12 Fun Things to Do in Rockhampton, Australia

Things to Do in Rockhampton
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Rockhampton, one of the oldest cities in Queensland and Northern Australia, has been called many strange names over the years. Its original name was the City of the Three S’s, which stood for Sin, Sweat, and Sorrow.

A reference to the building of the town’s port during the North Australian gold rush in the late 1800s, it is now renowned as the Beef Capital of Queensland. You may be sure that beef is on the menu because the area is said to have 3 million head of cattle.

The Rockhampton Art Gallery and the Rockhampton Heritage Village are only two examples of the city’s renowned historical and cultural institutions.

The town serves as the starting point for trips to places like the famous Capricorn Caves, Mount Archer National Park, Yeppoon, which is home to some breathtaking beaches, and Great Keppel Island, which is one of the best island getaways on the Southern Great Barrier Reef.

Rockhampton is filled with tonnes of activities. Want to know all the exciting things to do in Rockhampton, Australia, before you get there? 

Top Things to Do in Rockhampton, Australia

Visit The Dreamtime Cultural Centre

The oldest indigenous population in the world, the Aboriginals, are found only in Australia, where they have lived for 60,000 years. Learn as much as you can about our cultural legacy on any visit to the country, whether you are a native or are coming from abroad.

Detarmine Cultural Centre

Credit Source: dreamtimecentre.com.au

Right here in Rockhampton, where the local Darumbal people are the traditional stewards of the land, is one of the best spots to accomplish this in Queensland. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage is fascinatingly shown at the Dreamtime Cultural Centre in Rockhampton. As you browse the galleries, you’ll find artwork samples, vintage photos, and in-depth tales from Central Queensland.

Wander The Riverside Precinct

Rockhampton has a stunning collection of historic buildings dating back to the 1800s, so if you’re looking for a pleasant way to spend a few hours, we recommend taking a coffee from one of the beautiful cafes and meandering around town. 

Riverside precinct

Credit Source: queensland.com

However, the recently renovated Riverside Precinct, where you can stroll along Quay Street alongside the Fitzroy River, surrounded by contemporary art, native plants, and Indigenous history, is our favourite part of Rocky.

The Riverside is lovely at any time of day, but to use the gorgeous light, visit Quay Street early in the day before the crowd or wander the walks around dusk when locals and visitors swarm to the Precinct.

Go Underground At The Capricorn Caves

The Capricorn Caves are among the great gems on this list of things to do in Rockhampton. You can journey to the Capricorn Caves, one of Australia’s most significant privately owned cave systems, and explore various caves there.

Capricorn Caves

Credit Source: ourcoastlife.com.au

Cathedral Cave is the most well-liked and visually spectacular trip. Due to the enormous acoustic quality and the way sound reverberates off the walls, this vast room, encircled by limestone columns, has even hosted events like opera and weddings.

Sip The Award Winning Spirits Of Saleyards Distillery

We were shocked to find out that there was a distillery close to Rockhampton. We were even more amazed to see that Saleyards Distillery is winning accolades for both its black rum and gin on a global scale. We came by on one of their regular, free tastings and tours. Their fantastic Billy Goat Gin combines over 30 different kinds of botanicals to create something lovely. Goodbye, Christmas tree gins of yore.

TASA Winners Spirit Award Winners

Credit Source: glamadelaide.com.au

And although their gin is excellent, their Capricorn Spiced rum is fantastic. If Saleyards Distillery’s recent prize for best-spiced rum at the 2020 World Rum Awards isn’t incentive enough to visit, I need to find out what is.

The Capricorn Spiced has a “funky nose with exotic fruits and spices,” according to the experts. On the palate, there are candied fruits and an excellent spice balance. Quite fascinating. The nose is incredibly intricate and exudes quality and balance. It’s a pleasant surprise since the palate is so vivid. Whatever you say about the Capricorn Spiced, it will undoubtedly be praised.

Explore The Rockhampton Botanic Gardens

The Rockhampton Botanic Gardens is one of the oldest public gardens in all of Queensland. They are heritage-listed and much more than ordinary gardens. And with free admittance and Queensland’s warm climate, we thought it a perfect spot to begin learning about Rockhampton and our top free things to do in Rockhampton.

rockhampton botanic gardens war memorial ocl

Credit Source: explorerockhampton.com.au

Our favourites were the Japanese tranquilly garden and the sombre Cenotaph honouring Australian soldiers, divided into a lower, higher, outer, war memorial, and dry gardens. Visit the Hugo Lassen Fernery, which has rock gardens and an unusual collection of ferns that we urge you to see.

The Murray Lagoon and the Yeppen-Yeppen Lagoon border the gardens, increasing the number of birds in the area. Additionally, a playground for kids is shaded by magnificent weeping figs for smaller guests.

Mount Archer National Park

Hit the trails in Mount Archer National Park and explore the beautiful surroundings of Rockhampton. Walk through dry jungles and eucalyptus groves as you ascend to picturesque lookouts to take in the stunning scenery of the Darumbal region.

Mont Archer National Park

Credit Source: tripadvisor.com.au

Take the relatively simple First Turkey trailhead to Mugul and meander among swamp mahogany and bluegums, or choose the slightly more difficult Nurim summit walk, where you’ll be rewarded with beautiful views as you ascend.

Mountain Biking At First Turkey

If you enjoy some cross-country and downhill riding, you’re in for a treat because Rockhampton is home to First Turkey, arguably the best mountain bike park in all of Queensland. There is a track here for every ability level, with 35km of trails divided over 37 immaculate green, blue, and black runs.

First Turkey Mountain Bike Park LR

Credit Source: visitcapricorn.com.au

The trailhead, situated on the side of Mount Archer National Park, begins at the German St. parking area and travels along Moore’s Creek toward the Zamia hiking route.

