20 Fun Things to do in Margaret River, Australia

Things to do in Margaret River
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This blog is for you if you’re looking for things to do in Margaret River, Australia. The Noongar people are thought to have lived at Margaret River for at least 50,000 years.

Therefore, the Margaret River region must be seen whether you are going through Australia or perhaps the world!

The best wine, whiskey, and olive oil in the world are produced in Margaret River, Western Australia, thanks to its rich land and lovely climate. While you’re here, you must do a Margaret River wine tour. 

You’ll notice something blossoming everywhere you turn the moment you arrive in Margaret River, and the incredible residents love to share this with tourists from around the globe.

It gives you a rundown of some of the best things to do in Margaret River, from food and wine tours to historic walking tours to adventure activities like rock climbing and jet boating.

20 Amazing Things to do in Margaret River, Perth, Australia

People typically associate Margaret River with wine. The Margaret River region has established an international reputation for producing top-notch chardonnay and cabernet sauvignon in less than fifty years. One of the top things to do in the region is to visit a vineyard or cellar door.

Margaret River’s upscale dining scene is complemented by breweries, restaurants, and a chocolate factory. In addition to dining and drinking, there is a ton of pleasure in the national parks, beaches, woodlands, caverns, Hamelin Bay, and other places.

The Margaret River region, three hour drive from Perth, is a slice of heaven for locals and tourists from across the world looking to kick back, relax, and take in Western Australia’s stunning natural beauty and rich culture.

The cultural landscape of Perth is rich with museums and art galleries, live music and performances, and festivals. Perth has plenty of things to do, from galleries to markets and festivals.

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1. Go on a Coasteering Adventure

image 21
Porth Clais coasteering | Coasteering with TYF Adventure, ju… | Flickr

Anyone looking to try something new and exciting in Margaret River would love this amazing water adventure. As you ascend along the shore in your wetsuit, lifejacket, and helmet, you’ll see wildlife and stunning landscapes from a new angle.

The only coasteering company in Australia, Margaret River Adventure, guarantees that you’ll get to see the Indian Ocean up close and in a unique, pleasant, and secure way.

The journey begins in Ngari Marine Park, where you will scramble and jump through the natural canal. Depending on the time of year, you might even come across some animals like whales and sea lions!

2. Margaret River Wine and Row

image 1
Margaret River Wine Country | Tim (and Julie) Wilson | Flickr

There is a river at Margaret River, and you can take kayaking and winery trips that take you on an adventure in the morning and then let you relax with some fine wine in the afternoon.

Your tour guide will explore the variety of vineyard, scenery, and gourmet cuisine options available to select the perfect tour for you, with a flexible timetable that may be adapted to your interests.

In addition to taking in Margaret River’s natural beauty, you’ll be able to see local wildlife in the water and appreciate different bird species.

3. Have Some Group Fun on a SUP

image 2
Stand up Paddle à l’Espace Fun | Espace fun – Rue du Bois du… | Flickr

If the ocean at Margaret River is not too rough, you can rent a stand-up paddleboard and enjoy yourself on the water. If you want to enhance your paddling abilities, many surf spots rent out SUPs and some spots also provide SUP training.

Since most visitors to Margaret River stick to surfing or kayaking, SUP is one of the region’s best-kept secrets. But it’s so worthwhile!

If you’re looking for a group activity that’s both fun and challenging, try stand-up paddleboarding (SUP). SUP is a great way to get a workout while enjoying the outdoors, and it’s a perfect activity for groups of all abilities.

To get started, everyone in your group will need a paddleboard. You can either rent boards from a local shop or bring your own.

Get a board that is the appropriate size for your height and weight if you are renting. Once everyone has a board, head to a calm body of water.

If you’re new to SUP, paddle around on your knees. Once youOnce you’ve mastered it, try standing up and paddling. Get the hang of it, stand up and try paddling. It takes a little practice to balance on the board, but it’s really rewarding once you get it.

