20 Fun Things to Do in Penrith, Australia

Things to Do in Penrith
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With its captivating ancient remains, stunning outdoor scenery, and historic homes that draw tourists from all over, Penrith is a charming town in Northern England rich in history and natural beauty. We’ve carefully chosen our top 20 Things To Do In Penrith, from exciting sports to outdoor festivals and cultural events.

Top 20 Things to Do in Penrith, Australia

Stroll And Get-Together Along The Nepean River

Enjoy the fresh air and breathtaking landscape while strolling along the Nepean River. the first item on our list of things to do in Penrith. In addition to a nice path suitable for bikes and scooters, there is a playground at the end of Jamison Road, next to Tench Avenue. Head east on Jamison Road to begin the trek. Enjoy a BBQ in Tench Reserve, pack a picnic, or get takeout from Coffee Club. Check out the map of the Great River Walk.

Go To The Fire Museum. 

The largest fire museum in Australia, the Museum of Fire, is a must-see for them. The enormous area is filled with fire engines, firefighting gear, and the kids’ favourite – a Junior Firefighters section complete with a fire engine simulator, games, activities, and puzzles. There is something for every age at the Museum of Fire, and best of all. All proceeds go towards teaching families about the risks associated with fire and the preservation of cultural heritage. Explore our ellaslist review of the Museum of Fire to learn more about Things To Do In Penrith.

At iFLY Downunder, Indoor Skydiving

Reach New Heights. Huge wind turbines at the iFly Indoor Skydiving Centre in Penrith drive you into a spacious glass flight chamber, making it one of the most exhilarating activities in the area. In addition to two flights with an experienced instructor, you will receive safety gear, a jumpsuit, and pre-flight instruction from professional skydivers. Youngsters as young as three can skydive; the wind generators are adjusted according to each skydiver’s age and skill level.

Attend An Event At The Joan

Penrith’s Centre for Performing Arts, the Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre, presents top-notch theatrical, dance, and music events. Their captivating Kids and families Show combines magic and creativity, offering enjoyable, hands-on exploration, invention, and creation opportunities.

At Truninja Penrith,

The closest thing to participating in the genuine Ninja Warrior is Truninja in Penrith if you have a young Ninja Warrior in your family who is itching to test their mettle on a real Ninja obstacle course. With all the padding in the proper places, Truninja’s ninja obstacle course allows kids to climb, run, jump, grab, fling, and do anything they want without worrying about getting hurt.

Penrith’s Family-Friendly Restaurants:

Take breathtaking views of the Nepean River waterfront from the Log Cabin Hotel Penrith. The Log Cabin Hotel is back and better than ever with brand-new restaurants, event spaces, kid’s entertainment, and more after burning down in 2020!

Penrith, 20 Memorial Ave.

Take the family out to a delicious supper at one of these restaurants that embrace families wholeheartedly. Not only does Nutrition Station provide a delectable, nutritious menu that even picky eaters will love—think protein-rich pancakes, luscious smoothies with superfoods, and burgers and brekkies that are packed with nutrients.

Penrith, 13-19 Lambridge Place

Settlers Mulgoa is the place to go if you want a genuine experience of Things To Do In Penrith life. Situated on nearly an acre, it’s the ideal spot to have a rustic home-cooked supper, beer or wine in hand and watch the kids play in a completely fenced yard while lounging in the sun.

Southpenrith pd

1300 Mulgoa Road in Mulgoa.

Chocolate aficionados of all sizes can indulge in the made-on-site confections at Zokoko Café, which includes their famous “Ultimate” chocolate cake, fudge brownies, and chocolate crackles. Furthermore, a sizable viewing window allows the children to observe these works of art created by the chocolate artisans.

Emu Heights, Unit 3, 84–90 Old Bathurst Road.

A beautiful excursion on the western bank of the Nepean River is the Penrith Regional Gallery. This location, formerly the house of a painter and sculptor couple, organises events, frequent children’s classes, and intriguing exhibitions. Additionally, it is home to the wonderful Cafe at Lewers. Beautiful heritage gardens surround it, and its breakfast and lunch menu features locally sourced, seasonal, and fresh fruit, with kid-friendly options starting at $6. Great coffee and handcrafted desserts are also served there.

