20 Fun Things to Do in Mudgee, Australia

Things to do in Mudgee
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Mudgee is a small town with big attractions, but it can be hard to find them if you’re new. Fortunately, there are lots of activities in Mudgee that aren’t associated with a bar, hotel, or cafe. 

Whether you enjoy the great outdoors, like to explore historical sites or dabble in art and culture, there are things to do in Mudgee for everyone. Check out this list for ideas on how to spend your time here. 

There are many different accommodations in Mudgee which makes it an excellent place for travellers of all types. Visitors can engage in a variety of activities, such as visiting wineries, breweries, and cafes. For more details on staying and having fun in Mudgee, continue reading.

20 Amazing Things to do in Mudgee, New South Wales, Australia  

There are numerous activities in and around Mudgee, like visiting wineries for tastings, shopping at top-notch boutiques, and touring the Wollemi National Park, which is listed as part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Join a tour of a winery, historical site, or wilderness area, or fly in a hot air balloon with Balloon Aloft.

Many well-preserved colonial structures may be found as you stroll through the beautiful, tree-lined avenues, including the 1862 Mudgee Post Office, which Alexander Dawson designed. The sandstone St. Mary’s Catholic Church was built in 1857, in part.

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1. Pieter van Gent Winery & Vineyard

Numerous vineyards in Australia have been visited by us, but none of them has a cellar door like this one. It’s so evocative that I couldn’t believe it when we entered and found ourselves in a dimly lighted room flanked on both sides by genuine wine barrels from the 1800s.

You’ll sample 6 wines, including a blend of white, red, and port (if the port is your thing, this is one of the few vineyards we visited with a concentration on it), and you’ll also get a small bowl of snacks, which is always a plus in our book! In addition to the excellent wines, we took with us a bottle of the somewhat controversial Durif red wine.

2. Balloon Aloft Mudgee

A tranquil hot-air balloon journey is the ideal way to really appreciate Mudgee. Organize a meeting at Parklands Resort on Ulan Road in the early morning. Ascend above one of the state’s most scenic locations by cramming into the basket.

Rylstone, Kandos, Hill End, and others, as well as the famous vineyards below, will be visible in the early morning sky. The sunrise balloon rides last for about an hour, and they are followed by a sumptuous champagne breakfast back on the ground.

3. Visit the Drip Gorge

In the Goulburn River State Conservation Area, the Drip Walking Track is a significant location for the local Wiradjuri People. The 3.5-kilometre climb to the Great Dripping Wall travels along the Goulburn River fifty kilometres north of Mudgee. Rainwater trickles through the porous rock face on a hot day, creating a cool refuge that is frequently 10 to 15 degrees cooler than the surroundings.

There’s no wrong way to spend your time, but some ways are definitely more productive than others. If you’re looking to make the most of your time, Drip Gorge is a great place to start.

Another of its many wonders is the abundance and variety of plant life along the track. Watch for native apple gums, fragrant tree violets, and rocky outcrops covered with moss and orchids. 

4. Sip on a pint of Mudgee’s finest craft brews

The lone microbrewery in Mudgee is located in a century-old, formerly Anglican Church-owned wool business. Former coal miner Gary Leonard acquired the property in 2007 and turned it into the successful brewery it is today.

Like most successful business endeavours, this one began as a beer-fueled conversation among close friends. Leonard immersed himself in the craft brewing world in an attempt to bring the New Zealand craft brewing revolution to Australia.

 Aside from recent events, you may find a changing selection of the newest locally made beers served from the brewpub’s eight taps. Three times a week there will be live music, and unlike most breweries, this one goes above and beyond to provide table service. Additionally, they provide Fish River Roasters Coffee if you need a caffeine fix.

5. Mudgee Art House

The gallery/café hybrid Mudgee Art House is located in the middle of Mudgee’s main street. Warwick and Toni Behrens, two local artists, founded it, and it serves as the ideal location to start, process, and finish all kinds of creative creations.