Once everyone in your group is comfortable paddling, try some games or races. SUP is a great way to get everyone moving and laughing. 

4. Visit Margaret River Dairy Company for Your Cheese Fix

image 3
MARGARET RIVER DAIRY COMPANY YOGHURT – Tavolino | Food and beverage distributor in Perth WA

The Italian artisan cheesemakers started selling farmhouse and ricotta cheeses in a modest shop in Perth in 1966. Here founded the Margaret River Dairy Company. The firm relocated to the South West in 1990 to be among the fertile soils and lush pastures that dairy cattle adore.

Since then, the family-run business has expanded into one of the most recognizable names in the area, famed for its delectable gourmet cheeses.

After a brief, scenic drive, visit the shop to try the goods and purchase some to pair with Margaret River wine.

5. Visit Margaret River Chocolate Company and Try Some Handmade Chocolate

image 4
Margaret River – The Margaret River Chocolate Company

Visit the Margaret River Chocolate Company’s initial facility, established in 1999 and just a short drive from the city.

This attraction, also known as the Margaret River Chocolate Factory, is still one of the top things to do in Western Australia since it offers a delicious selection of chocolate goods along with free access and tastings.

Even observation windows allow visitors to the facility to watch the products being created. It’s a terrific place to pick up some delectable sweets to bring home!

6. Go kayaking or canoeing down Margaret River

image 5
Discover the Rivers of the Region | The Margaret River Region

One of the best things to do in Margaret River is to explore the river by kayak, canoe, or stand-up paddleboard. You can rent these from the river mouth at the beach.

The only way to explore this part of the river is from the water, as there are no walking paths or roads nearby.

You may even kayak while drinking wine on this Margaret River adventure excursion. Fortunately, paddling comes before wine! After paddling down Margaret River in a canoe, you’ll visit a renowned vineyard for a fine meal and drink.

I only noticed how exhausting it is after kayaking on the river. As a result, you might need to pause and pack snacks and water.

Guided tours provide the instruction to feel comfortable on the water if you have never paddled or are a little rusty.

7. Catch a coastal sunset

image 6
Sunset, Tarkarli Beach, Malvan | Started early so that we ca… | Flickr

The park has a playground for children, picnic tables, public barbecues (so bring those burgers! ), and a bridge over the river. The “ancient hamlet,” which includes early inhabitants’ structures, including a milking shed and dairy, is located across the river and is open for exploration.

There are numerous walking pathways all around Rotary Park. Some are quick, while others are meant to be a full day’s worth of action.

The Ten Mile Brook Track’s trailhead is located in the park. As its name suggests, this trail follows the northern banks of the Margaret River to the Ten Mile Brook Dam for approximately 10 miles (15 km).

Visit the Margaret River Brewhouse, directly close to Rotary Park, for a refreshing beverage after all that walking.

One of Margaret River’s simpler attractions for us was Rotary Park. It was easy to get there, free, and a great area to take a little stroll around.

8. Public Lighthouse Of Cape Naturaliste

image 7
Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse.jpg – Wikimedia Commons

Margaret River is home to the Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse, one of the area’s top attractions. The Cape Naturaliste Road, which connects Sugarloaf Rock and is only 3.5 km away, is conveniently located between these two breathtaking locations and provides breathtaking views of the southwest coast.

The upper balcony of the 120m-tall Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse is accessible only through the available guided excursions. From here, you can take in a stunning view of the cape.

The local flora, animals, the earliest lighthouse keepers, and maritime history will all be covered.

Since this is one of the most popular Margaret River attractions, purchasing your tickets online is recommended to ensure you get the most out of your visit.

9. Bunker Bay offers turquoise water for swimming.

image 8
Bunker Bay, Western Australia | Taken during a family holiday… | Flickr

Bunker Bay, undoubtedly one of the nicest beaches in Margaret River, is ideal for a leisurely day in the sun because of its turquoise waters, 2.3 kilometres of white sand, and protection from the wind.

