13 Fun Things to Do in Toowoomba, Australia

Things to Do in Toowoomba
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Toowoomba is full of Affordable Activities and Attractions. We will discuss the best things to do in Toowoomba. It is a city in southeastern Queensland, Australia, on the Great Dividing Range. Winters in Toowoomba are very mild compared to other countries. Snowfall is infrequent, and most of the time, the warm sunshine keeps us dry. 

Toowoomba is a regional city that is well-known for its parks and gardens. Its lush farmlands make it a productive food bowl with many foodie attractions, lakes, and national parks—the city’s name and region in the Darling Downs in Toowoomba.

Besides, it is a hard-to-beat city for its art, cuisine, and natural beauty. This region has much to offer in terms of culture and natural beauty and more than meets the eye. After a few days, you’ll understand why many people make Toowoomba their home. 


Founded as a village in 1849, it became a town in 1858, a municipality in 1860, and a town in 1904. On January 10, 2011, severe flash floods from torrential rains hit Toowoomba, devastating the city and leaving dozens dead or missing. Pop (2006) Local Government Area, 90.199; (2011) Regional Councils, 151.189.

The Reason Behind The Naming 

The traditional name was earned by the name “Goomburra,” or “the ones who hunt with fire,” by the coastal tribes. Tom Alford told the tale of how Toowoomba got its name. “His great-great-grandmother named her house Toowoomba after the local,” he said.

An Aboriginal word refers to the two springs in the area. The name was particularly taken as that of the town.

Is Toowoomba Worth Visiting?

The city of Toowoomba is well-known for its stunning parks and gardens. Is it worth visiting? The answer is Yes; it has everything that you are looking for. Suppose you’re looking for a green, laid-back, rural feel. Yes, Toowoomba is worth a visit!

Things to do in Toowoomba – Exploring And Must-See Attraction 

The magnificent Queens Park, Laurel Bank Park, State Rose Garden, and Australia’s most extensive Japanese Garden are among the city’s more than 250 parks and gardens. Toowoomba is affectionately known as the “Garden City” because of the stunning floral displays in these parks.

If you want your trip full of culture, food, history, and heritage, follow this guide to the best things to do in Toowoomba.

1. Queens Park

The 26.3 hectares of green space that make up Toowoomba’s Queens Park is in the city’s heart. The Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers, which draws nearly 300,000 people to the city streets yearly, is held in Queens Park. Additionally, the local Food and Wine Festival takes place on the lawns.

Find an obscure spot under the stupendous old trees at this legacy recorded garden, then investigate its many spaces. Large areas of grass and playgrounds for children make this the ideal location for a family picnic. It was a pleasant day out. Enjoy it to the fullest by having a picnic.

2. Laurel Bank Park

One of Toowoomba’s most beautiful attractions is Laurel Bank Park, where you can test your knowledge of plants. It boasts vast carpets of bursting, bright blooms and gardens that have been meticulously maintained across its 4 hectares.

Stop by the fragrant garden and smell the roses for an olfactory treat: The Downs Association of the Blind created the park for visually impaired people in the garden. To locate it, walk toward the centre.

3. Regional Art Gallery

The Toowoomba Street Art Trail is a massive outdoor gallery extending several floors into the sky. With over fifty murals to admire, Neil Street hosts most of the activity. Buildings and cafes can easily be wrangled into and out of one another for an afternoon.

  • Toowoomba City Collection
  • The Fred & Lucy Gould Collection
  • The Lionel Lindsay Gallery and Library.

Since the local council funded the street art festival First Coat in 2013, Toowoomba’s street art scene has grown in the mural count and hipster cred. Even though the festival is over, you can start your art crawl at Ground Up Espresso Bar (because of caffeine).

4. Cobb And Co Museum

We’re looking at you, history buffs. Visit the Cobb+Co Museum to learn more about Toowoomba’s pioneering past. You can learn much about life during the Cobb and Co. era by joining the twice-daily guided tour of the National Carriage Collection of horse-drawn vehicles. Take your time exploring the museum’s permanent and temporary exhibits. We wrote this blog post for you to help you find more museums like this one.

