17 Fun Things to Do in Port Stephens, Australia

Things to Do in Port Stephens
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You are clicking on the right location! This delightful coastline objective, found simply 2.5 hours north of Sydney or 1 hour north of Newcastle, is known for its superb sea shores, fresh waters, and Things To Do In Port Stephens. 

There are countless more things to see and do in Port Stephens. It’s a great weekend getaway from Sydney because there’s always something to do there to keep people entertained. Try quad biking or sandboarding on the famous dunes, go whale and dolphin watching, or take a helicopter ride to see the fantastic scenery.

Port Stephens is a great place to watch the thousands of migrating whales pass by from late May to August. From September to November, spring brings warm, sunny days. September is ideal for enjoying the National Parks, walking, and cycling.

Unsurprisingly, an increasing number of retirees are making a radical decision and downsizing to the well-known region of Port Stephens, which provides a relaxed coastal lifestyle.

Best Things to Do in Port Stephens

We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of things to remember while you’re at our location. We’ve compiled a list of rainy-day activities in Port Stephens to help you figure out what to do. Try to fit everything in anytime. 

1. Visit The Lookout At Gan Gan 

Nelson Bay Gan Gan Lookout provides a commanding view of Port Stephens and Newcastle from the outskirts of Nelson’s Bay. Gan Gan Lookout is an excellent first stop for first-time visitors to Port Stephens because it gives an excellent overview of the area’s overall layout and can help visitors figure out where each critical point is.

2. Go Sandboarding Where 

Sandboarding is the one activity that best describes typical family fun in Port Stephens. This activity occurs at Port Stephens’ Stockton Sand Dunes, which is prominent on this list for a good reason. They are the giant moving dunes in the Southern Hemisphere and a haven for sand borders and fun seekers from all over.

3. Dolphin Swims And Cruises

Port Stephens is well-known throughout Australia for its dolphins because it has one of the highest populations of resident Bottlenose dolphins in Australia, with 140 of them. Visitors to Port Stephens who want to get up close and personal with these beautiful, intelligent creatures have a few options—on land or in the water.

4. Scuba Diving At Fly Point

Prestigious for its incredible level of permeability and transparent blue/water-hued water that is by and large safeguarded from winds, Fly Point offers quiet waters even on swirling days that snorkelers and jumpers even of younger ages can appreciate, and We Should Go Experiences give a strongly directed outline of the area ideal for newbies.

5. Take Up Surfing Lessons At Port Stephens Surf School 

from home, which has more than 30 kilometres of beachfront that can be used for surfing adventures. These spots come in various difficulty levels to please surfers of all levels. 

Port Stephens Surf School offers a wide range of high-quality lessons for students of all ages, so you don’t have to be a pro to get started learning this fun, lifelong skill. Whether you’re a seasoned surfer looking to improve your skills or just starting, you can take advantage of the high standards.

6. With Sand Dune Adventures, You Can Go Quad Biking

Sand Dune Adventures, a local tour operator, offers quad bike tours that make reaching the top of the dunes much easier. The quad bikes are great at navigating soft sand at high speeds while still being known for their level of stability. 

Due to their combination of sightseeing, thrills, group-oriented nature, and local insight, these tours have become one of the region’s most easily recognizable adventures. They provide access to the Port Stephens dunes’ most significant and open part at Nelson’s Bay.

7. The Location Of Fighter World Is

Fighter World attraction, located at 49 Medowie Rd., was built to have fun and learn about aviation for people who want to see some awe-inspiring aircraft up close.

Contender World is a fascination revolving around two enormous holders that are roomy and hold a lot of history inside, bragging about a broad assortment of warrior aeroplanes from different times.

8. Take A Camel Ride In This Area

These tours, run by Oakfield Ranch and located at James Paterson St. in Anna Bay, offer a novel take on the standard look-and-see tour. They can be taken as a short sightseeing excursion or an extended one-hour ride to capture the region’s stunning sunsets on the water.

Since there are two people on each camel, first-timers need not be overly concerned about safety because helmets are provided for an added sense of security.

9. Visit The Park At Toboggan Hill

Nelson Bay Toboggan Hill is a miniature amusement park that allows visitors to participate in various activities besides its signature toboggans. However, these are undoubtedly the attraction’s most notable features. Toboggan Hill is a miniature amusement park. In addition to the sleds themselves, the interest offers a variety of other activities to its visitors. However, the toboggans are, without a doubt, the main draw.

10. Walking And Cycling Where

Port Stephens is a travel destination where getting outside and taking in the scenery and the clean air is a big priority. Bike riding is one of the best and most natural ways to do this. The town is one of the most popular cycling destinations in NSW, and it is home to various cycling trails that offer spectacular views for relatively little effort.

11. Camel Riding At Birubi Beach

Did you know that Australia has the most camels in the world? Moreover, here in Port Stephens, you can ride a camel on the oceanfront. Jumping on a camel at Birubi Beach and riding it through the Port Stephens dunes and up to the ocean is one of the unique activities in the area. Contact the staff at Oakfield Ranch to schedule your camel ride.

12. Go Surfing

Port Stephens has a lot of great surf beaches, but if you’re a beginner or intermediate and need help knowing where to go, head to One Mile Beach. This immense stretch of sand brings excellent going sales, making it extraordinary for longboarders. If you don’t already have one, you can rent one from the place next to the caravan park.