Visit this location to see the newest artists on display, browse the fine art supplies, or take part in an exciting workshop. Artists seeking professional imaging solutions can also find fine art photography, Giclée on rag printing, and archival framing at this location.

Additionally, WarBhr, an Australian Fauve painter whose recognizable, vivid paintings of animals decorate the walls of numerous wealthy and well-known residences, calls it home. Come by to choose your own original off the wall, but don’t forget to stop by the café for a delicious cup of coffee.

6. The Cellar by Gilbert

Our favourite wines overall belonged to The Cellar by Gilbert, which was tied with Logan. There are two different tasting menus available. Joe chose the Small Batch, while I chose the Gilbert Range (the reserves).

The wines were great, especially the rieslings that won awards and persuaded us to purchase our first bottle of riesling ever! The tasting area is exquisitely designed, and the service is really helpful and courteous.

7. Mudgee Farmers Market

Mudgee is highly recognized for its products, so if you happen to be there on the third Saturday of every month when the Mudgee Farmers Market is open, don’t miss it. The wonderful Robertson Park, a lovely setting to sample your way around the numerous stalls, just so happens to be the spot where Mudgee’s best produce is all in one place.

It is primarily a food market with a wide selection of delectable jams, chutneys, oils & spoonfuls of vinegar, honey, and bread… I could go on. I did see one company selling soaps.

The event is held in accordance with stringent farmers’ market regulations, which are necessary for a city like Mudgee with a reputation for high-quality food and drink. The stall owners themselves have farmed, caught, raised, baked, smoked, pickled, or brewed everything that is being sold here.

Consider fresh-baked bread, seasonal fruit and vegetables, a variety of herbs, chutney, oils, feta, macarons, and a host of other items. While you browse, local musicians will be playing music, and you can get a bacon and egg roll for breakfast.

Stop by the fruit and vegetable market if you are staying in self-catering housing because the product looked fantastic and was well priced. Additionally, there are a few booths selling coffee, cake, bacon, and egg rolls. Since it’s a tiny market, getting around doesn’t take long. 

8. Indulge in dinner on a vineyard

Spend your weekend getaway spoiling yourself with dinner at an award-winning winery. The Robert Stein vineyard’s Pipeclay Pumphouse was our choice. The cuisine on the menu was all fresh and tasty, and the paddock-to-plate principle was used to create it.

We opted to partake in the wine pairings, which were also excellent, and we did it all while admiring the lovely vineyard. Even kangaroos were spotted hopping among the plants.

We all enjoyed the meal and the laid-back environment during our visit a few years ago with my parents, and I still have thoughts of returning!

9. Putta Bucca Wetlands

The Putta Bucca Wetlands are the ideal location for a leisurely stroll through serene surroundings. There are a few various routes you may take; to explore the main lake and search for birds, we chose the Wetland Walk.

Even though we didn’t see a lot, we really liked just relaxing by the lake and having the place to ourselves.

Platypuses and wallabies are among the other animals in the area, although I’d assume it would take some luck to see them. For us, it was more about getting outside and taking a break from drinking too much wine.

10. Go kayaking at Ganguddy – Dunns Swamp

Don’t base your decision on Dunns Swamp’s unattractive name! In Wollemi National Park, there is a stunning river surrounded by impressive rock formations and lovely greenery.

Although there are several fantastic hiking paths (our favourites are the Weir Walk and Long Cave Circuit) and swimming holes, kayaking is the greatest way to explore the river.

You might see some wildlife if you’re lucky; we saw long-necked turtles, reptiles, and birds. Even though we weren’t successful in spotting any platypus despite hiring the kayak just before dusk, it was still a great time to be out on the water.

11. Admire the ancient Aboriginal art at Handson Rock

Over 100 hand stencils made by women and children from the Wiradjuri tribe are part of the Hands on Rock project, which was painted on the interior of a sizable cave. Some of the ochre paintings have surprisingly remained in fair shape, despite the tragic fading of many of them.