5. Street Art Walking Trail

Since the local council funded the street art festival First Coat in 2013, Toowoomba’s street art scene has grown in the mural count and hipster cred. Even though the festival is over, you can start your art crawl at Ground Up Espresso Bar (because of caffeine). It will help you get from one artwork to the next. You’ll want to wear comfortable shoes because you have 55 murals to see.

Moreover, The Toowoomba Street Art Trail is a massive outdoor gallery extending several floors into the sky. With over fifty murals to admire, Neil Street hosts most of the activity. Buildings and cafes can easily be wrangled into and out of one another for an afternoon.

6. Stroll The Heritage Trail

The heritage city offers much to those who enjoy immersing themselves in architecture and history. During your time in the city, check out one of the eight self-guided heritage trails.

The City Hall, Empire Theatre, and St. Luke’s Anglican Church, faithfully restored in the late 19th century, comprise the cultural and legal district walking tail in the central city area.

7. Hike Table Top Mountain

We have a brand-new trail for you, experienced hikers. The Grade Five unmarked track that leads to Table Top summit, which is at the edge of Toowoomba, is challenging to navigate due to rock scrambling and loose gravel.

You will be rewarded with panoramic views of Lockyer Valley to the east, Main Range to the south, and the track’s 700 metres above sea level, guaranteed to get your heart pumping.

There is a well-worn trail that you can follow if you need clarification on carving out a new path because it has been used for years as a training track for hikers preparing for Mount Kilimanjaro and the Kokoda Trail. The climb is all difficult. However, the highest point of view is a definitive prize.

8. Carnival Of Flowers Event

If you want to visit when blossoms are at their pinnacle, come during September when the city wakes up for the yearly extended Toowoomba Amusement Park of Blossoms.

Even after you’ve had your fill of flowers, there is still much to see and do at this festival, including sideshows, gourmet food tours, live music, and flower parades. It should come as no surprise that this event draws many people yearly; therefore, book your accommodations in advance and look into other ways to spend the weekend before the carnival.

9. Toowoomba Farmers Market

Bring your tote bag and use the weekly farmers market to buy directly from local food producers, artisans, and farmers. On Saturdays, from 7 a.m. to 12 p.m., you can shop for local meat, produce, artisan baking, preserves, and crafts at Cobb+Co Museum.

10. Ju Raku En Japanese Garden

Japanese Gardens USQ QLD is frequently cited as one of the city’s most peaceful and beautiful locations, with more than 150 public parks and gardens. The property, on the University of Southern Queensland grounds and spans 4.5 hectares (11 acres), is Australia’s most extensive traditional Japanese garden.

The garden offers visitors a chance to unwind and stroll through an area that encourages quiet contemplation and features mountain streams, waterfalls, manicured lawns, and more than 230 species of Japanese and Australian native trees and plants. Local artists frequently look to these serene landscapes for ideas, and young couples often choose this location for their weddings.

11. Book At Show At The Empire Theatre

Think again if you thought big cities like Chicago only had art deco theatres with bright neon signs. Catch a cabaret, comedy show, or theatre production at Australia’s largest regional performing arts complex, the Empire Theatre.

Have no time for a show? Even so, it’s still worth a visit, especially at night when the exterior provides the ideal setting for a memorable photo.

12. Picnic Point Park And Walking Tracks

From the Lockyer Valley, a large flag will be visible to your left as you drive over the hill into Toowoomba. Picnic Point is a great park with walking trails, a lookout, and a picnic spot. Although the 160-acre parkland is not named after the act of pulling out homemade cheese and tomato sandwiches from under a blanket, it is one of the best places to do so.

The lookout, which offers sweeping views of Main Ridge and Lockyer Valley and has been a popular destination for locals and tourists since the early 1900s, is one of Toowoomba’s most popular destinations. Haven’t you brought snacks? For a treat and a coffee made by the barista, visit Picnic Point Cafe.

On a clear day, the lookout and several walking trails offer spectacular views of the ranges and valley beyond. Bring your picnic to enjoy in the park or get ice cream or coffee from the kiosk at the top. I recommend going to the waterfall down below.

