What Service Stations Accept Seniors Travel Card in Australia?

What Service Stations Accept Seniors Travel Card in Australia
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As we age, there are a lot of things that change in our lives, including the way that we travel. One of the biggest benefits for seniors in Australia is the Senior Travel Card.

This incredible card offers discounts on a variety of travel-related expenses, including public transportation and fuel. In this article, we will be exploring which service stations accept Senior Travel Cards and why it’s important to know.

Explanation of what a Senior Travel Card is

The Senior Travel Card is an initiative designed to help senior citizens in Australia save money on their travels. The card can be used to access discounts on public transportation, regional fares for rural and remote areas, and even free off-peak travel within certain times and zones. The card is available to Australian residents who are over 60 years old or over 50 years old if they receive a disability pension.

Importance of knowing which service stations accept it

It’s important for seniors with a Senior Travel Card to know which service stations accept it because they can get discounts on fuel prices. Many seniors rely on their cars as the primary mode of transportation, so getting discounted fuel prices can add up to big savings over time. By knowing which service stations accept the card, seniors can plan their routes accordingly and ensure that they are always able to take advantage of these discounts.

Additionally, knowing which service stations accept the Senior Travel Card can also make life easier for seniors who may not have access to many petrol stations in their local area. By mapping out where they can use their card ahead of time, seniors can avoid driving long distances just to find an eligible station and save money instead.

Overall, the Senior Travel Card is an excellent resource for seniors who want to save money on their travels throughout Australia. And by knowing which service stations accept it, seniors can maximize these savings even further!

Overview of Service Stations that Accept Senior Travel Card

Major petrol stations that accept the card

When it comes to major petrol stations, BP, Caltex, Shell, and Mobil are among the most popular choices for Australian drivers. Fortunately for holders of the Senior Travel Card, all four major petrol station brands accept the card as a valid form of payment.

This means senior citizens can enjoy discounted fuel prices when filling up their cars at any of these service stations. One advantage of using a major petrol station is that they are often located in convenient spots along busy roads and highways.

This makes it easy for seniors to plan their trips and ensure they have enough fuel for their journey while taking advantage of discounts. Additionally, these petrol station chains offer other services such as convenience stores and car washes, which can be useful for seniors on-the-go.

Smaller petrol stations that accept the card

While major petrol stations are popular choices for many drivers in Australia, smaller independent and regional service stations also provide an important role in keeping drivers fueled up and on the road. Fortunately for senior citizens with a travel card, many smaller service stations also accept the card as a valid form of payment.

Independent service stations are often owned by local business owners who understand the needs of their community members – including seniors with travel cards. They may also offer additional services such as repairs or tire replacements on site.

Regional petrol station chains like United Petroleum or Pacific Petroleum can also be found throughout Australia’s smaller towns and countryside areas. For senior citizens traveling long distances through regional areas where larger chains may not have presence, knowing which regional chains accept travel cards can be especially helpful.

Knowing which service stations accept senior travel cards is important information for Australian seniors looking to save money while traveling by car. With both major chain options like BP or Caltex and smaller chains like independent or regional service stations accepting the card, seniors can rest easy knowing they have a variety of petrol options to choose from.

Benefits of Using Senior Travel Card at Service Stations

Discounts on Fuel Prices

One of the main benefits of using a Senior Travel Card at service stations is the discount on fuel prices. Seniors often travel more frequently than other age groups, and this card provides a great way to save money on fuel expenses.

The discounts range from 2 cents to 6 cents per litre, depending on the service station and location. For instance, BP offers a 6 cent discount per litre for seniors who use their Senior Travel Card.

Access to Other Benefits like Free Car Wash or Coffee

Apart from discounted fuel prices, using your Senior Travel Card also entitles you to other benefits like free car wash or coffee. Some service stations offer free car wash with a minimum purchase of fuel, while others provide free coffee when you present your senior card.

For example, Shell petrol stations offer a free small coffee to seniors with every purchase. These additional benefits make using your Senior Travel Card even more worth it in terms of savings and perks that come with it.

