20 Tourist Attractions in Australia: Don’t Miss These

Top 20 Tourist Attractions In Australia
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Australia is a beautiful place to visit, rich with natural beauty and wildlife. Discovering the whole of Australia in one trip is an impossible thing to do. If you’re anything like us, you’ll need to keep returning. If you’re planning a trip to Australia, starting with one of these famous locations can be helpful.

You must decide what to see and where to go when planning your trip. For these, we have created Top 20 Tourist Attractions In Australia: Don’t Miss These. You can see all the famous must-see locations in Australia if you have the time to spend a year or more travelling by campervan. 

Start The Journey From Queensland

Queensland is a state in Australia that covers the northeastern portion of the continent and has an approximately 7,000 km-long coastline.

Great Barrier Reef

Great barrier reef

It may be the most well-known destination in Australia but with good cause. One of the world’s seven natural wonders is the Great Barrier Reef. The Great Barrier Reef spans 3000 km of Queensland’s coast and is a diver’s paradise. Whether you are an experienced diver, a casual snorkeler, or a beginner to the underwater world, you may reserve a liveaboard dive boat holiday to travel to the most secluded dive locations on the reef, go on a helicopter tour of the breathtaking waters, or learn how to dive while wearing a helmet. One of your favourite experiences will come from it. 

Daintree Rainforest

Daintree Rainforest

The Daintree Rainforest lies in Queensland and is one of Australia’s natural marvels. It is 1200 square km in size and is 180 million years old. Tourists can go on a Dreamtime walk with an Indigenous guide from the Kuku Yalanji Tribe. Stay at Silky Oak Lodge in the rainforest and unwind in your treehouse while taking in the sounds of the old forest. The Mossman River also offers paddleboarding opportunities. The neighbourhood saltwater crocodiles aren’t far inland, so don’t be alarmed.

Fraser Island

fraser island kgari indian head beach

Due to its 75-mile-long beach, Fraser Island is one of the most remarkable Australian destinations. It’s among the world’s longest. In the village of Noosa, you may rent a four-wheel drive truck and begin your journey on one of the most adventurous trips you’ll ever go on. Dunes, dingos, tide pools, and shipwrecks can all be found on this island. Drivers and aircraft share the beach; just one more thing! Yes, an airport is located directly on the white beaches. You can book a hotel or resort room to spend more time sightseeing.


Whitsunday Island Whitehaven Beach 01

Seventy-five islands comprise the Whitsundays group, located off the Queensland coast. Spend some time here if you’re going to the Great Barrier Reef. Beautiful beaches with white sand float effortlessly in a blue sea. Luxury resorts, yachting, and snorkeling are available. It is the largest island, and Whitehaven Beach is a must-visit.

Port Douglas

australia port douglas sea ocean

In Queensland’s Tropical North, a peaceful vacation community is called Port Douglas. It’s the ideal place to spend a few days relaxing and seeing Australia’s natural beauty because it is the starting point for trips. A road journey to Port Douglas is essential because it is situated along Australia’s most beautiful coast. View our spectacular flight over the Great Barrier Reef from Port Douglas.

Gold Coast

Gold Coast Australia Surfers Paradise

Gold Coast of Australia, home to the renowned Surfer’s Paradise, offers an infinite stretch of beach with excellent surf breakers. While beachgoers enjoy the many restaurants and dining options, highrise resorts and villas border the sand. Surfing classes are available, or you can rent a bike and head to Currumbin Beach and Burleigh Head to watch the pros catch waves. Visit the Skypoint Observation Deck for a fantastic view to take it all in from above.


Southeast Australia’s state of Victoria. With a land size of 227,444 sq km (87,817 sq mi), it is the second-smallest state and home to the second-most populous metropolis.

Twelve Apostles

12 Apostles at sunset Port Campbell National Park Victoria Australia Flickr Romain Pontida

One of Melbourne’s most popular day trips is to the Great Ocean Road. You can reach the fantastic Twelve Apostles by driving down the shore. The Twelve Apostles were the most breathtaking location in Australia. But you must complete the Great Ocean Walk to get a true sense of this harsh coastline. You travel along a coastal road that is inaccessible by car. Take a helicopter trip over the Apostles to fully appreciate their beauty. 