13. Views At Gan Gan Lookout

Gan Gan Lookout is your best bet if you want to enjoy the endless Port Stephens views but feel like you need to go climbing Tomaree Mountain. This beautiful viewpoint can be accessed by car via Lily Hill Road and offers 360-degree views over the whole area.

14. Paddleboarding From Above

There are numerous ways to take in the stunning Port Stephens Bay waters. You can go champagne-sailing on a posh yacht, fish in the bay, go jet skiing, kayak around the coves, or do our favourite Port Stephens activity.

15. Eat As Much Of The Local, Fresh Seafood As You Can

A list of the best things to do in Port Stephens would only be complete by mentioning food and a trip to a seafood restaurant.

The Nelson Bay marina restaurants receive daily deliveries of fresh seafood and serve it in a beautiful setting close to the water. Try Catch at Shoal Bay or The Anchorage in Corlette for a fancy meal with great views of Nelson Bay.

16. Have A Drink At The Famous Murray’s Brewery

Did you visit Port Stephens if you didn’t have a drink at Murray’s when you were there?

Murray’s Brewery, on Nelson Bay Road just outside of town, is best known for its Whale Ale, but they also make other beverages. Take a tasting tray and dive right into their IPAs, ciders, and different beers, which are all seriously delicious—the perfect complement to the on-site wood-fired pizzas.

17. Try To Find The Soldier Crabs

On the beaches near Port Stephens, thousands of soldier crabs emerge at low tide and in the evening. Stop moving when you find a spot on the hard sand: A group of crabs will soon surround you!

Activities For Rainy Days Port-Stephens

Now that you are on vacation, it has started to rain. You want to make the most of every day, but there are other options than the beach. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of things to remember while you’re at our location. Our List of Port Stephens Activities for Rainy Days.

Watch Cinemas 

The films at Nelson Narrows are a simple choice to get the most recent flick possible. Prepare for a cinema experience bay style by grabbing popcorn and chocolate topping.

Enter The Water Remain Dey

Put two or three hours at the Irukandji Shark and Beam Experiences near The Retreat to learn about our Marine climate. This fantastic new facility has much to see and do for the whole family. You can enter the water or remain dry outside.


Water sports with kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, and other watercraft because you’ll probably get wet anyway, so why not get in the water and enjoy the waterways? Situated at Sandbar Narrows foreshore.

Horseback Riding

You can go horseback riding with Sahara Trails, don a drizabone coat, and enjoy the beauty of the bush while staying dry.

Toboggan Hill Park

Toboggan Hill Park provides hours of entertainment and enjoyment. Family-friendly activities inside and outside There are packages to choose from, and the toboggan is so much fun.

Light Coffee Bars

Internal light Coffee bars are an ideal morning or evening stop for some tea and scones. One of the best places to see the headlands from, this is a gorgeous spot.

Murrays Brewery

You can go to Murray’s Brewery for a comprehensive tasting session of all the beers on tap and local wines and a bite to eat for beer and wine enthusiasts.


You can play Putt-Putt, hit the driving range, play Foot, play Frisbee, and do much more at David Graham’s Golf Complex, which is covered.

4wd Dunes

Tours in 4WD on the dunes are also an excellent option for when it rains, and you can go out and explore the dunes any day of the year.

Explore Air Fighter World

Fighter World is near the airport in Williamtown. It has a lot of history and lets you get up close and personal with fighter jets.

Eat And Drink At Play Cafe

Spirited Play Cafe is a great indoor play centre for families with young children who need to run and play. There is also a cafe where you can get a drink and eat.


What To See Between Sydney And Port Stephens?

Best places to stop on the drive from Sydney to Port Stephens. With a few short detours, the Sydney Opera House, Port Jackson Bay, and Circular Quay Wharf 3 are the essential stops from Sydney to Port Stephens.

Bondi to Coogee Walk, Australian Reptile Park, and Sydney Harbour Bridge are popular stops.

What Is The Main Town In Port Stephens?

There are numerous diverse geographies and small towns in the Port Stephens area. The main town of Nelson Bay is packed with islands, wildlife reserves, mountains, and other features.

How Much Is The Average House In Port Stephens?

Sixty-nine thousand five hundred fifty-one people live in Port Stephens, and 20.84 percent rent a place to live.

The middle posting cost for houses is $817,000, which has changed by 16.71% over the last year and 39.06% north of 2 years. The average weekly house rent is $550, and the average rental yield is 3.50 percent.


As stated earlier, we go into detail about it. Now that we have come to the end of the paragraph, there are many things to do in Port Stephens, a destination just waiting to be discovered. It is a fantastic beach getaway on a sparkling blue bay.

Loose up on one of 26 lovely sandy sea shores, meet the inhabitant bottlenose dolphins, appreciate fun water sports, investigate monster ridges, and relish delicious waterfront spots to eat.

Reaching the summit of Mount Tomaree, the region’s crown jewel, is a must-do activity for anyone visiting the area. Those who do so are rewarded with the most stunning views. You have an idea of every one of the beautiful beaches and tiny islands that make up the exciting coastline of the Nelson Bay Area.

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