Families with young children or anyone who simply wants to swim in Bunker Bay’s azure waters will find this the ideal beach to visit.

There are restrooms, showers, and even a lovely café at this spot, and it’s simple to access the beach through a tar-sealed road. Bunker Bay is a boating and fishing-friendly beach; if you’re fortunate, you might even see some migratory whales.

10. Rent A Kayak at Meelup Beach

image 9
Meelup Beach | Rare view of actual surf at the normally calm… | Flickr

Looking to have some sun-filled fun? Visit Meelup Beach and hire a kayak or a stand-up paddleboard (SUP) from the beach to explore the bay’s quiet waters.

Meelup Beach, which is about 45 minutes from Margaret River’s core, is one of the most well-liked beaches in the entire area, largely because it provides a variety of beach activities and has pristine seas.

Additionally, you can schedule a guided kayak tour in Meelup Regional Park, where you can learn more about the local wildlife and swim close to a deserted beach.

11. Visit Castle Rock Beach

image 10
Castle Beach Rock Pools – panoramio.jpg – Wikimedia Commons

Castle Rock Beach may be found in the Margaret River region, just a few minutes drive from the town of Dunsborough and close to Meelup Beach.

If you look attentively, you might be able to spot native and unusual wildflowers in Castle Rock’s distinctive natural environment.

Castle Rock is a breathtaking natural setting with intriguing granite rocks that provide the ideal location for some fantastic photos and enjoying a fiery sunset over the horizon.

The beach is protected from westerly winds, but depending on the day, it can occasionally get a little crazy. 

12. Wild Hop Brewing Company Offers Beer

image 11
STM’s Wild Hop Brewing Company review: Family fun in Yallingup makes this newcomer to the casual pub scene a hit | The West Australian

If you enjoy beer, visiting Margaret River’s Wild Hop Brewing Company is a must for beer lovers. A family-run company called Wild Hop is located on a 50-acre site, which is the ideal area to cultivate some hops.

There are numerous beers available at Wild Hop in various sizes, but none in cans or bottles. All beers are stored in tap-equipped barrels. There are many options because there are 11 different beer taps available.

 If you stay long enough, you might get lucky and try more kinds of beers because the tap selection is constantly changing, making it even more distinctive and fascinating!

At Wild Hop, there is a fantastic deck area where you can spend a pleasant summer afternoon with a cold beer and food while overlooking the reservoir.

13. Day Trip To Hamelin Bay

image 13
Hamelin Bay, Western Australia, February 2021 04.jpg – Wikimedia Commons

One of the best things to do in Margaret River is to take a day trip to Hamelin Bay, 35 kilometres south of the town. The quantity of stingrays seen in Hamelin Bay makes it so well-known.

Swimming alongside stingrays in their native habitat is a unique experience. The world doesn’t have many locations where you can do the same.

In addition to those gorgeous critters, Hamelin Bay is the ideal location for a day at the beach. With a caravan park just beyond the bay, restrooms, a small store, and easy access, there are no reasons not to visit this enchanted location.

14. Drive Through The Boranup Forest

image 14
Boranup Forest, Margaret River, Australia (June 2016) | Flickr

Planning a day trip to Hamelin Bay will allow you to travel through the Boranup Forest and take in the magic of the stunning Karri trees, which can reach 60 meters.

You can drive through or get lost in this forest along the route that connects Margaret River and Augusta. If you have some free time, park the car and stroll along one of the numerous trails available.

You will be in awe of the breathtaking view of Hamelin Bay if you can make it to the Boranup overlook. Additionally, some picnic tables nearby allow you to unwind, unwind, and reenergize under the shadow of these unusual trees.

15. Take A Dip In Injidup Natural Spa

image 15
Injidup Natural Spa – Concrete Playground

A natural spa that is only 35 minutes from town (north of Margaret River) has been highly praised by the locals ever since we arrived. The Injidup Natural Spa is a pool sandwiched between two rocky outcrops where the daily inflow of fresh seawater from the ocean is continuously replenished.

