Why a Camper Van is the Ultimate Way to Road Trip in Australia?

Camper Van
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Australia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It has its natural beauty in every corner of the country. Therefore, Traveling through Australia in a campervan or motorhome is one of the best and safest ways to experience everything this country offers.

You have a lot of flexibility when travelling independently because your automobile has everything you need. That is Why a Camper Van is the Ultimate Way to Road Trip in Australia

Reasons For Taking A Road Trip Via Camper Van In Australia

A road trip in a campervan is the ultimate way to see and experience Australia. Travelling within Australia is easy, and many companies rent campervans to independent travellers looking for fun and adventure.

While there are endless reasons why we recommend you travel to Australia in a campervan. You can witness some remarkable things on the road in this large nation. But don’t just believe what we say! Here are various justifications for a van and touring Australia.

Mesmerising Bedroom Sceneries

Imagine waking up to the sound of the surrounding rainforest or the smashing of the ocean. Mother Nature’s exquisite masterpieces are right outside your van window, just waiting for you to explore them.

Campervan Friendly

Australia is ideal for road trips with the world’s best caravan and camping sites. Numerous locations have restrooms, laundry rooms, and even outdoor kitchens. 

Saving Money

Australia’s hotels can be highly pricey. Many travellers find travelling in a van a cost-effective option, especially considering all the inexpensive or free locations to stay at! Your only real expenses will be for food and transportation.

You Get To Disconnect

Although large towns and cities will have cell coverage, you can anticipate living off the grid in the outback or other isolated places. However, this is a fantastic opportunity to decompress and take in the beautiful surroundings.

Watch The Countryside

Even though Australian towns are fantastic, there is another universe of possibilities when you venture outside touristy places. You’ll encounter new pleasant individuals everywhere and get to explore a more genuine aspect of the nation.

Freedom To Travel

Having a van makes it so much easier to visit different regions of Australia, even though it is possible to get to some destinations by train or bus. You can travel wherever you want; you are open to more than well-known destinations or established routes.

No Time Pressure

Leave check-out timings and peaceful hours behind. You have no time restrictions while you are travelling in a van! You can take your time seeing the nation without following a set schedule.

Sleep In A National Park

More than 500 national parks in Australia, many of which welcome camping. Driving back and forth to your accommodation will take up a little of your time. Simply park and take in the unspoiled natural beauty of the nation.

Make New Friends

The van life community is huge in Australia, making connecting with other people on the road easy. You can also join a MeetUp or Facebook Group if you’re looking to meet like-minded people in different destinations.

You Will Be Traveller, Not A Tourist

Adventurers are the ones that drive a van across Australia on vacation, not vacationers! This is an opportunity of a lifetime to see sights that others might only imagine. Discover the hidden gems, immerse yourself in the culture, and be ready for an incredible voyage.

The Flexibility 

Renting a campervan is the best option to add unpredictability to your journey. You can alter your course and focus on the present if you see anything interesting while driving. The best adventures are had on the tiniest, spontaneous side journeys, which are only feasible when no pressing deadlines exist. 

The Comfort

Comfortably, a full-size bed in a campervan is always preferable to an air mattress in a tent. Additionally, you may use your fridge, sink, and gas stove immediately, and your campground doesn’t need to be set up when you arrive. A campervan may also be easily customised with unique touches to become your home away from home and a cozy shelter in inclement weather.

Experience The Real Australia

A campervan trip around Australia is more authentic and engaging than a guided tour. You may experience Australia’s true character and form a close bond with the country, its residents, and its culture by travelling to less popular areas and smaller towns off the beaten tourist path.

Things You Need To Know About Travelling In Australia

Before travelling to Australia with Camper Van, you must meet some checklists. Therefore, you can follow those things while travelling. 

Weather Issues

There can be significant differences in the weather in each of Australia’s six states and two territories. Australia does have four distinct seasons, although other regions more clearly distinguish a rainy and dry season. You should always have lots of water and sun protection in the campervan, even in the dead of winter, because some places, like the Northern Territory, may get very hot and dry.