Everywhere we go, we hunt for Aboriginal rock art because we adore it, and Hands-on Rock is a particularly accessible location. Only 600 meters each way, the distance is level until the final few strides.

There is a bench next to the cave where you may sit and take in the artwork; it’s a tranquil place for introspection. Simply bring some mossie spray with you if you want to visit during the summer.

It makes sense to visit The Drip Gorge and Hands-on Rock together because they are both nearby. Be aware that the dirt road leading to Hands-on Rock contains a few large potholes and craters.

12. Visit Moothi Estate Winery to See the Sunset

This recommendation only applies to the winter because the earlier sunset time must correspond with the vineyard opening hours, which we neglected to take into account on our most recent visit.

We made a swift discovery of our error when we discovered that everything was shut after we had heard about sunset sipping from their lovely terrace!

We were fortunate that the wonderful person working there allowed us to view the sunset from their grounds even if we were unable to sample any of the wine since it was really stunning!

The view from the estate’s terrace would be stunning at any time of day, so even if you aren’t there when the sunset timing works out, we strongly advise going there!

13. Gold Mining Town of Gulgong

We enjoy exploring all the quaint, old towns in NSW, and Gulgong is among the nicest. Our favourite buildings along the main street are the Comm bank and IGA, which have preserved their historical charm.

Don’t miss The Fiddlers Hame, which is brimming with an odd assortment of goods, including old-school guitars and vintage Coca-Cola bottles.

If you’re interested in learning more about the town’s gold mining history, visit the Gulgong gold experience (it was one of the richest gold fields in NSW at its peak). On the site of the former red hill mining precinct, where gold was first discovered in the region, is a tiny museum.

While the ancient mine shaft is only accessible from above, the museum contains a wealth of intriguing information about the region’s history during the time of gold mining, as well as some unique miner anecdotes.

Kids will adore the gold panning, which includes a miniature certificate at the end, assuming you have any.

Since the museum is only open from Wednesday through Sunday from 1-3 pm for two hours each day, you must plan your visit carefully.

14. Enjoy the Best Coffee in Mudgee While Relaxing in the Courtyard

We’ve visited a lot of cafés in Mudgee, but none come close to Alby and Esthers, both in terms of atmosphere and the quality of the food and coffee.

The tomato relish is the greatest I’ve ever eaten, and it’s homemade, so pull up a chair in the shady courtyard and unwind with one of their famed toasties. or breakfast bowls It’s a nice, welcoming place with great coffee and a terrific vibe.

Evening hours see it also open as a wine bar, which I’d want to explore someday. The courtyard has a very European feel to it, and a summer night there would be breathtaking.

15. Take in the Heritage Architecture

Two splendid nineteenth-century sandstone churches, one catholic and one Anglican are situated diagonally across from one another in the heart of Mudgee. While the cobb & co building harkens back to the heyday of horse-drawn transportation in regional Australia, there are also exquisite national trust-classified business premises and at least three nineteenth-century pubs.

Other notable structures include the pink-arched post and telegraph office (built in the 1860s), the 1930s green regent theatre designed in the art deco style, and the approximately 1884 railway station that is currently home to an arts and crafts cooperative.

16. Check Out the Wellington Caves

Wombats and Kangaroos with huge bodies have been found at Wellington, along with fossils of megafauna. The caves can only be accessed through guided tours, led by knowledgeable tour guides dedicated to answering any questions that you may have about the caves.

Caves in Mudgee could be just what you need. If you love exploring natural caves and underground tunnels, as well as learning about their history, then this is also the perfect place for you.

17. The Hidden Frog Rock

A fun granite rock formation called Frog Rock is shaped like, well, a frog. 19 kilometres north of Mudgee, on the Ulan Cassilis road, is where the rock is located.

There isn’t much parking available, and it’s easy to overlook the notice, so be vigilant and pull into the right place. Only a few cars can park on the side of the road, but since tourists arrive and depart quickly, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever see a line.

To help you find what you’re searching for, we advise getting to know the aesthetic of Frog Rock.