Archie Brothers Cirque Electriq

Crazy shakes, cocktails, carousels, arcade games, and more at  Bring on the Giant Fries and the Mini Fries! They have entertaining items for both young and old! Carousels, insane shakes, dodgem cars, and rewards, prizes, and more. A cocktail bar called Archie Brothers Cirque Electriq breathes fresh life into arcades and challenging ticket games. Play dodgems, bowling, and other games in our arcade and activities till you’re exhausted! Around Archie Brothers Cirque Electriq, the good times never end. 

Archie Brothers Cirque Electriq breathes fresh life into 80s and 90s nostalgia by allowing visitors to try their luck in a kaleidoscope circus of classic and modern arcade games, strike it lucky on the ten-pin bowling lanes, and win a variety of prizes—all in a single day of fun. A sensory extravaganza, the circus-themed fantasy is decorated with vibrant neon arcade signs, crimson velvet drapes, and a carousel bar that greets guests as they walk in. The air is filled with the aroma of popcorn and fairy floss. 

The typical ten-pin bowling experience is replaced with a game themed like a circus wonderland on the bowling lanes. Visitors (over the age of eighteen) can indulge their senses even more by skipping up to the bar, which is designed to resemble a vintage carousel and serves up Archie’s famous loaded shakes and wild cocktails, which are as much an artistic treat for the eyes as they are for the palate. 

Check out Cables Wake Park.

With just two cable lakes and professional guidance, your family will be soaring through the air on wakeboards or waterskis in no time. The best place for Things To Do In Penrith is Cables Wake Park, located on the Panthers League Club’s property. The minimum age for riders is ten. But the Kids’ Club, open to children up to age six, also runs during school breaks. In addition, there’s a free Aqua Park with plenty of water obstacles, inflatable slides, trampolines, a playground, a basketball court, a beach volleyball court, and a grill area.

Reach Extreme Velocity At Luddenham Raceway

Heads seeking fast-paced activities in Penrith, go-karting at Luddenham Raceway is a great option. Children as young as eight can test their driving prowess on The Rookie Track using specially designed junior karts. You must “Arrive and Drive” if you are not pre-booking a group of ten or more people; there is no minimum driver requirement or need for reservations. They do advise calling ahead to enquire about wait times, though. They also play paintball and go-karting

Take A Shot At Aqua Golf

One of our favourite unusual, enjoyable, and reasonably priced activities in Penrith is aqua golf. Every family member has their own hitting area, complete with safety netting on both sides and a gate that keeps only one person in the bay at a time. A two-for-one bucket of balls card is up for grabs for anyone who strikes a target. Earnings for a hole-in-one can be as little as $10, $20, or $100.

Raise Your Hands And Throw An Axe

This is a great way for parents to burn off steam—think of it like darts on steroids.

Come over to Throw Axe and let your inner lumberjack loose—axe throwing is sweeping Penrith. Tossing an axe down the fenced-in range and hearing it thump when it adheres to the wood is very satisfying. No, kiddies, the minimum age is sixteen.


Is Penrith Worth A Trip?

There are several top-notch hotels, taverns, restaurants (both local and foreign), and superb nightlife options. The best place to start your exploration of Penrith is the Tourist Information Centre, located next to the Penrith and Eden Museum.

Is Penrith An Affordable Area To Live In?

The property market is more reasonably priced than other areas of Sydney, attracting first-time buyers and young families. All things considered, Penrith is a lively and hospitable suburb that blends scenic natural surroundings, practical conveniences, and a strong feeling of community.

Is There A Train Station In Penrith?

Despite being a small town, Penrith North Lakes station enjoys a prime site within a short distance from the town’s castle park, providing an excellent opportunity for relaxation following an arduous train ride. Many contemporary amenities, such as stores, pubs, cafes, and hotels, are close to the station.

Last Words

With its rich heritage and scenic beauty, it offers visitors many activities and Things To Do In Penrith. From its historical landmarks to serene nature spots and vibrant local markets, Penrith ensures a diverse experience for all ages. Whether you’re an adventure seeker, a history buff, or just looking for a tranquil getaway, Penrith promises a memorable visit that will leave you yearning for more.

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