Temperatures in other places, such as Tasmania, can be cooler and have much more rainfall. Given that some regions see significant seasonal variations, verifying the forecast for the time of year you will be travelling, and the daytime and nighttime temperatures are important. Checking live weather maps frequently is a good idea to ensure it’s safe for van travel because Australia is also susceptible to bushfires.

The Wildlife

There is a lot of wildlife to witness in Australia, from the native Tasmanian devil to migrating whales, and it is just as diverse as its weather. Although observing Australian animals can be a lot of fun, it’s also necessary to understand that the land and sea are shared, so some caution is occasionally needed.

  • At beaches, swim between the flags.
  • Drive the camper carefully to avoid terrestrial creatures like wild kangaroos.
  • Shut the doors to keep curious animals out of your camper at night (especially in remote regions).
  • Never leave food or trash behind; properly dispose of scraps so that wildlife won’t be endangered if they eat them.
  • Animals may be lovely, but they can also be deadly, so only approach them if you are sure they are safe.
  • Campfires should never be left unattended, as the spread of fire puts people and wildlife at risk.

Park In A Safe Place Overnight

While travelling, you can choose from various vacation parks, National Parks, and free camping locations in Australia. Make sure the place you choose to spend the night on your Australia road trip is legal. This is one of the most crucial things to remember. Always check before parking because doing so could result in an unwanted fine.

  • When you must plug in the camper and start it up, ensure your route has powered sites. This requires advanced planning because certain parts of Australia are relatively isolated.
  • When you need to visit a waste disposal site: This is generally every few days, and you can easily find dump sites using the Road Trip app.
  • What facilities or amenities might you need: Perhaps you are accumulating rubbish and need to dispose of it or find somewhere to hose the outback dirt off your boots. Plan your overnight stopping locations around places that have practical resources like bins or wash-down areas.

Choose The Trip Length And Budget

You must first select how long you want to stay and how much money you must spend. Remember that Australia is a sizable country, so getting from one place to another takes time. When examining the budget, a few things to remember are

  • Where You Will Camp -Do you want the amenities of a vacation park, or do you intend to camp primarily for free?
  • Petrol Costs – If you intend to travel in a van for an extended time, think about the possible gas prices for the car and other expenses like BBQ gas bottles.
  • Miscellaneous Costs – Australia does have various toll bridges. Thus, there may be parking fees associated with visiting core city areas.
  • Food Costs – Do you intend to prepare meals in the camper, or will you stop for meals daily?


Why Travel With a Camper Van?

Ans: You can set a camp almost anywhere. When you don’t have to up and take down a tent every night or build a fire for cooking, camping in a campground is easy. Travelling with a campervan allows for a whole new level of spontaneity and independence, and it’s simple to set up camp somewhere fresh every night.

What Is The Best Van For Traveling Around Australia?

Ans: One of the most dependable vans available in Australia is the Toyota Hiace. Compared to other vans on the market, its price is considerably more reasonable, and if properly maintained, it may serve you for a very long period.

Why Are Campers Good?

Ans: Easier maneuverability The biggest advantage is that campers are more nimble than large motorhomes and fifth wheels. They can go anywhere a car can go. Campers fit into any campground or RV park. They are easy to park in the parking lot of any store while restocking the rig.

Where Do Australians Travel The Most And Why?

Ans: According to recent data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), with approximately 1.5 million short-term travellers in 2019, recently Zealand remained the most popular destination for Australians travelling abroad.

What Is The Main Reason Australians Travel?

Ans: Australia was chosen as the country where travellers are most likely to organise a reunion with family or friends among those questioned. Twenty per cent of Australians named “adventure,” a characteristic of Australian travellers, their second motivation.

Final Words

One of the largest and safest ways to see everything Australia offers is to travel through it in a campervan. Therefore, Australia is suitable for road trips in a campervan. Moreover, It allows one to travel comfortably, flexibly and is money-saving. That is Why a Camper Van is the Ultimate Way to Road Trip in Australia

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