Melbourne 1

Melbourne may be the most chilled city in all of Australia. This place is a favourite place for every Australian. It is also a fantastic destination for tourists. It has been declared the most liveable city in the world. Some highlights of Melbourne- Queen Victoria Market, The Arcades and Secret Lanes, Eureka Square, Federation Skydeck, and Graffiti Lane are just a few of the highlights.

South Australia

South Australia

Australia’s southern central region includes the state of South Australia. It consists of some of the hottest areas of the nation. It is the second-smallest state in terms of population and has the fourth-largest total land area (984,321 square kilometres) among Australia’s states and territories.

Kangaroo Island

AUS Kangaroo Island Remarkable Rocks

Off the coast of South Australia is Kangaroo Island, a fantastic location in Australia to explore for a few days. Kangaroos, Koalas, Seals, and Pelicans may all be found in this magnificent natural paradise. Even a Birds of Prey rehabilitation facility exists where you may see a show and discover more about native birds on the continent. The Remarkables is a 500 million-year-old granite boulders creation that is a must-see at sunset in this lovely area. According to many, the best beach in Australia is on Kangaroo Island.

Wilpena Pound

Wilpena Pound

Wilpena Pound is an incredible 80-square-kilometer-long granite amphitheater. It is 450 kilometres from Adelaide to this location in the Flinders Ranges of South Australia. The National Park, surrounded by mountains, is an excellent area to stay. A visit to the 100 million-year-old Flinders Ranges is a genuinely fantastic experience. It is also among Australia’s most significant locations to see the extremely rare yellow-footed rock wallaby.

Barossa Valley

Barossa Valley

Australia’s most renowned vineyards are located in the Barossa Valley. Wineries like Wolf Blass, Lehmann, and Penfolds are just a few that you may visit here. Hiring a driver to tour the valley’s stunning countryside is best to enjoy the Barossa Valley’s wines properly. It’s a gorgeous area to spend a few days in, and it’s only an hour outside of Adelaide.

Burra Homestead

australia burra no people derelict

The Burra Homestead in Australia has gained notoriety because of Midnight Oil’s Diesel and Dust album cover and is a must-visit location for photographers. Homesteaders left the property years ago, and it now stands by the side of the road all by itself. We took a significant detour to view it because it’s simple to overlook. We had to witness this because we are such ardent music lovers.

Lake Gairdner

Lake Gairdner SA

A salt lake called Lake Gairdner can be found in South Australia’s Gawler Ranges. When you get to the lake, you’ve landed on another world. The Gawler Ranges’ red hills provide the perfect backdrop to the lake, a magnificent expanse of white land.

New South Wales

Fairfield New South Wales Australia

A state in southeast Australia, New South Wales is known for its coastal cities and national parks. Its capital, Sydney, is home to famous buildings, including the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge.

Sydney Opera House

building river sunrise sydney opera house

It is undoubtedly the most recognizable structure in Australia, and it does not disappoint to see it dominate the Sydney skyline. Since 1973 the Sydney Opera House has emerged Operahouse as Australia’s leading tourist destination. When we were in Sydney, we never went inside the opera house, but strolling around it and seeing the scenery from the waterfront will always remind us why it is one of the most recognizable structures in the world.

Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains National Park AU Three Sisters 2019 1983

The Blue Mountains, only 50 kilometres (32 miles) from Sydney, are another well-known sight that draws many tourists. The Three Sisters are the Blue Mountains’ most recognizable sight. A spectacular view of the three sisters towering over the Jamison Valley can be had from Echo Point Lookout.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney Harbour Bridge Australia

Another one of the city icons is the Sydney Harbour Bridge, right after the Sydney Opera House. The largest steel bridge in the world, it links the CBD to the North Shore. You should attempt the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb if you want adventure. 



