Ultimate Perth to Carnarvon Road Trip: Enjoy Coastal Wonders

Ultimate Perth to Carnarvon Road Trip
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Driving from Perth to Carnarvon gives an impression of Western Australia’s size. Even while the trip from Perth to Carnarvon seems like a very long stretch behind the wheel, it has only travelled a small portion of the Western Australian coast. Even with the enormous distances required, you can still have a blast if you make it a road trip.

Before departing, Perth offers magnificent Swan River cruises, day visits to Rottnest Island, and gold-pouring experiences at the Perth Mint. Driving from Perth to Carnarvon takes around nine hours and 58 minutes due to the distance of 919 kilometres. It seems sensible to divide that into two legs. But there are plenty of great options for overnight stops from Perth to Carnarvon.

Travel Distance919 km
Travel Time by car9 Hours 58 minutes

Perth To Garden Cafe On Guildford

Travel Distance5.4 km
Travel Time by car9 minutes

You’d be excused if you didn’t recognise this as a cafe from the street. Despite being on a main road, it must appear to be an old house from the 1960s. Once inside, it is immediately apparent that it is a little cafe furnished with tables and seats. The passageway leads to a backyard garden if you keep going through it. There is a long table here and a side door to a side street.

This is a precious find. In addition to the tranquil setting, the meal was fantastic. I enjoyed one of the most excellent “big breakfast” meals ever while we were there for breakfast. Everything our table ordered, including the coffee, lattes, and service, was as unique as the food.

Garden Cafe On Guildford To Liberty Cataby Oil And Restaurant

Travel Distance152 km
Travel Time by car1 Hour 41 minutes

David Goldberger and David Wieland, who had formed Solo in 1974 and sold it to Ampol in 1989, founded Liberty Oil in 1995. A ten-year non-compete condition that applied to Goldberger and Wieland was later declared invalid by the Trade Practises Commision when Ampol merged with Caltex.

Liberty leased 69 of its locations to Woolworths, which changed its name to Woolworths Plus Petrol in July 2001. Its market share of the Australian gasoline market at this point was 8%. Liberty Oil Convenience was established as a joint venture to operate the current Liberty retail network. Viva Energy owns 50%, and Goldberger and Wieland have the remaining ownership as part of Viva Energy acquiring a full license.  

Liberty Cataby Oil And Restaurant To Badgingarra National Park

Travel Distance55.6 km
Travel Time by car39 minutes

One of the most stunning attractions of the world’s most extraordinary wildflower collection is Badgingarra National Park. Its stunning breakaways and undulating sandplains are tinted with the flowers of Western Australia’s most distinctive and uncommon species between July and late September after good winter rainfall. You may see more of the state’s floral displays on the route to Badgingarra National Park if you go north from Perth via the Indian Ocean Drive or the Everlastings Wildflower Trail at this time of year. 

Although the journey takes under three hours, you should leave more time for breaks to see wildflowers. Walking the 3.5-kilometre Badgingarra Nature Trail in the early morning or late afternoon is the finest way to take in the park’s 13,108 hectares of wildflower wonders. As you go by banksias, verticordia, mallee, mottlecah, and kangaroo paws, keep your camera ready for emus, kangaroos, reptiles, bustards, and the beautiful wedge-tailed eagle also call this area home.

Badgingarra National Park To Parking Bay Southbound

Travel Distance56.7 km
Travel Time by car40 minutes

The parking bay for southbound vehicles is typically found on the right side of the street or the side closest to the rightmost lane. Signs or pavement markings and any applicable limits or rules may be used to identify them. The southbound parking space has a similar layout to other areas but is positioned to accommodate cars facing south.

The main goal of Parking Bay Southbound is to give drivers a secure and practical place to leave their vehicles. At the same time, they engage in various activities, such as going out to eat, going to appointments, or visiting neighbouring businesses. Parking Bay Southbound could be subject to particular rules or limits enacted by regional authorities, just like any other parking lot. 