Since it isn’t very deep, the temperature is warm enough on windy days and just right on hot ones. The only drawback is that during the peak season, it is frequently overrun with tourists due to its tremendous popularity. Even so, it’s a charming little sanctuary close to the Indian Ocean that you shouldn’t miss.

You may also explore the area and snap the most breathtaking photos if you climb the large rocks. A nice white sand beach may be found south of the natural spa if you wish to swim or just relax in the sunshine.

16. Taste locally-made olive oil

image 16
Refilling the olive oil bottle. I put fresh rose… | Flickr

A terrific cafe and an adventure sampling olive oil may be found at Olio Bello. Margaret River can be reached from this estate in 15 minutes by automobile. The 8,000 olive trees on the property are used to hand-pick their olives, which are grown on-site.

The cold press processing facility is where the olives are sent next so they can be made into olive oil immediately. Inferring how delicious and fresh the oil is here

They also provide decent Mediterranean cuisine for lunch so that you can go there. A safari-style cottage is another option for staying close to the olive groves. I advise you to at least partake in the olive oil tasting and buy one or two bottles to take home!

17. Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse

image 17
Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse, February 2021 02.jpg – Wikimedia Commons

The Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse is situated where the Indian and Southern Oceans converge in the southern part of the Margaret River region. A lighthouse tour is one of the best things to do in this area because it is the tallest lighthouse on the Australian mainland. Just take a look at the scenery!

Every half-hour, lighthouse tours are offered, and they are crammed with intriguing information about the lighthouse’s past—its construction, its keepers, the numerous shipwrecks that occurred before it was built, and how it is now kept in operation.

From 9 AM to 4:30 PM, there are guided lighthouse tours every half hour, and if you’re feeling peckish, there is a tiny on-site café. To reserve your lighthouse trip, go to the website (and avoid disappointment if a particular time slot is full).

18. Margaret River Sugarloaf Rock

image 18
Sugarloaf Rock | Sugarloaf Rock near Cape Naturaliste in Wes… | Flickr

Sugarloaf Rock, which lies offshore and is a well-liked location to watch the sunset, is appropriately named for its conical shape. I don’t typically try to see rocks, but this one is noteworthy and one of the most well-known Margaret River attractions.

One of the nicest things to do in the Margaret River area is to watch the sunset; it’s beautiful during the day, but if you go there in the late afternoon, carry a blanket since it can be very chilly and windy, even in the summer.

19. Margaret River Point Piquet

image 19
Point Piquet | David Bettini

Point Piquet is a stunning harbour with wonderfully blue water close to Meelup Beach. If you want the bay to yourself, this is a fantastic swimming location since it doesn’t get as crowded as Meelup Beach.

When the winter swell arrives, the water is perfectly clear and provides a beautiful sandbank for beginner to advanced surfers.

20. Drive to Cape Naturaliste National Park and the Lighthouse

image 20
Coast between Cape Naturaliste and Sugarloaf Rock, February 2021 02.jpg – Wikimedia Commons

The Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse and surrounding national park are great places to see when in Margaret River, Western Australia.

Since kids are permitted inside the lighthouse, this is a family-friendly activity close to Margaret River. Additionally, this location is a great area to shoot pictures because of the stunning ocean views.

It takes roughly 50 minutes to drive 60 kilometres (37 miles) from Margaret River to Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse. The route to Cape Naturalist is a breathtaking one that follows the shore. Every hour from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm, tours begin.

What To There 

Some charming inns and resorts in the neighbouring Dunsborough are close to the lighthouse, national park, and the water if you can stay the night close to Cape Naturaliste.

I advise you to spend at least two days exploring the region. Numerous locations may be explored on foot or by car, all encircled by lush trees and the coastline.

Final Thought 

We hope you enjoyed our blog post on things to do in Margaret River. There are many exciting things to see and do in Margaret river, so be sure to check it out!

Thank you for reading and please contact us anytime with any questions, comments, or concerns. We would love to hear from you.

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