The vast, barely populated, and primarily dry regions that comprise Australia’s interior and isolated beaches are collectively called the “Outback.”

South, West, North, And East Australia

Nearly every state in Australia is surrounded by the Outback, which covers a vast continent. You must visit the Outback if you are in Australia. Gawler Ranges Wilderness Safaris took us on a multi-day excursion through South Australia, allowing us to fully appreciate all the marvels of Australia’s fabled Outback. You feel like a pioneer as you drive past salt lakes, red sands, and rock formations. Even though the Outback is arid and dusty, residents still homestead there and raise sheep alongside kangaroos and emus.

Northern Territory

Australia’s Northern Territory, also known as NT, is a sizable federal territory known for its Outback arid landscapes.


Uluru helicopter view cropped

Ayers Rock, better known as Uluru, is one of the most well-known sights in the Outback and is close to Alice Springs. The local indigenous population revered Uluru, a UNESCO World Heritage site. In contrast to the flat desert surroundings, it is an imposing sight at 348 metres high. It is a popular destination on overland travels because it is 3 1/2 km long and about 2 km wide.

Western Australia

free photo of contos beach western australia

The dry Outback comprises most of Western Australia, comprising the whole western third of the nation. One of Earth’s oldest known living societies, the whitest beach and most expansive stretch of the Outback, UNESCO World Heritage reef and rock formations, top-notch surf, and fine wines still have reasons to return.

Hamelin Bay Stingrays

hamelin stingray2 scaled 1
Credit Source: Cape to Cape Explorer Tours

The best site to see stingrays, in Mr and Mrs. Bucketlist’s opinion, is in Hamelin Bay. Local stingrays frequent these waterways in the Margaret River Region to feast on nearby fishermen. You may snorkel with the stingrays because they are very amiable. Hamelin Bay is also a lovely area to spend time in because it is picture-perfect. 


Pinnacles desert Nambung National Park Western Australia 25 Aug. 2012 1

A trip to the Pinnacles of Nambung National Park is required if you enjoy unusual sceneries. The Pinnacles are another unique Australian location, around 200 kilometres from Perth, the state’s capital. The Pinnacles are ancient structures created when the area was underwater. They range in height from little stumps to pillars that are 3 metres high.


Why Is Australia A Good Tourist Attraction?

Australia is one of the most desirable tourist destinations in the world due to its magnificent natural surroundings, multicultural populations, fantastic food and wine, weather, way of life, and friendly and outgoing population.

What Are The Five Major Cities In Australia?

Sydney is the largest and most populous Australian city, followed by Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide. Darwin is the fifteenth most populated city, and Canberra is the ninth. Use PowerPoint slide five to have students match the state to the state capital.

What Is Cool About Australia?

The only continent without an active volcano is Australia. Melbourne, Victoria, is home to the largest Greek community outside Athens, Greece. On eBay, an Australian guy once attempted to sell New Zealand. 

How Many Big Tourist Attractions Are There In Australia?

Australia is known for its enormous structures, some of which are works of innovative architecture and others sculptures. Over 230 similar items are thought to exist in the nation.

Which City Attracts The Most Tourists?

In Hong Kong. In recent years, Hong Kong has surpassed Bangkok to become the city with the most visitors worldwide. There were 26.6 million visitors to Hong Kong. Hong Kong anticipates receiving at least 31 million tourists shortly, over 5 million more than its nearest competitor.

Final Thoughts

The sixth-largest nation in the world is Australia. Take your time, enjoy the voyage, and explore all the magnificent sights Australia offers. Australian landmarks are breathtaking, from the heavenly apostles to Dreamtime Walks. The Great Barrier Reef, mysterious islands, expansive coastlines, stunning towns, the breathtaking desert, and the rare fauna are all condensed into the name of Australia.

Australia can exhibit exceptional geodiversity that you might not see elsewhere. The list of Top 20 Tourist Attractions In Australia: Don’t Miss These places while you are on the trip.

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