13. Enjoy Dinner At Zev’s Bistro

Want to taste Southern Queensland Country’s best cuisine without leaving Toowoomba’s central business district?

Go to Zev’s Bistro, where daily menus highlight the best of what’s available and highlight seasonal and local produce. Experience the region’s best plate at a time by selecting from an a la carte or chef’s pick tasting menu.

Plan More 50 Things To Do In Toowoomba With Friends And Families

Are you looking for fun things to do today in Toowoomba? We have the most comprehensive list of things to do in and around Toowoomba.

In this article, you’ll find the 50 best things to do in Toowoomba with kids. These fun days in Toowoomba will entertain you and your kids all day!

We have divided the list of Toowoomba attractions into different categories. Scroll down to find suggestions for some of Toowoomba’s top attractions.

Quickly saw a list of Adventure Activities In Toowoomba

  • Cobb+Co Museum
  • Darling Downs Zoo
  • Royal Bull’s Head Inn
  • Highfields Pioneer Village
  • Cowboy Up Horse Riding
  • Toowoomba Live Steamers
  • Australian Army Flying Museum
  • Toowoomba Model Railway Club
  • DownsSteam Tourist Railway & Museum
  • Transport and Main Roads Heritage Centre
  • Jondaryan Woolshed: open-air working museum

Culture In Toowoomba

  • Street Art
  • Kindermusik
  • Maker’s Market
  • Empire Theatre Toowoomba
  • Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery
  • USQ School of Creative Arts (formerly Artsworx)

Parks And Walks In Toowoomba

  • Historic Walks
  • Laurel Bank Park
  • Gumbi Gumbi gardens
  • Peacehaven Botanic Park
  • Toowoomba Waterbird Habitat
  • Queens Park Botanic Gardens
  • Ju Raku En Japanese Gardens
  • Historic Spring Bluff Railway Station
  • Newtown Park and State Rose Garden

Nature Experiences In Toowoomba

  • Lake Cooby
  • J.E. Duggan Park
  • Picnic Point Parklands
  • Murphy’s Creek Escape
  • Crows Nest National Park
  • Tabletop Mountain (hiking)

Play Activities For Kids In Toowoomba

  • inflatable World
  • Ten-pin bowling
  • Laser Skirmish
  • Swimming pools
  • Chipmunks play centre
  • Chipmunks play centre
  • Tick Tock Escape Room
  • Kloud9ine Trampoline Park
  • iPlay Cafe and Playcentre
  • Bubble soccer and indoor sports

Places To Eat With Kids In Toowoomba

  • Park House Cafe
  • Wilsonton Hotel
  • The Chocolate Cottage and Cafe
  • Cafe Guitar (Permanently closed)

Day Trips From Toowoomba

  • Related posts
  • Coomba Falls
  • Lake Cressbrook
  • Bunya Mountains
  • Carnival of Flowers
  • Ravensbourne National Park


Q1: What Is The Big Thing At Toowoomba?

Like many of Australia’s Big Things, the Big Sausage King in Toowoomba, Queensland’s Centenary Heights, was built as a mascot.

Q2: Is Toowoomba Cheaper Than Brisbane?

If you rented in Brisbane and Toowoomba, you would need approximately 6,461.2 A$ to maintain the same standard of living as someone making 8,700.0 A$. This calculation uses our Cost of Living Plus Rent Index to compare living costs.

Q3: What Is the Best Part Of Toowoomba?

The following are some of the most well-liked areas and suburbs:

  • Westbrook.
  • Spring in Kearney.
  • Toowoomba’s south.
  • Rangeville. It is one of Toowoomba’s most populated areas and Mount Lofty’s most popular area, with over 8,000 people living there.

Final Note 

We will describe everything essential things to do In Toowoomba, Australia. Check out everything that Toowoomba has to offer! This Australian city has something for everyone, from picnicking in one of its many parks to exploring its bustling farmers market.

Therefore, what are you waiting for? Make plans now for your trip to Toowoomba!

Thank you for reading this blog today to find out whether Toowoomba and the things to do are worth visiting. I hope you were able to locate what you were looking for.

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