Parking Bay Southbound To Geraldton Motor Inn

Travel Distance167 km
Travel Time by car1 Hour 45 minutes

The Geraldton Motor Inn provides lodging with a bar and free private parking for travellers who drive in Geraldton, just 1.2 km from Geraldton Back Beach and 2.9 km from Greys Beach. The 3-star hotel includes a restaurant with free WiFi and air-conditioned rooms with private bathrooms. The property is 4.4 kilometres from Batavia Coast Marina and is non-smoking. The apartments have a desk, refrigerator, microwave, kettle, shower, and complimentary toiletries. 

Each room features a flat-screen TV and a closet, and some accommodations at the hotel have balconies. Each room at the Geraldton Motor Inn has towels and bed linens. The hotel serves a full English and Irish breakfast. Geraldton, Western Australia’s Mid-West and Coral Coast Region, offers a wealth of local attractions, recreational pursuits, retail establishments, history, culture, festivals, events, and a thriving food scene, making GMI an ideal starting point for exploring these areas.

Geraldton Motor Inn To Hamelin Pool

Travel Distance282 km
Travel Time by car3 Hours

The Shark Bay World Heritage Area includes this marine nature reserve. Hamelin Pool can initially appear to be a routine stony beach. Looking closely, you can notice that the rocks have a peculiar appearance. Marine stromatolites are unusual formations that resemble rocks. Extremely rare and ancient. They have been present at Hamelin Pool for 3.5 billion years and are known as “living fossils.” Welcome to the world’s oldest living organisms.

Hamelin Pool is well known worldwide since there are only two places on Earth where these living fossils may be found. They give us a peek at the planet’s appearance billions of years ago. At Hamelin Pool, stratovolcanoes flourish unhindered. Because of a bar that spans the bay’s entrance, the seawater is twice as salty as typical seawater. 

A precisely made viewing boardwalk has been constructed so that you may see and safeguard these vulnerable lifeforms. Stromatolites and areas within 300 metres of the shore are off-limits for boating, swimming, diving, and snorkelling. Although not nearly as old as the stromatolites, the reserve has more history to be uncovered.

In Hamelin Pool, a shell known as the hamelin cockle was so prevalent that it crushed into a solid mass. Some of Shark Bay’s historic structures utilised this material, which was cut into blocks. On the Boolagoorda Walk, have a look at the former quarry location. You’ll be more curious about the origins of life on Earth after visiting Hamelin Pool Marine Nature Reserve. It’s one of WA’s unique locations.

Hamelin Pool To Gladstone Scenic Lookout

Travel Distance50.6 km
Travel Time by car31 Minutes

The picturesque lookout over the Gladstone National Park is about 250 metres off the main road, close to the North West Coastal Highway. Beautiful views of Western Australia’s generally relatively flat landscape may be seen from the peak. Although a few hills are dotted about, this one has a road leading to the overlook. The overlook is rather basic, consisting only of a few rails and a garbage can. There is plenty of room for parking. People have rearranged stones below the viewpoint to form phrases, rudimentary images, and shapes. 

Initials and names are the most common selections. The initials GKLS are surrounded by a love heart, and what appears to be Homer Simpson’s first words are at the rear. The road leading to the so-called Wooramel Lookout is sealed. The gravel road Gladstone Scenic Lookout leads to the hill in the image. Be careful to observe the gnomes taking in the scenery at Gladstone Scenic Lookout. A few kilometres south along the road is a brown sign indicating it.

Gladstone Scenic Lookout To Discovery Parks

Travel Distance146 km
Travel Time by car1 Hour 27 Minutes

Carnarvon extends a warm welcome to contemporary visitors to the area. Discovery Parks – Carnarvon is a paradise in the northwest, offering acres of lush green campsites and clean cabin accommodations. The address of Discovery Parks – Carnarvon is 546 Robinson Street. The park has a variety of lodging choices, from powered campsites to cottages with all the amenities.

The welcoming personnel will make you feel welcome, and the magnificent surroundings and first-rate amenities guarantee a delightful vacation. Discovery Parks – Carnarvon is more than simply a place to stay. It’s a tranquil refuge and the ideal starting point for exploring its prominent natural features. It offers roomy caravan and camping sites as well as self-contained cabin accommodations. All visitors, families, and animals are warmly welcomed.

