Where is Fern Bay New South Wales? Know the Details!

Where is Fern Bay New South Wales
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It is in the east of New South Wales which is in the east of Australia. Fern Bay is a lovely and quiet suburb. Many families, mostly the young ones, live here on the Estate. It is only about a 20-minute drive into Newcastle City or 5-10 minutes to Stockton & then you can catch the Ferry very easily.

It has a mix of homeowners & investment properties in the Estate. Thus the basic Idea about 

Where Is Fern Bay New South Wales Been Found?

It is located just north of Stockton, and it’s the only suburb of Newcastle that lies on the north of the Hunter River and to the east of the north arm of the Hunter River at the entrance to Fullerton Cove. 

Despite the suburb only being 6 kilometres in a direct line from Newcastle, there is a need to cross the Hunter River, resulting in Fern Bay is 16 km by road from the city’s centre. Recently the area has been undergoing a residential expansion program and with a large development being built between Nelson Bay Road and Stockton Beach, and on land formerly used as a military weapons range

Area and Location of Fern Bay

It’s the southernmost suburb of Port Stephens local government area in the Hunter Region of New South Wales, Australia.

It is a suburb of Newcastle in New South Wales. It is located approximately 123 km from the capital Sydney covering an area of 8.353 square kilometres. Fern Bay has a recorded population of 2763 residents and keeps raising for the time being.

If you are planning a visit to Fern Bay we’ve put together some of the things nearby that you can see or do while you are here, that include places to stay, tours and attractions, upcoming events, and places where you can grab a meal and also places you can have proper relax. Every destination has something worth seeing, so all you need is to start exploring. 

Fern Bay Attraction

A natural wonderland of experiences and attractions awaits while someone is staying at the Observatory Self-Contained Apartments.  Dolphin Marine Conservation Park, Dining Options, Jetty Memorial Theatre, Coffs Harbour Jetty, Marina, Dive Centre, and Shopping precincts are all at your doorstep.

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Fern Bay Accommodation

Rates and prices at Fern Bay Motel are subject to change according to dates, hotel policy, and other factors. It is less expensive and affordable. Even hotels are very near to the airport, thus the visitor need not worry about accommodation.

Fern Bay New South Wales

The closest airport is Williamtown Airport. It is 10.3km from the hotel and is a very quick journey for about approximately 11 minutes by taxi.

The strategy of Fern Bay 

Fern Bay and North Stockton have a particular strategy, that came into effect on 14 April 2020. This plan mainly focuses on achieving 5 goals: Environment: Protect the treasured, attract responsible heritage, unique Stockton Bight for future generations, and nature-based tourism.

Flooding Issues

In the rainy season, people there have to face floods. The Lower Hunter Flood Study has reported that within the 100-year average recurrence interval, the flood level in the lower Hunter River of Fern Bay is 2.0 m AHD. Other organizations and Port Stephens Council have accepted this flood level for the site.

Fern Bay Population

This is the density for the whole suburb, which contains large tracts of, beaches,  coastal scrubland, and marshlands none of which is populated.

Populated area calculation is based on NSW 1:100000 map 9232 NEWCASTLE.

Population2,763 (2016 census)
Density325.1/km2 (842/sq mi)
Area8.5 km2 (3.3 sq mi)

About 2,860,000 results (0.33 seconds) 

Average Weather In Fern Bay

  Month            DayHigh / Low(°C)
February7 days25° / 20°
March9 days25° / 19°
April8 days23° / 16°
May9 days20° / 13°

The Latitude And Longitude Of Fern Bay?

It is at a latitude of -32.86863 decimal degrees and a longitude of 151.79266 decimal degrees (GDA94 datum, which is, for many practical purposes, equivalent to WGS84). 

The latitude and longitude may coordinate and represent in a variety of different numeric formats

D° MM’ SS”32° 52′ 07″ S151° 47′ 34″ E
D° MM.MMM’32° 52.118′ S151° 47.560′ E

The Elevation/Altitude/Height Above Sea Level Of Fern Bay

It is at an elevation/altitude/height above sea level of 5.26 m.

The Nearest City, Town, Or Village To Fern Bay

The nearest city to Fern Bay is about 6.61 km away, that is  Newcastle. It has a population of about 280,000 (based on the 2001 census). 


Is Fern Bay A Good Place To Live?

Yes, it is a very peaceful place to live in. Many young families stay there happily and are raising their livelihood by times.

What Is The Annual Rainfall Of Fern Bay?

It is a rain porn city, and the most rain received herein a day was 284 mm. The annual rainfall is about 1145 mm.

At What Local Government Area Is Fern Bay?

Fern Bay is in the local government area of ‘Port Stephens’. 

In The Conclusion

In the end, all I can say about Where Is Fern Bay New South Wales’ is that it is a quiet and happening place to visit as well as for living purposes. Fern Bay is full of impressive attractions and experiences, which makes it well worth a visit.

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