.

How Old Is The Lorne Hotel?

The Lorne Hotel, a stalwart presence on the shores of the Great Ocean Road in Victoria for over 145 years, underwent a significant transformation following its acquisition by Merivale in 2021. The change in ownership sparked considerable anticipation regarding the future of this historic landmark.

What Is The Economy Of Lorne?

The Lorne economy hinges predominantly on visitor spending. According to this report, Lorne welcomed approximately 414,000 visitors in 2017, hosting a total of 841,000 visitor nights, resulting in an annual expenditure by visitors amounting to $116 million.

Final Thought 

In Lorne, a world of exciting experiences awaits, with numerous Things to do in Lorne attractions and activities just a short walk from the heart of the town on Mountjoy Parade.

From mesmerizing waterfalls to captivating shipwrecks, invigorating bushwalks to scenic sightseeing, thrilling fishing to adventurous four-wheel-drive tours, delightful shopping to leisurely rounds of tennis and golf, enriching art exhibitions to vibrant markets, and a diverse culinary scene, including restaurants offering delectable local cuisine – Lorne has it all.

And if you want to unwind, the pristine beach offers a perfect spot to bask in the afternoon sun. Lorne is your gateway to a fulfilling holiday, with everything you desire at your fingertips.

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