18.  Mudgee Heritage Walking Tours

The CBD is surrounded by beautiful older structures that date back to the second half of the 19th century.

This elegant building provides a glimpse into the wealth that was circulating through Mudgee, initially as a result of the Australian gold rush, then via the wool business and the railroad’s arrival.

Weekly at 10:00 a.m., the Mudgee Heritage Walking Tour leaves from the Clock Tower at the intersection of Market and Church Streets.

The Railway Station (1884), the Mudgee Post Office (1862), and the Town Hall (1880) are just a few examples of attractive heritage buildings that you may enjoy while learning about intriguing people and historical events that happened in the town.

19. Logan Wines

Logan would be our choice if you forced us to select a favourite vineyard out of the bunch. To begin with, the cellar door’s spectacular view is highlighted by floor-to-ceiling windows. Additionally, there is a wonderful terrace with a fireplace for chilly days.

But in addition to the vista, the tasting was excellent. You can choose from four distinct “menus” to start, and if you’re travelling with others, you can each select a different one.

20. Go starry-eyed at the Mudgee Observatory

We had the good fortune to observe the Milky Way on our trip, which is always beautiful. Mudgee is renowned for having amazing night skies.

You should visit the Mudgee Observatory, which contains telescopes and binoculars, to get a close-up look at the constellations and planets. John will lead you through 


What are the most kid activities in Mudgee?

An excellent destination for families with children is Mudgee. Children of all ages will find a range of sights to see and activities to enjoy. Some of the most popular things to do in Mudgee with kids include visiting the Mudgee Honey Haven, exploring Dangar Falls, and visiting the Mudgee Miniature Railway.

Mudgee is a fantastic destination for families with children because it has something for everyone. If you’re looking for things to do in Mudgee with kids, be sure to check out the Mudgee Honey Haven, Dangar Falls, and the Mudgee Miniature Railway.

What are Mudgee’s top outdoor adventures?

Mudgee is a beautiful town located in New South Wales, Australia. It is known for its stunning landscapes and its many outdoor activities. There are plenty of things to do in Mudgee, from hiking and biking to kayaking and camping. Whatever your hobbies, Mudgee has an outdoor activity that will fit you.

We’ll outline some of the top outdoor activities in Mudgee in this article. We can accommodate your needs whether you’re searching for a strenuous hike or a casual stroll. So get out there and explore all that Mudgee has to offer!

Where to stay in Mudgee?

Comfort Inn Aden Mudgee: The Comfort Inn Aden Mudgee is ideally situated on the Castlereagh Highway around two kilometres from the town centre for visitors arriving by car from Sydney. It offers cozy, well-equipped rooms with a classic motel design. A central grassy area with a guest-use outdoor pool and grilling grills makes up the tranquil backdrop.

The lodging is quite accessible, with a parking place directly outside each room and no stairs to climb. Although the regular rooms have been tastefully updated, the fully renovated queen, king, and family rooms provide a higher level of comfort and appeal. Each accommodation includes free Netflix, and Anytime Fitness Mudgee is open to all hotel guests without charge (a six-minute walk or a one-minute drive from the hotel).

The Comfort Inn Aden Mudgee’s restaurant, Palate, is one of its main draws. This is one of the best restaurants in Mudgee, yet it’s unassumingly hidden behind the front desk. That’s quite a recommendation in a city known for its culinary scene. The restaurant’s on-site pasta and gnocchi production, together with its seasonal Italian-style menu, highlight some of the greatest wines in the area.

Perry Street Hotel: Beautiful boutique hotel The Perry Street Hotel is housed in a two-story Victorian structure. While the interior is relatively modern and the exterior retains its historic atmosphere, it’s a chic and restful spot to escape to after a day of exploration.

It is conveniently located among Mudgee’s cafes and eateries, which are only a 5-minute walk away. You have the choice to prepare meals at home rather than always eating out because each room has a private kitchenette with a stovetop.

Final Thought 

By reading the content you will easily find interesting places to visit in Mudgee, Australia to spend time with your family.

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