Potential Savings You Can Get

The amount you can save by using your Senior Travel Card depends on how much fuel you purchase and how often you need to fill up your tank. However, if you’re a senior who drives regularly and uses petrol frequently throughout the month, then these savings can quickly add up over time. For instance, let’s say that you travel around 500 kilometres each week and require about 50 litres of petrol for every fill-up.

If we assume an average discount of 4 cents per litre for the petrol station you visit most frequently (which is around the average), then in one year’s time, your savings would amount to approximately AUD $104 (based on filling up once per week). Using your Senior Travel Card at service stations provides fantastic benefits such as fuel discounts, free car wash, and coffee.

These benefits can add up quickly over time and ultimately save you money. Therefore, it’s important to take advantage of these perks whenever possible to keep your savings growing.

How to Apply for a Senior Travel Card in Australia

Eligibility Requirements for the Card

To be eligible for the Senior Travel Card in Australia, you need to be at least 60 years old and a permanent resident of Australia. You must also meet certain income requirements, which vary depending on your marital status.

For example, if you’re single or widowed, your annual income needs to be $58,000 or less. If you’re married or in a de facto relationship, your combined annual income needs to be $90,000 or less.

Application Process and Documents Needed

To apply for the Senior Travel Card in Australia, you’ll need to complete an application form and provide proof of identity and residence. This may include your driver’s license, passport, birth certificate or citizenship certificate. You’ll also need to provide documents that show your income level, such as tax returns or pension statements.

Once you’ve gathered all the necessary documents, you can submit your application by mail or online through the Department of Veterans’ Affairs website. It typically takes about four weeks for your application to be processed and for you to receive your card in the mail.

Tips and Tricks for Using Your Senior Travel Card at Service Stations

Best Time to Fill up Your Car with Fuel Using the Card

The best time to fill up your car with fuel using the Senior Travel Card is during off-peak hours when prices tend to be lower. This may vary depending on where you live but generally speaking early mornings or late evenings are good times to try.

How to Maximize Your Savings with the Card

To maximize your savings with the card it is important that you keep an eye out for petrol stations that offer discounts on top of those already provided by using the card. Some stations have loyalty programs which offer extra points or discounts for loyal customers, and these can add up over time.


Can I Use My Senior Travel Card at All Service Stations?

You can use your Senior Travel Card at most service stations in Australia, however, it’s always best to check with the petrol station beforehand to confirm they accept the card.

What Happens If My Card is Lost or Stolen?

If your Senior Travel Card is lost or stolen, you should contact the Department of Veterans’ Affairs immediately to report it. They will cancel your existing card and issue you a new one. You may be charged a replacement fee if this happens repeatedly.

Who Is Eligible For Nsw Seniors Travel Card?

The application deadline is November 30, 2023. From the moment of application, allow up to 20 business days to deliver your card and PIN. The regional elder’s travel card provides eligible seniors who live in regional, rural, or remote parts of NSW with a $250 prepaid card to help lower the cost of travel.-+

What Are The Benefits Of The Seniors Card In NSW?

A senior citizen’s card is required to verify eligibility. Sydney: The Opal network’s unlimited daily travel on trains, buses, ferries, and light rail costs $2.50. The Sydney Airport station’s accommodating station entry price is $14.08 for holders.

How Do I Activate My Petrol Card?

Your account number, card number, cellphone number associated with the account, verification code, and activation code are required. You receive the verification code via SMS at the registered cellphone number for the account. Only when you contact 1300 110 920 to activate your card will this code be sent.

Who Is Eligible For A Seniors Card In SA?

If you are 60 or older, you may apply for a South Australian Seniors Card. You stay focused in South Australia on a long-term basis. Part-time and casual workers not working more than 20 hours per week in paid employment can average their hours over 12 months.

What Is A NSW Seniors Card?

For discounts on goods and services, NSW permanent residents over 60 can use the Senior Savers Card and NSW Seniors Card. The Seniors Cards allow cardholders to receive the recognition they merit for their lifetime of service to the NSW community.


The Senior Travel Card in Australia is an excellent benefit for seniors who are permanent residents of Australia. By knowing which service stations accept the card and taking advantage of off-peak fuel prices, you can save money on fuel expenses.

Additionally, keeping an eye out for discounts offered by petrol stations can further maximize your savings with the card. If you meet the eligibility requirements, be sure to apply for this valuable resource today!

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