To begin your trek towards the summit of the trails, you can start at several different trailheads. Take Jackhammer for a short but strenuous climb, or test your mettle on the challenging Two-Up blue run. A friendly alternative to Lower Wild Pig is to climb to the top.

Escape The City At Alkoomi Adventure Farmstay

Book a few nights at the excellent Alkoomi Adventure Farmstay if you’re seeking a rural getaway and have always wanted to try farming. Alkoomi, which is only 30 minutes from the city centre and is relatively new to this list of Rockhampton tourist sites, is creating a lot of buzz.

Alkoomi Horses Windmill 1024x682 1

Credit Source: alkoomiadventurefarmstay.com.au

The former cattle farm has been revitalised by the new owners, Bec and Dave, who have combined their love of the outback and their experience with it to produce a family-friendly experience.

Watch Sunset From Mount Archer

OCL Mount Archer sunset web 1080x863 1

Credit Source: ourcoastlife.com.au

One of Rockhampton’s gems is Mount Archer National Park, and every visit to the city is complete with ascending to the summit to see the sunset. Not only are you sure to get one of Rockhampton’s most incredible views, but you can also drive right up to the top, making it open to everyone. Park your car, walk west, have a seat (and perhaps some food), and take in the natural light display.

Find The Waterfall At Kershaw Gardens

kershaw gardens waterfall

Credit Source: tripadvisor.com.au

There are many beautiful gardens in Rocky to explore, but Kershaw Gardens is one of the best. In Kershaw during the day, you’ll notice a lot of folks relaxing and strolling, and it won’t be hard to find a decent spot to spread out a picnic rug. Make sure to check out Kershaw Gardens’ waterfall. Despite being artificial, it is beautiful and provides the impression of being a tropical oasis in the middle of the metropolis.

Spot Wildlife At Rockhampton Zoo

The Zoo, a part of the Botanic Gardens, was first established in 1925 and is arguably Rockhampton’s top tourist destination and a great option for things to do in Rockhampton during school breaks. The variety of animals has increased from a few monkeys, possums, guinea pigs, and peafowl to over 60 species of Australian and exotic animals today. The type of creatures displayed at this serene and green zoo includes cheeky chimps, adorable otters, spiky crocs, and soft koalas. 

school tours website

Credit Source: rockhamptonzoo.com.au

The meticulously and thoughtfully designed habitats make this zoo a terrific place for all ages, especially a top family Rockhampton destination. The Australian Wetlands area, with its enormous saltwater crocodile known as “The Colonel”, was enjoyable for its singularity. The cage known as Kangaroo Country is teeming with adorable, bouncy marsupials. There are numerous feeding sessions to attend, and daily Keeper Talks in the afternoon will resume.

Hike The Zamia Trail

The Zamia Trail, a 14-kilometre walk through the national park that leads down to the German Street Reserve, starts from Mount Archer’s summit. Before descending into typical Australian bushland, the walk begins amid rocky woodlands. There is lots of flora and fauna along the road, and from time to time, views across the Berserker range and the Pacific Ocean peek out from between the trees.


Credit Source: kids-around-perth.com

The most effective approach to complete the Zamia Trail is to leave one car at the trailhead and, if you have access to a second one, leave it at the finish so you can shuttle back. Alternatively, you can walk around the way you came from your car or call a taxi (or Uber) to transport you there. If you go downward, it’s a simple trek, but remember to pack water and snacks.


Is It Hot In Rockhampton?

Due to its subtropical environment, Rockhampton has warm to hot temperatures all year round. It is also just south of the equator to avoid the tropical region’s torrential rainstorms while being far enough North to avoid them during the winter.

What Is Rockhampton Famous For?

This region of Rockhampton’s CBD is one of the highlights of any visit to the city because of the concentration of gorgeous old buildings, the tree-lined lanes, and the softly flowing Fitzroy River next to Quay Street. A sizable and prosperous city, Rockhampton is known as the unofficial capital of Central Queensland.

What Is Renowned About Rockhampton?

In the Rockhampton Region of Queensland, Australia, Rockhampton City is the city of Rockhampton’s central area in the census of 2016. In Rockhampton City, there were 1,953 inhabitants. The Rockhampton Central Business District (CBD) is its colloquial name.

How Cold Is Rockhampton?

Summer thunderstorms might be expected in Rockhampton because it is in a cyclone danger zone. Fog is expected in the winter and the first few days of spring. From October through March, maximum temperatures in the low to mid-40s have been seen. Wintertime minimum temperatures have been recorded as low as zero.

Rockhampton, Is It A City Or A Town?

The largest city in the Fitzroy River Basin, Rockhampton, is 640 kilometres (km) north of Brisbane, just past the Tropic of Capricorn. The largest town in the Fitzroy River Basin, which extends farther inland than the region typically associated with Capricornia, is located 40 km upstream from the mouth of the Fitzroy River.

Final Words

One of the oldest cities in Northern Australia is Rockhampton. Suppose you enjoy historic structures, contemporary history, and beautiful natural settings. In that case, Rockhampton has much to offer, whether you spend the day exploring the city or venture a little further afield. Here, we’ve included a list of our top recommendations for things to do in Rockhampton. Rockhampton, the central hub for the vast cattle area to the west, is known as the meat capital of Queensland. 

On the city’s outskirts, the well-known Rockhampton Bull serves as a reminder and welcomes visitors from all over. There are also many other fantastic things to do in Rockhampton, even though meat may be a huge deal there. So, before leaving to explore the Capricorn Coast, pull up a stool at a neighbourhood pub for a steak. Then, use the above list of the most incredible things to do in Rockhampton.

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