Take advantage of the grassy, shaded area, swimming pool, jumping pillow, particular grass bowling green, free campers kitchen with BBQs, recreation area, and the best park and cabin accommodations. A contemporary laundry facility, an off-leash dog exercise area, a children’s playground, a jumping pillow, free WiFi, and a full calendar of seasonal social activities, such as supper nights, pancake breakfasts, charity concerts, and movie nights, are also available. The park is so active that you won’t want to leave.

Discovery Parks To Carnarvon

Travel Distance3.6 km
Travel Time by car5 Minutes

You can visit some of the best snorkelling, swimming, surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, and fishing areas in the State from Carnarvon. These locations are all strewn along a stunningly rocky length of coastline. Take in the ocean vistas from the top of the cliffs at Cape Cuvier from June to November. You might even see humpback whales on their yearly migration. Early settlers came to Carnarvon in 1876 because of its potential as a port. Today, The Carnarvon Heritage Precinct still tells many of its stories by providing museum insights and an interpretive centre to view unforgettable historic Carnarvon moments frozen in time.

Carnarvon’s vital agricultural sector is supported by the Gascoyne River and aquifer, which cordially invites you to feast on a cornucopia of fresh bananas, mangoes, papayas, carambola melons, grapes, and a wide variety of vegetables, all obtained from nearby plantations. There are also a variety of prawns, scallops, crab, and local fish available between May and October, all of which are caught by the town’s fishing fleet. Fill up your picnic basket, head inland, and spend a quiet day next to Rocky Pool, one of Australia’s most famous waterholes. This is the perfect place to watch the day transition to night and enjoy the starry skies.


Where Do You Stop On Your Way From Perth To Carnarvon?

The best rest spots on the Perth to Carnarvon highway. The Pinnacles Desert, the HMAS Sydney II Memorial, and Ocean Park Aquarium are the prominent attractions along the route from Perth to Carnarvon (with brief detours). Yanchep National Park, Rainbow Jungle, and Pink Lake Viewpoint are a few more well-liked locations.

In Between Carnarvon And Exmouth, What Is There To See?

The best places to halt along the route from Carnarvon to Exmouth (with brief detours) are Quobba Blow Holes, Coral Bay Beach, and Ningaloo Reef Dive and Snorkel. Other well-liked destinations include Yardie Creek campsite, Coral Bay EcoTours, and Milyering Visitor Centre.

How Long Is The Trip From Perth To Exmouth?

Perth and Exmouth are separated by a little more than 1,200 miles. It takes 13 hours to go nonstop from Perth to Exmouth. For comparison, the journey from Perth to Exmouth is still between 100 and 200 kilometres longer than the route from Sydney to Brisbane and about the same distance from Paris to Madrid.

When Should I Depart From Carnarvon?

Visit Carnarvon Gorge and go for a stroll to discover the natural splendour of this natural area. Hike the paths, explore side gorges, and visit Aboriginal art sites; it is advised to set aside at least three days.

Flying From Perth To Carnarvon With Qantas?

Although there are no direct flights to Carnarvon, passengers can go to Learmonth Airport, which is close to Exmouth, before renting a car and continuing the journey by driving. Direct flights operated by Qantas are available from Perth to Learmonth Airport.

Summarising Up

The Perth to Carnarvon road trip delivers an enthralling journey across the varied landscapes of Western Australia, giving visitors a one-of-a-kind and enduring experience. The road trip takes you on an excursion via stunning coastal towns, golden beaches, vast national parks, and breathtaking natural treasures, starting in the busy city of Perth.

Along the route, there are opportunities to immerse yourself in the vibrant Aboriginal culture, savour delectable regional fare, and partake in various outdoor pursuits like hiking, snorkelling, and animal watching. Western Australia’s unadulterated beauty is displayed during the road trip with its rocky cliffs, glistening waterways, and colourful flora and fauna.

The Perth to Carnarvon road trip will likely leave you with lasting memories and a better appreciation for the delights of this beautiful region, whether you’re looking for relaxation, adventure, or a closer connection with nature.

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